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Main Actor: Taeyang: Ardru
Main Actress: Park Bom: Gna

Lee Hyori: Yumi


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sarNie Egg
Chapter 1: Finding London

Credit: iPoppinJH

Yumi sitting on the bench outside of a hospital room… her elbow place on her lap, her holding hand was supporting her head…

It’s been about 5 hours until the doctor finally come out of the room… Yumi stand up quick, she’s been waiting for so long.

Yumi: “How is she?”

Doctor: “I’m very sorry, we’ve tried our best.” Yumi lower her head. “She doesn’t show any reaction.”

Yumi: “Will her memory ever coming back?”

Doctor: “It depends… but right now, the only ways for her memory to come back is… she must be taking care of and the condition she is in now isn’t very good living around many people. Also, NEVER make her angry, the more stress she get, the MORE worst her memory will fade.”

Yumi looked through the door window… Gna, lying on the bed, eyes closed, breathing softy…

In a dark room… *Ring *Ring* Ring* Click*

**: “Sorry, not home. Call back later.” Click**Beep**

**: “Hey sleepy head, remember to go pick her up kay, bye.” Beep**

He made some soft moan and snore…

*** Enter into “Design Wedding Dress Inc.” as he walked passed, his employees greeted him…

Employees: “Good morning, Mr. Ardru.” He smiled and made a little nod.

**Opened his office door and seated… his secretary “Hedi” [Park shin hye] entered in, bring him a cup of coffee.

Hedi: “Good morning, Mr. Ardru.”

Ardru: Ignored the coffee. “Hmm.” Opened a folder and check over the paper. “Where’s Meng? Call him here.”

Hedi: “Sir, Meng take off today.”

Ardru: “Huh? How come?”

Hedi: “His grandma is coming to visit, so he went to the airport to pick—”

Ardru: “Airport?” Froze.

Hedi: “Yes sir.”

Ardru: Eye widens. “Shit!” Dashed out of his chair.

Hedi: “Sir, where are you going?”

Ardru: Putting his outer suit on. “Anyone call, I’m out.” Exit.

Hedi: “Yes sir.” Blinking her eyes.

**Looking from the window, as Ardru black car drove off, Hedi turned back and stared at the coffee sitting, getting cold.

Hedi: “I always made it special for you, but you never taste nor touch the cup even once.” Tears fall from her cheek.

** Ardru rushed into the airport…
Ardru: Check his watch. “Dammit. What is her face?” Open his wallet and take out a small wallet size picture of Gna that Yumi, his older sister, sent it to him the day before. He holds it in front of his face and search around.

*Girls walked passed him, smiling, and whispering… he ignored them, for they aren’t the one he’s looking for…
He asked some people, but they shook their head… he come to a police woman.

*Police woman: “Oh just a minute ago, she came and asked me where the restroom is.”
Ardru: “Thank you.” Dash off to the restroom.

*He’s now standing by the girl restroom, where the police woman told him… some woman about to enter…

Ardru: “Excuse me.” They stop. “Err… could you please go check and see if this girl-” Show them the picture. “Is in there?”

Woman: “Yes no problem.”

Woman: “Ohh… is she you wife?”

Ardru: Shock a little bit. “Err… no.”

Woman: Giggle. “Look at his red face.”

Woman: “Come on girls.” Enter in, minutes later they come out shaking their head.

Ardru: “Then thanks.”

Woman: “No problem.”

Woman: “If you need anything else, we’ll gladly help.” Raise one of her eye brow.

Ardru: Make a weird smile. “Kay.” Turn and walk fast away.

*1 hour later… his cell ring, he looked at it.

Ardru: “Shoot.” It’s Yumi… he take a deep breath and answer. “Yeah.”

Yumi: “Did you go pick up Gna?”

Ardru: “Err… ye-yeah.” Lying.

Yumi: “Then let me talk to her.”

Ardru: “Talk?” Eyes roll back and forth. “Err… she’s… err… she’s in the restroom… yeah… that it.”

Yumi: “Ar..dru… did you go pick her up?”

Ardru: “I did… why? You don't believe me.” Eye searching around.

Yumi: “I’ll believe you when she’s lost in London, cause the mindless Ardru didn’t do what I order him to do!”

Ardru: “Yumi…” Walk pass a person hiding behind a newspaper… the person folded the newspaper and took off her sunglass… Gna…

*As time go… messages from his company calling him…

**: “Sir, are you alright?”

**: “You miss the meeting today, Mr. Ardru.”

**: “Mr. Ardru, where are you?”

**: “Sir????”

5 hours passed… Ardru kneel down in front of a bench and stared straight at the sleepy Gna…

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sarNie Egg
Chapter 2: Marketing?

Credit: SMarie7

Her eyes moved and slowly opened… then the first thing she sees is… Ardru’s face in front of her.

Gna: “AH!!!!” Sit up covering her upper body.

Ardru: No shirt on. He sighs and stands up. “You awake now, I thought you were dead.” Opened his closet and search for a shirt.

Gna: Think, then a bright smile appeared. “Hey, are you Yumi’s brother… Ardru?”

Ardru: Ignore her question. “You made me miss work today.” Put on his shirt.

Gna: “Wow…” Checking him out. “You look more handsome in the picture.”

Ardru: “I’m going to the market, are you hungry?”

Gna: “Market? Ooh!” Get off the bed and run to him. “Can I go too?”

