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Note: This pretty old news--from 1-2 months ago; but I just recently found the links today from M & M's home in Pantip and then decided to translate it.

Buddy Talk
Mint Chalida Wijitwongthong

One more sweet-faced young lady is Mint Chalida Wijitwongthong, who has an upcoming lakorn for us to see in Pathapee Lei Ruk, one of 4 series in Channel 3’s 40th anniversary project. This time, we have another opportunity to explore the bonds of friendship as usual. For Mint, her closest friend is no one other than Miss Margie Rasri. Both ladies have worked together before in Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying. During their acquaintance, we can guarantee that these two are very, very close.

Who is your closest, most intimate friend?

My closest friend is P’Margie. We’re very, very close. Wherever we go, we would go together. We can talk about anything with each other. We started growing close even before we played in Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying together. So when we did play in Wan Jai, it made us even closer (smiles).

Do you two share many similarities? Since you’ve grown close to each other so quickly?

Well, yes. We share many similarities, such as we’re both people who are afraid of bugs (laughs); and we’re both people who dress alike, tend to like wearing sunglasses, and then our nature and personalities are similar. It’s like, we can be whoever, can do whatever, can deal with whatever—we’re similar in these aspects.

What are you particularly touched by, in Margie?

I’m touched by the fact that P’Margie is like one of my elder sisters. She’s the person who will take care of me in everything. I’m touched by this aspect that even though she’s not really my elder sister, but she still takes care of me so extremely well. From school, work, questions and answers, everything—she will always cautiously teach me and give me advice. You can even say that we’re like real siblings (smiles).

Gossip about this elder sister of yours for us, a little bit.

She’s the type of person who is lulla (smiles). She likes to go travel; and she can’t be idle. If she’s idle, she will eat (laughs). Plus, she invites me to get fat with her too. We would also like to gossip about food, because P’Margie will know everything about food. What and where is delicious, she will know it all.

Is there anything that you would like to tell Margie?

I want her to take good care of her health. I want her to nurture herself, or take some vitamins, because she works hard and is the type of person who tends to forget easily. She will forget this and that easily. Please don’t forget...(smiles).

Buddy Talk
Rasri Balenciaga

Now it’s this sharp looking lady’s turn, Margie Rasri Balenciaga. When she found out her closest younger sister, Mint Chalida, spoke of her and said she was the closest friend, Miss Margie did not wait for a moment to pass. She quickly tells us entertaining stories. You can say that she gossips about this younger sister of hers most merrily. Let’s just go and listen to Margie’s fun stories….

Mint Chalida told us that she’s very, very close to you.

That’s right. But I don’t want to accept her as a close friend (laughs). I’m just kidding. We’re close. She’s like another younger sister of mine. She’s very loveable (smiles).

To you, how is this younger sister of yours?

Very loveable. This younger sister, she’s very, very loveable (stretches her voice/words long). Whatever I tell her, she believes me. When I’m selling whatever, Mint will buy it (laughs). Shoes, clothes—I will carry it and bring it to her—various nurturing creams, Mint also likes them. Since she buys my things, we became close (laughs). It’s like this (laughs).

Mint is touched by the fact that you are like one elder sister of hers.

Waiii…I told you not to call me an elder sister (turns around to glance at Nong Mint). I told you to call me a friend (Mint: The truth is, I call her aunt). Yaya also likes to say I’m like an elder sister. That’s not it. I’m a friend.

She says that you take care of her, so that’s why you are like an elder sister.

Well, I care about her. Because sometimes she’s ditzy. When she’s answering the reporter’s questions, she would seem as if she doesn’t understand and look mellow. Like when we go on shows, we have to prepare ourselves not to forget saying ka-kaa, because sometimes the two of us would gossip together and (that language) would be attached to us when we enter the show.

She also secretly gossiped that this elder sister likes to lulla—have fun and party.

That’s right. Since Mint learned how to dance and likes to dance, I would bring her to parties to dance (laughs). No drinking alcohol. We only go to the French Fry restaurant. The two of us would just swarm that plate together (laughs). Hey, hey, let me gossip back. Her clothings, face, hair—she would be dressed fully. She’s just like a cheerleader. This younger sister, she’s loveable. Everyone else also loves her.

That means you two often go places together.

That’s right. We go places together very often. We often go shopping to buy clothes, because Mint’s mom will often go to China, since her mother sells clothes. Both of our mothers are also close. Mint’s mother likes to buy this and that for me. If I have any updates, I would go tell Mint’s mom that she needs to go buy it—like it’s a hit right now—it’s a current trend. I’d advise her that she needs to bring it to sell it, something like this (laughs). We would be engaged in these areas. Shopping, fashion. We tend to come back to these things.

Send a message to this younger sister a little bit.

Take care of yourself well. Anything that will give you a headache, don’t think about it too much. Carry yourself easily. Look for example, me (smiles). Whatever happens, don’t bother with it. Let it enter through your left ear and exit through your right one. Don’t think too much…



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Thankyou MINTWIX^^ Both girls are so cute! Margie sure loves to joke around alot. She's so silly! I love their bubbly and fun-loving personalities:)


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I didn't know they were that close. I thought Mint would have been closer to Yaya but I guess not. They're so cute in their interview. Mint is so ditzy just like what Margie have said lol.