[Movie] Kid Teung Wittaya/Teacher's Diary (GTH)


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New GTH movie "Teacher's Diary" starring Bie & Ploy from the director who brought us "Season Change". Many are saying that next year, it will be this one and James Ji and Toey's "Timeline" that will rock the box office. There was a pantip poll, and many agreed that "Teacher's Diary" will out-perform "Timeline" and will most likely break the 100 million baht mark. Though I am a big fan of romcom, I've seen too much of the cheeky GTH humor brand that I'm weary. But anything for P'Bie. I'm crossing my fingers. I don't see chemistry in these photos, but hey, it's too early. I love how the director is saying that he's trying to portray Bie (for the first time) as a 'tammada' typical, normal guy. Damn, I can' t help already having high hopes.
First time posting for the love of Bie!​


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Dreamlove said:
Waiting for this movie and it looks good. Anyway, Techer's Diary is a love story between 2 teacher.
GOSH. Love between two teachers? What a theme! :D
Indeed, his character will really be different from his previous roles! Can't wait!


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I love Ploy's outfit for the opening ceremony; she looked good during the ceremony. Yeah, I agree, Marina; she and Bie are an interesting couple indeed haha. This will be a good experience for Bie.


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Knowing that it's going to be made by GTH, it's gonna be successful alright :)
Ploy and Bie?  Never expected the two to ever work together... but seems interesting.


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This movie seems very interesting according to the ost. Want to watch it so bad. The storyline is based on a true story, the director's friend moved to a new office and found a diary on his desk. He read the diary and fell in love with her from the diary. He then tries to find her, finally he found her and they got married. They changed the movie a little bit, but is similar to the story. Bie's name is Teacher Song (2) and Ploy's name is Teacher Ann.