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  1. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    I thought there was a thread for this, but couldn't find it. I created one for the girls and just for my personal satisfaction, I have to make one for the guys as well. Haha. Not who IS, but who do you guys THINK is/are the most handsome Thai actor/s? I'll share my list in a bit, still compiling! HEHE. 
    Alright here comes my list:
    Pat Patson: He is my number one no doubt; biggest/brightest smile ever!!! 
    A Passin: Even though he always plays the bad guy he's actually really sweet looking when he smiles.
    Es Kantapong: I think he looks so handsome when he smiles; pictures do him no justice.
    Great Warinton: I don't really like the way he talks, but I love his smile. 
    Andrew Gregson: He's more cute, but either way he's handsome. 
    Willy McIntosh: He's still very handsome just older looking. 
    Peter Corp: He looks funny at some angles, but overall very handsome. 
    Arnus Rapanich: Pictures do him no justice, watch him in motion and you'll see his handsomeness. 
    Ek Ekarat: I don't know how he looks like now, but he was a handsome fellow.
    Num Sornram: Like Gregson he's more cute back in the days, but nevertheless still handsome...back in the days. 
    Oh Warut: Totally to-die-for as Kobori, will never forget.
    Weir Sukollawut: I've always thought he was handsome, but after his hot body change, he's even more handsome. 
    Rome Patchata: He was very handsome, not so much anymore because he's not aging too well. 
    Noom Santisuk: During his younger days. 
    Tua Saranyu: Like Noom, during his younger days as well. 
    Vee Veeraparb: He's not aging too well either, but he was quite a handsome guy during his younger days.
    Tui Teerapat: Was and still is very handsome, he's aging too well.
    Winai Kraibutr: He's more hot, but during his younger days he was very handsome!
    Golf Anuwat: My newly found handsome supporting actor who should be prime time pra'ek!
    Nadech Kugimiya: I thought I already had him, but left him out. Weird. Haha. Anyway, cutie patutie here gets more and more handsome as he ages. He just needs to take care of his body more. Haha.
    My bias list also includes these two :ghehe: : Both who's acting made them handsome!
    Ken Theeradeth
    Tik Jedsadaporn
    Alright that concludes my list for now.
  2. jeedlove

    jeedlove sarNie Hatchling

    Willy Mcintosh, Ken Theradeeth, Tui Teerapat and Great Warintorn 
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  3. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    In specific order: 
    1. Willy McIntosh
    2. Patson
    3. Tua Saranyu (during his younger days)
    5. Ken T. 
    6. Weir 
    They make my heart flutter each time I see them onscreen. Lol. 
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  4. m9saeteurn1

    m9saeteurn1 sarNie Adult

    My list definitely goes to my most beloved handsome Nadech Kugimiya!!!
    Willy M. (His younger days) and Ken. T. ;) Tik was one at one point but after YLC....i question myself why I even thought he was cute? Lol
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  5. Gloriawongpuapan

    Gloriawongpuapan C’est La Vie

    Ken!!!! Hehe.

    I love Mario, Nadech, and Great too!!
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  6. krisayaporn

    krisayaporn sarNie Adult

  7. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    There were times I thought someone was handsome until I see them in their next lakorn and I'm like... bleh. Here are the actors who's always been quite handsome and adorable in my eyes.
    Om Akkapan - Of course, I love love love him! His voice.... ahhhhh *siiiigh*
    Great Warinton - Has one of the best smiles. He's more "cute" than handsome but still very "lor" when he does some facial expressions.
    Mario Maurer - As he gets older, he goes from "flower boy" to a handsome man.
    A lot of the ch. 7 actors use to be quite handsome... and then they started aging or not taking of themselves...
    Vee Veerapap - Getting older but still looks alright
    Stephan - Not taking care of himself much
    Aof - Cute but needs a new "style" so it fits him.
    Tle Tawan - I was crazy about him when I was younger! Just gettin' older...
    Bee Swiss - Was super handsome! Now he's just gettin' older.
    Wut Asadawut - Same reason ^^
  8. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    I love your list krisayaporn hehe :)
    From the older generation, I found Warut Woratom, Num Sornram, Willy M., Pete T., Andrew G., Aum Atichart, Ken Theeradeth, Poh Nattawut, & Tor Nuntawat to be very handsome and appealing <3
    For the newer generation, I find Great W., Phet Thakrit, Nadech, and Boy Pakorn (if you exclude his silliness hehe) to be very handsome and appealing too. 
    Most of the ones I listed also has great on/off screen personality as well :3  Of course there was no bias involved.. if there was, I would've listed down the whole AF wiki :loool:  j/k j/k. B)
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  9. siraphun

    siraphun sarNie Hatchling

    ken t haha...#1
    tik, Andrew, Mario, mart, mark, boy p.
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  10. Mae

