Message from Aom Phiyada about her engagement!!


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i am translate from web
This is me Aom, i am telling you a good news that i will get engagement on this 4th of july have only people in the family ka but i will bring the photo to all of you defenitely ka, see if it is the true story i will tell everyone for sure ka. For the details of other thing i still don't know because it depends on our families ka if i know exactly about the date i will tell all of you defenitely ka. Thanks for all supporting that you give it to me for all the time. And... i'm still here still working doesn't go anywhere ka the new lakorn will start shooting in the middle of July and i know only that i will play with Pong Nawat but what the name of lakorn will tell everyone when i know exactly na ka.

Miss and Love you all ka!
This is me Aom.

sorry if my english is not that good, i'm translate message from herself in her web

For everyone who loves Aom Phiyada :wub:


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OMG, thank you so much for the translation and everything! AHHH! i'm so happy for her and so super happy she's really gnna star with PONG! i've been wanting to see them together. YAY! thanks again! i'm so happy for aom! her future husband's a hottie too! =]


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Thank a lot for the translation
She seems to be happy and It's the most important
I'm so glad for her and can't wait for her next lakorn with Pong


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congrats to her but there goes my dream of seeing her and tik together...ill be waiting for her lakorn with pong...and another one with tik plz hehehe


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so its true afterall! im sad and happy for her at the same time. soon i probaly wont be watching thai drama anyone once my fav. has tie the knot. its amazing how the time flew by so fast. whats more sadder is that we didnt get to see her n' tik reunite..*sigh*
thanks for the translation! i'm looking forward to another lakorn of aom's...i can't remember the last lakorn that i saw her in -- all i know is that it was a long time ago...