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sarNie Egg
I need help finding an old lakorn I saw a long time ago. It was about how this girl that lived with I think her aunt and her aunt's daughter as their servant. Her aunt agreed to marry her daughter to a wealthy family because she needed money. The daughter didn't want to marry the other family's son because she already had a boyfriend so they sent the girl instead. Later in the lakorn the daughter breaks up with her boyfriend and wants the main guy, so her and her mom exposes the girl. Somehow later in the lakorn the main girl comes back and work as a servant in his house. In the end the main girl and the main guy are telling the story of how they fell in love to a class of kids.

sorry if my explanation is confusing, but i hope someone can help me out. Thank you in advance.


other than ploy lom petch, this is one of my fav lakorn of bee and kullanat. they make a cute couple, but it's so sad they don't get pair up anymore.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
This lakorn depressed me, why..........because Namfon was too nice and she let those 2 evil bitches push her around every single minute. But then again Bee and Fon were adorable in this but i still enjoyed Ploy Lom Phet better.