Mark P in Cambodia June 29th 2018!


no i just saw it in ig and i actually was expecting that since when he went to a private trip last year with kim and bow and their friends and combodian fans didn't knew beforehand but the minute they knew they are in combodai they stalked them immediately so imagine now it's a planned event but man thy should gave him more security guard if they want him to be back safe with no scratch
I see 55 :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: but yea, they should take security more cautiously and seriously. That’s a wild mob. 555



Lol ewwww gang raped???? More like sandwiched by the fans HAHAHHA WILD FANS :aaaaa::icon12::love: Kust crazy wild fans like you, me and US :risas3::risas3:

We all know Mark is a HOT magnet! Very HOT. Attracts many from miles! Lmfao!! Hahahahaha. I would throw myself at him if I ever saw him. Lmao!


sarNie Oldmaid
LOL maybe no need to anymore 5555:risas3:

Is he? Lol you never told me 5555555 damn..I’m happy he got a HUGE WELCOME! I can’t wait til the actual event. Lol:angel10:❤
I thought I did no?? Koojins are huge in Cambodia. JJ is another star that is super huge in Cambodia, the mall was almost broken the last time he was there.


:coleman::drooling::drooling::drooling: How is my baby? Did he survive the attack at the airport? :risas3:
555 he said he was happy LOL :p

But man~ I wish the Cambodian fanclub were able to take a group shot with him. They waited all this time, couldn’t really get a group shot. I just felt a little sad for them. :( oh well~~ next time! You have to aggressive to touch Mark’s hand like this fan lol :p