Nadech was in a car accident


sarNie Hatchling

Him and actor “Thanwa” Suriyajak. Good thing they seem to be ok.


The fitting/opening of "Game Rai Game Ruk" may change because Nadech got into a car accident. He got eight stitches in his one knee and three stitches on his one eyebrow yesterday. Nadech was online as soon as he got out of the hospital and said, "I'm not dead yet." and "I'm not handsome anymore." Tanwa was still in the hospital and he got his molar knocked out. It is good Nadech still jokes around and pokes fun at himself. The car didn't look so good to me. It was smashed in the front. I hope the boys don't have any long lasting injuries.

Nadech was making merits in his hometown today. Poor guys. I hope they both take time to get better.

Credit Rasa and M3lhouse @ YADECH for English translation.


sarNie Adult
awww hope they recover soon
and hope that he returns to his handsome self =)

thanks for the news


sarNie Coma
poor nadech. i hope he takes good care of himself and recovery soon. im glad he wasnt seriously injured


sarNie Oldmaid
Thank you for sharing this news. Aww poor Nadech. I'm glad he was seriously injured too. I hope he get lot of rest and not overwork.


sarNie Tombstone
So is Game Rai Pa Gam Ruk is still going with Yadech.