Most Beautiful Actress


sarNie Adult
In terms of beautiful actress would have to be versatile, cute, attractive and talented;

Anne Siriam
Vill W
Alexandra B.
Min P.
Bauchoop Ford
Anne Ashlisa
Kob S.


Expired Sarnie
Here is my un-bias answer.
Chalida, Chompoo, Rita, Aom P, Benz, Vicky, Ning K, Kwan, Min P, Pimpa Junta, Noon S, Mam Jintara, Mam McIntosh, Tak Bongkot, Jariya, Nok Sinja, Vill, Tanya,

My bias answer.
Chalida, Chompoo, Rita, Aom P, Vicky, Ning K, Mam Jintara, Mam McIntosh, Janie, Ann T, Aff, Kim, Yaya, Jeab Chompoo, Susie,


sarNie Adult
Let me add Jui Warattaya and Lookkade Methinee to my list...well actually, Lookkade is more sexy-like. Also, Sonia Cooling, Kathaleeya McIntosh, Cheer Tikumporn, and Benz Pornchitha.


sarNie Juvenile
taew nattaporn
min p
ploy cherman
mint c
yaya / patricia / vicky
matt peranee / margie rasee / Kim kimberly / marie broenner
aom sushar / eye kalmond
nok usanee / pichy namtarn


sarNie Immature
I'm going to copy fun 'un-bias' and 'bias' term lol. I'd say the most

un-bias luk kreung: Rita Sririta; when I first saw her, I thought she was one of the prettiest woman that I've ever seen lol. I don't dare to watch her lakorns because I was scared.

un-bias pure Thai: I was going to say Taew Nattaporn -- she has Chinese blood which most Thai does huhuhu. Donut Manasnan, then. Is she real Thai? haha

bias luk kreung: Matt Peeranee; there is a time when she looks so messed up XD

bias pure Thai: of course Aff Taksaorn. drop dead gorgeous


sarNie Hatchling
Everyone has their own beauty. It is difficult to figure out who the most beautiful actress is. Moreover, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


sarNie Adult
I almost think that Cherry K is being left behind, she possess beauty and is well behaved. If it comes to beauty, it's going to be a long list to me, every girls in the showbiz must've been through a lot and I guess they are selected people which means have 'more' in looks department ^^

I mean look at them, -_- abnormally gorgeous


sarNie Juvenile
To me most beautiful would also have to include a beautiful mind too...I guess pretty inside and out...of course true beauty could be either pure Thai or mixed and importantly can anyone name actresses that is pretty inside and out and have not gotten any kind of cosmetic surgery of any kind and that to me is most beautiful.


sarNie Adult
Most thai actresses are beautiful, anne t, chompoo, jui, noon, margie, taew, aff, cherry, the list just goes on..

but the 2 actresses that i cant stop looking and adore are yaya and mam jintara (fai's mum), stunningly beautiful in terms of both personality and looks, even without makeup!


sarNie Adult
All of actresses all have their own charms in beauty. Beauty and Looks are just a class, it's not part of aspects. If you just have a good look but have bad aspects, bad personality, then it still doesn't make you beautiful. But if I have to name some actresses that I think that are truly the most beautiful. Here are my list. I like some of them just based on the outside and I like some of them for both in and out.
I'm going to use the 'bias' and 'non-bias' term as well.
Non-Bias: Chalida, Yaya, Margie, Taew Nattaporn, Kimberly, Anne Thongprasom, Noon Woranuch, Aff Taksorn, Min Pechaya, Mai Davika, Anne Siriam, Nok Sinjai, Matt Peeranee, Aom Piyada, Chompoo Araya, Vill, Aum Pacharapa, Vicky, Amy K., Cherry K., Ploy Cherman, Beau AF4 or AF5, Kwan Usamanee.
Bias and the ones I love from inside and outside: Chalida, Margie, Yaya, Taew N., Matt P., Kimberly, Aff Taksorn, Noon W., Min P., so on. Can't name them all, but these are the ones on top of my list, and they are the ones whom I love from looks and personalities.   


sarNie Juvenile
Without being bias: Aom Piyada, Aum Patcharapa, Bua Chompoo, Cream Premsinee, Donut Manasnan, Fang Pitchaya, Joy Rinlanee, May Pitchanart, Min Pechaya, Nanthida, Noon Woranuch, Nok Sinjai, and Susie Susira.
Being the bias that we are all guilty of: Ning Kullasatree, Anne Thongprasom, Kob Suvanant, Pok Piyatada, Mam Kathaleeya, Yui Jiranan, Noon Sirapan, Naowarat Yooktanun, and Mam Jintara Sukapat.


sarNie Hatchling
for me no one will never beat kob Suvanant  when it come to beautiful. she just look so beautiful in all her lakorn.
most beautiful woman and best acting in one. it hard to fine a woman that got what kob Suvanant got :cheer:


sarNie Egg
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so for me it's:
CHERRY, AOM P, AFF, Ploy, Vicky S Jett, Mam, Pat N, Namfom P
Davida, Jui, Taew, Mint C