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Do you think Leo is still stuck in a dream or in reality @ the end of the movie?

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  • I have no idea! There better be a part 2!

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sarNie Oldmaid
Who here went to watch Inception? I thought it was an awesome movie. Had me thinking the whole time.

Oh...Leo is getting older by the day, but he is looking hot still :D


Mama Noy ♥️
I say he's stuck in a dream! :)

That movie was awesome! I watched it twice! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.


sarNie Juvenile
This was a great movie. I think I'm going to go watch it again before it leaves the theaters. Even though the top was still spinning at the end of the movie, I think that he was back in reality.


sarNie Adult
When i was young i had 2 or 3 times those kind of weird dreams/nightmares.... : dream within another dream ( also called "false awakening" dream).

It usually starts from the deepest dream where you can feel somehow yourself as real,,, you see yourself sleep, you feel suddenly wake up (sometimes wake up from an accident),,, but you realise that you are still in another of your dream....

When you wake up for real this time: you realise that you made a dream within another one because the scenes from dream A and dream B are different.

When i asked the Elders,,,, They said, if you had a dream within a dream 3 times (=3 layers), it means you are dead ! :blink::ph34r:

Hopefully i never had the chance to reach that 3-layers of dream like in this movie (yet) lol,,, :D

At the end of the movie, since we don't know if the spinning top will continiously spin or not... if yes, it means he is dead.....
Personally i think he is dead @ the end lol....:p but for Leo's fans,,,, he is NOT, yeah ?? hahah....:lol:


Mama Noy ♥️
oOo that sounds scary. I've had a dream within a dream before. it creep me out but then again, i like nightmares lol. i'm so weird.

So here's my assumption why I believe Leo's still in a dream.

Leo implanted an idea in his wife's head. Her dream soon became reality. So when she came back to reality, her reality felt like a dream & so she wanted to kill herself because she thought it would wake her up from the dream, but instead it killed her.

Saito knew that Leo wanted to go back to America & see his kids (that is leo's reality). So I think what Saito did was implanted that idea in Leo's mind that he was back in America with his kids.

I don't know if I'm making sense. lol That's what i got from watching the movie.


sarNie Adult
I think @ the end, there are three main "possible" ends::rolleyes:

1/ They succeeded the mission: Leo back to America and assuming that the top-spin doesn't spin continuously

2/ They succeeded, but Leo failed & was in coma and didn't manage to get back to real life: then, Saito (assuming that he survived) or the team may "implant" dream to make Leo's dream come true.

3/ They failed, It's just an illusion of happy end that the film Director wants to show... :rolleyes:


sarNie Oldmaid
i like your theory noy. never thought of it in that way.

I for some reason think he is in reality because his dreadle or top is making that noise, which seems like it'll stop.

But then again, he could be in his dream and don't really care anymore because he knows he's in a coma anyways. It's better to see his kids there than not being able to interact with them in the real world.


Staff member
Lol if you look closely the top kind of tilted which means he is back to reality because it means that the top isn't spinning perfectly.

The signs that kind of make me do believe that he is still lost in a dreams are how there were a few people staring at him (not his team) but people in the airport (which could mean his projections)

Also, his children they were doing the exact same thing they were doing when he had to leave and wearing the exact same clothes. Stuck in the exact same scene. BUT the shoes were different. Yes I did notice that lol. The clothes weren't exactly the same either they were slightly different. The colors were just really similar.

Ariadne know's that moment of regret so she had possibly planted that into his head.

Another big clue of him being in reality is the wedding ring. If I remember correctly in reality he is wearing the wedding ring, but in the dreams he has the ring on. In the end of the movie he has no ring on.

Also, another clue is when he wakes up. Notice how Saito looks dazed and confused? If it were just a projection then Saito wouldn't have had so much of an emotion.

I thought the movie was amazing I loved the long run time. It seems like Leo's career is definitely at it's height. Shutters Island was wonderful too. His last few movies have been very successful.

Another way to think of Inception is everyone was part of the team. Fischer included. Why? Maybe to help Cobb let go of Mal his wife and what had happened to her. The Entire plot was a plan to help him get over that. (Somewhat similar to Shutters Island Storyline; Where the entire mental institution was trying to help him realize what he had actually done and who he was.) This is just a theory >.<

Another huge theory is that he was actually in the dream the entire movie! His wife and her interference was her trying to get him out of the dream. She is not actually dead, but he doesn't know that because he's in the dream. In the end when the top finally leans or nearly topple it's or when it works. It's because he has finally let go of her as a projection and accepted that he was in a dream. So in the end he is actually awoken. Sounds a little confusing. I've came up with so many freaking theories lol

Also, The totem or top is unreliable because Mal still believed she was dreaming when she was in reality. Wouldn't spinning it answer her question? So I don't think that the totem is reliable.

I want to know! It'll forever be a mystery! I hope this movie wins an award!


sarNie Adult
how long has it been since he left home? I think he's still in a dream because like someone already mentioned, his kids are in the exact positions with (almost?) the exact clothes on...and they were the same age as when he left...it's either he's stuck in a dream or the whole movie was a dream or that the whole movie was a dream and his wife was real and was trying to get him out of the dream...
I really liked this movie but the ending just killed me...I was so dazed and confused...like, I NEED AN EXACT ANSWER!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED! but I loved the movie, it was really good and leonardo was so hot
and there better be part 2 and better have a better explained ending


Staff member
Actually beamsgirl the thing about his children is a huge flaw because we never know exactly how long he's been gone. It could have been only month's. Another thing about the children also (out of movie wise) There were 4 different actors 2 that played the younger children and 2 that played the older children. So in the end he did make it out of the dream. He finally had let go of his memories of Mal and decided to "wake up"

Also, his team members could have all been a part of Inception. They could have all been trying to get him out of it. He was probably lost and his team members followed him in to help him live his fantasy out and then get him through all the stages of dreaming. (At least thats what I think)

In the end the reason I think he is able to make it into the US is because there were never any charges filed against him for Mal's death. (Him running away was just his own guilt telling him he murdered her) When Saito wakes up and makes the phone call it could have been to his father in law telling him that Cobb is awake.

As for the totem I don't think anyone should even rely on it as an answer because 1 The totem was said that it only works for it's owner. The totem belonged to Mal and not Cobb. Also towards the end it started shaking a little. In the dream the Totem will spin in perfect notions.

I think this movie will be left for debate for years and years to come lol unless the writer comes out and clarify everything. However, this movie was totally Epic.


sarNie Oldmaid
It will be forever a debate. I like seeing everyone's theory. The writer is awesome, leaving us to form our own story. This movie is EPIC!!


sarNie Hatchling
Amazing movie !

But I can't see Leonardo as another one character than Jack from Titanic :rolleyes: LOL

I think he is in reality because it was Mel's totem. ^_^ And I don't think there will be a "Inception 2"


Expired Sarnie
I think he is back to reality. Let’s just leave it as that. I had a headache arguing with my aunt, uncle and sister lol


Save World Save Life
This movie was good! But I think Leo is still stuck in a dream cuz it seem like his dreams is from one to another and continues on.