My Letter to god:

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    God you are the most greatest thing in the world. You are the light that guides my way. You made me realized how MIGHTY you are to me. You taught me how to love and hurt and to let go. And there are reasons why it has to happens. It just tells me that I am becoming a better and stronger person as I move on to life. And therefore I am not afraid to lose anything no more because I know you will be there for me and through your grace i believed my head will keep shining. And I knew this because I am wonderful enough to deserve your everlasting charm. :D

    Lastly, please forgive him and me. Maybe he is just having hard time so does me. I believed if we are really meant for each other, then time is unlimited! it's never too late. It just people that think it is but is not. We can create another fresh start until the time you bring us back together again; we only live one time, so why not? :D

    what's really on my mind:
    WHEN IS HE GONNA LOVES ME? HOW LONG DOES THIS GONNA TAKE? HOW MUCH MORE DO I HAVE TO STRUGGLE? I'VE TRIED ALMOST ANYTHING I CAN BUT I DONT SEE ANY RESULTS BACK.I FEEL SO SAD.. MY HEART IS BROKEN. ALL THE WORDS HE SPOKE TO ME, MADE ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL. THOSE HARSH WORDS I STILL REMEMBERED. I AM SO SAD.. ALL MY TEARS AND PAIN HAS TURNED INTO A SCAR. IT WILL NEVER FADED AWAY UNTIL THE TIME GOD CALLS ME TO HEAVEN. THEN NO ONE CAN TORTURE ME NO MORE.....vaj tswv, kuv nkees kawg li os, kuv xav mus pw mus tsaug zog mus tag ib txhis es txhob tsim rov los lawm os. Kuv lub kua muag nws tseem ntws thaum kuv sau tsab ntawv no rau koj. Kuv xav cheem lub siab kom rov zoo los tsis tau li lawm. Vaj tswv, thov koj tso txoj kev tshav ntuj los rau kuv kom kuv ua ib siab kiag es txhob hlub txhob nco nws lawm. Kuv hlub nws los nws twb tsis pom kuv txoj kev hlub. Nws hais tias nws twb tsis tau hlub kuv. Es kuv tsis yog tus nws hlub no. Nws tau dag kuv, dag kuv txhua yam. Yog nws twb tau dag kuv lawm, es puas tseem tshuav leej twg uas nws dag rau lawm thiab? Vaj tswv, thov koj pab tuav nws txhais tes coj nws kev kom nws mus pom qhov chaw tib neeg txoj kev hlub es nws thiaj paub. Kuv xav kom hmo no kuv mus pw, es tag kis kuv tsim dheev sawv rov los ces kuv twb tsis nco tag txhua yam lawm.
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    I can't help it but ask this. Is this how you really feel?
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    One word: Forgive. Learn to forgive him despite how that person treated you. I know it's easier said than done but that's the only thing to do. Learn how to forgive that person. If you forgive him, that scar will no longer be there. Ask God to help you. To guide you. To lead and direct you. To give you a heart filled with love and forgiveness. Don't have a grudge on them. They're out of your life for a reason. God doesn't want that certain person for you. He said, "My daughter, you deserve better than that." He will give you somebody that will cure those scars of yours. Somebody who will love and treat you better than that. Don't feel like a fool. You need to let it go and stop holding onto it. Live your life with a better purpose. Don't rely on what you want. Rely on what God wants for you. If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. Hate to break it for you. If there wasn't a good start to begin with, then it's not going to end good as well. Be patient and still. Surrender yourself and let God take control of your life and relationship. Make Him the center of your life. There will be many obstacles here and there but remember, God is with you. Ask Him and you shall receive.
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    Yes. When you pray, God only gives you five answers.

    "I can't hear you." Sometimes the Lord can't hear us when we pray. And it's not because we need to talk louder or speak more clearly. Sometimes God can't hear us when we pray because according to Psalm 66 and Isaiah 5, there is sin in our life.
    "No." Sometimes the Lord says "No" when we pray. And while this can be a very difficult answer to receive, it's still an answer…regardless if we understand His decision at the moment or not. God is able to reveal His strength in you and me when we are broken and weak. So there is a purpose when God says "No."
    "Yes." There is true power in prayer. And when we pray in Jesus' name, He may also say "Yes." "Yes, I'll forgive. Yes, I'll heal. Yes, I'll step in to help."
    "Wait." Sometimes the toughest answer to receive from God is "Wait." When this happens, we need to remind ourselves that God is in control and can certainly handle our situation. We need to allow Him to continue working in whatever way He sees fit. And we can't try to take back the situation, but must truly be patient and wait on God's timing.
    "I've got something better in mind." God always has something in mind for us. After all, he created us and will know our future. If we wait patiently God will tell you eventually what better he has in mind. He is The Great Lord. He has never broken any promises.
    And I'm sure he promised you a better person to come into your life. :)
    In life forgiving is one of the things life (and God) wants you to do. You'll forget the pain soon. Just pray to God to help you. He will Guide you. He will never leave your side. :)
    And if you really love him then set him free from your heart. You can find someone better. God always has something good planned out in life.
    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. [sup]7 [/sup]And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    ​ Philippians 4: 6-7
    When friends and family and lovers will forsake you, turn their backs on you, and walk away and leave you, when you need them the most. God is not like man. He will always be by your side. He will not give you more than you can deal with, because He is very considerate to your needs. You are not alone, remained in faith at all times. God desires to take care of whatever may be concerning you today. He invites you to give your worries and cares to Him, simply because He loves you. So please be patient and pray to God to help erase the painful memories in your heart. I'm sure his answer to your prayers is He has something better in mind for you. Deep inside you're a good person. I can tell. So God will not punish a good daughter of his. He will help. :)
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    Just because one person doesn't love you doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

    Yuav tsum saib yus tus kheej kom muaj nqis. Yog yus saib yus tus kheej tsis muaj nqis, leej twg thiaj li yuav pom yus muaj nqis. Yog nws tsis hlub koj los yeej yuav muaj dua ib tug hlub koj. Tab sis, koj txoj sia yuav tsis muaj zaum ob. Yog nws zoo siab mus ntawm koj lawm, koj yuav tsum zam kev rau nws. Kev hlub yog pom tus yus hlub muaj kev zoo siab...tsis yog yus zoo siab ib leeg xwb. Yog nws tsis hlub koj, txawm koj yuav ua npaum li cas los nws yeej tsis hlub koj.
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  6. God bless!
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    God probably answers something along the line of loving yourself first ... Yog hais tias nws tsis hlub koj ces koj yuav tsum hlub koj tus kheej --- Tseem tsuav coob tug nyob tos koj. You just have to keep your head high and find that 'right' person. Tsawm tsis muaj nws los koj yeej nyob taus los sis noj taus as well. There are still plenty of fish in the sea, yuav tsum muaj ib hnub es koj yuav nrhiav tau tug es hlub koj tshaj koj hlub nws os.
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  8. Uh dang! I wish I could read what you wrote! I'm sure it was beautiful what you said... :love:

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