Nadech Fan feels dishearted.


sarNie Oldmaid
byebye said:
But the most annoying part is they think they do nothing wrong lol
Of course, if they have any samnuk then they wouldn't feel sad, mad or dishearted.

Where's my popemew fans at? We got a page to create! Lol jk jk


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Mew was asked the same sort of question of how she felt, she answered it like a pro. She said that it was normal and that it wasn't a lot it was just a small group of people. She didn't feel threatened or anything.
I think Pat took the hardest backlash but also she's so young she doesn't know how to handle the wave of negativity that comes with stardom. I feel bad for her. This'll make her stronger.
Taew has nothing to worry about. I honestly feel like the ppl bashing Taew are probably ppl who already doesn't like her as an actress. Lol But she's a big girl, she's not bothered by it.
I applaud Nadech giving a very fair answer. I've always liked his interviews and how he answers the reporter. He's always been so mature in front of the mic. As for NY, Yadech, Yarry or whatever you want to call their koo jin name, I personally like them individually. They are cute together but I did like Yaya way before she was joint to Nadech... and I like Nadech more when he works with various actresses.