Meeting Lift from Lift&Oil


sarNie Egg
I'm currently studying abroad in thailand right now...i spent this past weekend in Chiang Rai province (northern) and at one of the markets I ran into Lift from Lift and Oil. I was really psyched...but he didn't talk much, I just took a picture with him, thanked him, then went on my first dara experience, hopefully there's more of that before I leave.

here's a picture...



sarNie Juvenile
Wow, that's so cool. I want to meet someone famous! I plan to study abroad in the next year or so. Do you like it?


Staff member lucky..i hope i meet him someday when i go back to thailand to visit..


sarNie Adult
Lucky girl!!!! Remember to snap one with Chakrit if you see him around..hehehe...i love that man!


hey that's really cool, is it possible if sarnworld uses this pix for a new section we are working on, we're looking for these meet the thai/asian celebs kind of stuff and this would be a great addition.

whenever you have the chance, please pm me. thanks! :D