[Movie] Stardust (2007)


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Thank you @maimyang. Stardust is based on a book?

I read what happened to my man after the icy lake but I want to watch what I read :p.


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Yes! It is based on a book! I was so excited when I was reading the book and in the intro, the author said “And there is nothing more than I could possibly want. Except, one day, to write another story about Tristan Thorn..” Tristan is the hero! Gives me hope that the author will write a sequel and have possibly another film. Huhhh a girl can dream:D

Well, hoping you get a part 2 and soon! I would love to watch what I read too! I bet you miss the guy!:(:(


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Rewatched this movie with the bf, he enjoyed it. I just love how everything comes together in the end!!!!!!

I love how Una’s the lost princess, how her child is Tristan, how he finds the gem and becomes King!!!!! A ‘shop boy’ he calls himself, becoming King — imagine that! :) :icon12:


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I rewatched this movie last time. I still love it! Charlie Cox is still bae :p:icon12: I love all the funny scenes with the princes and how they fight to be King. Kinda sad how they ***spoiler alert***

try to kill one another and do! I just love how
the princess is the beautiful and gorgeous woman who’s captive by the witch. Like I said, just falls into place, everything. Tristan deserves to be King! And Yvonne is beautiful with her shiny hair. And oh how
Victoria is so annoying, spoiled and isn’t worth it.