My mum's thoughts on Thai stars


LOL, you're mom is just like mine, my mom always have something to say about my thai celebrity crushes, for instance, she says that My Bie has huge nostril's that look like a cow when he flares them, like Nadech too. :)


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She also has a list of daras she thinks has had too much Botox, but I dunno how to display that in an image.


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Oh! You're mother is hilarious!..
I love Boy, but that comment is  just too darn hilarious that I just gotta LAUGH :p  & Great's man boobs <--- AHAHA


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Trying to get her to tell me more about what she thinks about people, but she "has to watch more lakorns first." *sighs*


Haha. Your mum is hilarious. I will totally tune in to what your mom has to say about Thai celebs. I haven't seen Ae's lakorns, but she is pretty. I thought she was a nang'ek, but turns out she's only a supporting actress. I agree with your mom, she should get more nang'ek roles, but that seems unlikely because she's already married and probably won't return to the small screen.
Regarding Aum, I never paid detailed attention to his face, so I can't tell if he's had anything done. I think it may be because he doesn't have all that facial hair, so it makes his face look different haha. 


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I have this love hate relationship with my mom when we watch lakorn together especially when it comes to R scenes LOL my poor virgin ear, I believe it was Roy Leh Sanaeh Rai. My aunt was there as well and they had a little discussion that was very inappropriate.It was too much so I usually run away when it comes to any steamy scene.


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My mom doesnt know daras by their names so this is how i know who she is referring to when she describes them.

Chakrit "big nose pra ek"
Willy "tall handsome pra ek" -my mom loves him haha
Ann T "half white nang ek" lol
Aff "dark big nose nang ek"
Nadech "Fai" yeah I know
Mark, you guessed it. "Din"
Tik "Anothai" but my gma knows him by "Kongpope"
Boy Pakorn "facial hair pra ek"

And here were some randomness that came out from her mouth. Im sitting there are she throws them out at odd times.

Ex. Raeng Ngao 2012
We are already somewhat in the middle of the lakorn and she blurts out pra ek is not handsome. And she says nang ek eyes are too pearl like (fake). I couldnt agree more about Janie. They over did her eyes. I felt like she was being forced to unnaturally habe a mean face and convey hatred in her eyes.


LOL at Fun, my mom know Nadech and Mark by Ai Fai and Ai Din too. But she knows Aff as Wanida and Ann T as Rachawadee or the nang'ek from the Kawee movie. Haha, this is so hilarious though. :)