    Mae sarNie Adult

    Great Warinton - my current obsession. I love his smile, personality, and his voice!
    Mario Maurer - such a hottie in Rising Sun I.
    Bee Sawis - loved him when he used to be p'ek, but I haven't seen him in a long time.
    Chakrit - can't get over how he looks at his n'eks with those piercing eyes...makes me fall in love with him everytime.
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  11. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    Wow, you guys have lots of favorites, I just have only 1 and he is *drum roll* Nadech Kugimiya!!

    Reasons : dark broad eyebrows with dimples - beautiful & expressive eyes - charming, broad & killer smiles (I'm not a fan of men with small mouth with thin lips and pointy chin!!) - high & narrow nose - multitalented : act, sing, model, dance, etc - coud pull off many looks --> rugged look, funny look, geek look, goofy look etc......I have to add in tall broad forehead - dark black hair - manly hands, arms....I do look at many aspects....therefore to me, he is the most handsome Thai actor.
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  12. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    Although I have been swept off my feet by so many newbies, Ken T. will always remain as my #1 Handsome Pra'ek following by P'Num, P'Mos, P'Tik and P'Patson for the older generation. Then comes James Ma, Push Puttichai, James Jirayu and Toomtam ^___^ I want to add Phet too but dang, he falls under the HOT category haahah
  13. Heidi

    Heidi ♥Korean Obsessed♥

    I suddenly have to rethink about who I find the most handsome. 
    In no particular order, starting with the veterans:
    -Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan
    -Poh Nattawut Skidjai
    -Aum Atichart Chumnanon
    -Willy Ruengrit McIntosh
    -Kong Saharat Sangkapricha
    -Pol Tanthasatien
    -Kelly Rattapong Tanapat
    -Patson Sarintu
    -Tang Saksit Tangtong
    -Mos Patiparn Pataweekarn 
    -Beam Kawee Tunjararuk (He's more of a singer and not so much of a veteran, but squeezing him in this list)
    -James Ma
    -Nadech Kugimiya
    -Phet Thakrit Hamonnopjit
    -Push Puttichai
    -Alex Rendell
    -Great Warintorn Panhakarn 
    -Toomtam Yuttana Puangklang
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  14. orchieY

    orchieY sarNie Hatchling

    Mine gotta be Mos, Num, Patson, Ken, Captain, Tua S., and Bee S.
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  15. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    We're talking at the peak of their days right, not necessarily right now? Cause most of my list are way past their prime so for the oldies it's when they were younger.

    Willy, Pete T, Ton Jakrit, Weir, Oil Thana, Tik, Bee Bandit (his eyes, I don't think any other actor's eyes can touch his), and Byron Bishop-Cindy's husband. He was in a few lakorns so I'm including him even if he was never a p'ek.
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  16. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Haha. Yes. 
  17. Thookatha

    Thookatha sarNie Elites

    damn, this thread is so messed up... itz like, do u want ur left leg or ur right leg...well, i need both of them to stand on...just like i need all of them hot menz to live out my various fantasies. lol.

    ahh! i can't make a list!! they are all so dang hot!! basically, any names that get posted in this thread, just put them on my list. i would give my body to all of them. lmao
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  18. mistole09

    mistole09 sarNie Hatchling

    Older Generations
    Num S.
    Mos P.
    Pat Patson

    Newer Generations
    Dan W.
  19. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    My # 1: Ken T
    follow by: Mario, Mik, Great, Nadech

    Willy Mc, Pete T., Johnny E, Tua Saranyu, Chatchai, were handsome in their early years...
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  20. Sanasis81

    Sanasis81 sarNie Egg

    1. Num Sornram
    2.Sean Jindachot
    3.Son Yuke
    4. Om Akaphan
    5.Tang Saksit
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