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I won't get a chance to see the finale until later this evening but I love what you wrote Noydarny and I totally agree with you about La-or-orn. That is one reason why I love La-or-orn. She is the same throughout her life. She didn't have to change for no one, especially a man, b/c she is confident in who she is as a person and she really is a head of her times. Most women of that time would have just accepted Yot's selfish ways for sake of appearances, but La-or-orn was really brave to divorce him. And when you really think about it, she was also brave to re-marry again b/c I'm sure that it wasn't common for noble women of that era to re-marry as many times as La-or-orn did.
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This one was pretty different for me. I haven't seen any period lakorns where so many people were supportive of the nang'ek which made this one pleasing to watch.


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The ending was pretty good. It seem a little rushed, but it was good. I love LaOr Orn. She is exactly what Khun Thep said she was when Yot and Her were divorcing, "It's not LaOr Orn that is losing out... its Yot that is losing a diamond."


I too agree, great ending and it did feel just a bit rushed. I was hoping to see more happy scenes between Nang ek and Chow. I was actually hoping for another baby at least. Too bad they didn't have any kids together. This was a great lakorn.


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wish they showed the lil sister that was with laa orr and jao...

maybe just one more episode will do it all.


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it did seem a bit rushed but overall chao and laoron had open up to each other for once last time. at the end they had totally forgotten about nu lek even though the baby does not have a big role. at the end they included everyone life except nu lek and what happen to her after both laorn and chao gone.


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so who is the main guy in this lakorn? Captain, Son , or kong


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Wasn't this series made in 2010? How come it's in the 2005 section! Dang! I had to do a serious board search to find it hahaha


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Wasn't this series made in 2010? How come it's in the 2005 section! Dang! I had to do a serious board search to find it hahaha
Yes, it was in 2010. Maybe someone accidentally moved it to the wrong section. It should in the 2010 section...


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Wow the official boxset of Malai Sarm Chai is so beautiful. Found the pics here. You can buy it there or Now I don't know which one I want Leurd Kattiya or Malai Sarm


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The official boxset for Malai Sarm Chai is so beautiful. Here are the pictures. You can buy it there or from Now this is hard to choose. I don't know if I want this or Leard Kittiya.


Where can I watch this lakorn? I tried viki, but the videos have been deleted! Can't believe it. They were all subbed to. I wish the subbers hardsubbed, but I think they used viki so they don't have the hardsubbed copy. Anyone care to help?

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Going through a Captain and Aom marathon and I only have Game Ruk Payabard left. I really like this pairing, all their lakorns are unique and they play very different characters.

I knew this lakorn was going to make me angry and it did but it wasn't too bad. I'm glad Tongpairum wasn't evil evil. She was bad but she didn't do anything to actively harm Laor-orn so that's a plus. She pretty much left Laor-orn alone after she got what she wanted. Laor-orn wasn't weak or overly a pushover. She was reasonable and she did what was best. When she was done, she was done. No amount of begging or sweet talking was getting her back together with Yot whether it was during his affair or afterwards when he was bankrupt. She even shot Yot and calmly got him to safety.

Yot was funny. At first I was super pissed with him how he blatantly parades Tongpairum under Laor-orn's nose and abandons her but when he tries to get her back it was hilarious. I thought he would redeem himself and then die of an illness early on but nooo he tries to gain people back by making himself seem sympathetic and then he kidnaps Laor-orn. His rant when he finds out that Laor-orn was getting together with Ruj was hilarious. Captain is such a great actor, he can play the sweet innocent guy or the bad boy so well. He had too much in the ending, he didn't deserve such a big house LOL.


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I know it's been so long since this drama was out, but does anyone know where I can watch this with english subs? I can't find it anywhere. Viki already wiped out this drama from their database, lol.