Ardru: “No you stay.”

She made a puppy face and lower her head as he put his wallet into his back pocket and take couple of steps out. *Ding-Dong* He stopped, then makes a small sighed…

Ardru: Turned his face side way to her. “Do you want to climb out the back window?” Her eyes blink.

** Out on the road… Gna opened the car window and looked at the beautiful London…

** Gna followed Ardru into a free-market…

Gna: Look around the dirty places. “This? Your market?”

Ardru: “Nah… I just feel like coming here today. Might be fun.” Walked

Gna: “Hey wait for me!” Hold a piece of the back of his shirt and follow him.

** Ardru buy some mango… he pay the owner… the owner hangs him the bag
of mango… he grabbed it, then turned to Gna… she was looking around
the place…

Ardru: “Hey you.”

Gna: Turned to him. “Hmm.” He hand her the bag. “What?”

Ardru: “Here, hold it.” Still confused, she grabbed the bag.

** He went to many market and buy many things… everything he brought, he gave it to her… she grabbed everything he gave her… he stop at a market of fishes…

Owner: “Which fish do you want?”

Ardru: Turn to Gna. “Gna, which fish do you want?”

Gna: Saw the fishes and sour her face. “I don't want any, you choose it yourself.” Turned her face away.

Ardru: “Hey… hurry.” Hold both of her shoulder and turned her body toward the fishes. “Look and choose which fish you like?”

Gna: “No!!” Have her eyes close and pushing back, but couldn’t for he was holding her to stay where she was. “Ardru…”

Ardru: “Don't be like this.” The owner stares at them and smiled. “Na… hurry.”

Gna: Opened her eyes. “I want that one.” Point to it, but her finger was far away.

Owner: “Which one?”

Gna: “That one.” Point to it again and do the same thing.

Ardru: “You pointed too far, you have to touch the fish.” His hand got hold of her hand and forced it to touch the fish.

Gna: “Ah, Ardru!”
Owner: “This one?”

Ardru: Nod. “Aw…” The owner put the fish in a bag and hand them the fish. “Sorry, this is the first time she comes here.” Gna was wiping her hand on his shirt, he looked at her. “What are you doing?”

Owner: “Oh no problem. My wife did the same thing.”

Ardru: Smile. “Thank you.” Hand the owner money. “Come one let’s go.”

Gna groaned and grabbed his shirt again then follow him.

Owner: Chuckles. “New marriage.”

** Hours later… Ardru were walking ahead… and behind him… Gna were carrying tongs of bags… she walk heavily down the path… then she tripped and falls to the ground…

Gna: “OY!” Sit up and cross her leg. “You meanie! I hate you!” Pushes the bags away from her. “Could you even tell the differences between a girl and a guy!” Started sniffing. “I’m so tire.”

Ardru: Kneel down in front of her. “Now you know how heavy you are.”

Gna: “What?”

Ardru: “I have to carry you from where you slept all the way out to my car. So stop whining.” Help her grabbed some bags.

Gna: “You carry…me… in… your arm? Oh... you mean at the airport?”

Ardru: Grabbed the last bag and stand up. “Come on let go.”

Gna: Look down to her ankle. “But my—Ah!” He grabbed her arm and pulled her up, then pushed her ahead of him.

** They just finish putting the last bags into the back car as a loud car honk a them… they turned and a silver car parked. A young sexy girl walked out.

Dara: “Ardru!”

Ardru: Groan. “Gna, get into the car.” Couldn’t say a word, she do as he order.

Dara: “I came all the way to your house and you dump me to go with her!” Pointed at Gna way. “Who is she?”

Ardru: “She none of you problem. Go home.”

Dara: “NO! If she’s messing with you, she is my problem!”

Ardru: “Dara!” She glared at him.

Dara: “Alright.” Smile. “I’ll let her go this time, but if I ever see her with you again.” Raise her eye brow. “And remember, you are mine. Only mine. Hump!” Turned, get into her car, and drove off. He shakes his head and enters into his car.

Gna: “Who is she?” He didn’t answer her. “Is she your girlfriend?” He still didn’t answer. “Your ex-girlfriend?” He turned on the engine. Knowing that he’s ignoring her… she turned to the window.

Ardru: “You stay far away from her. Got that.”

Gna: “I will… but is she going to stay away from me?” Didn’t turn to him. His eyes moved to her.

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sarNie Egg
credit: YGEntertainment

Chapter 3 : This Night

Gna entered into the bathroom, brushing her teeth… a moment later, Ardru stuck his head out behind the bath curtain.

Ardru: Eye widen. “Gna. What are you doing here?”

She turned to him, and then pointed to her mouth, that she was brushing her teeth.

Ardru: “You idiot! Don’t you know how to knock! I’m still taking a shower!” She ignored him and rinsed her mouth. “Get out!” Rinsed her mouth again. “I say get out!” She wiped her mouth with her towel, and then smiled to herself in the mirror.

Gna: “Ah… so pretty.” Touch her cheek.

Ardru: “Gna!”

Gna: Turned to him. “Ow… it wasn’t my fault that you only have one bathroom.”

Ardru: “Just get out!”

Gna: Grin. “Why are you so shy?” Tip toe and trying to peek at him, he hide even farther. She giggles. “Don’t worry; you have nothing good for me to look at.” Smiled and walked out.

Ardru: “Close the door!”

Night time… Ardru, sleeping soundly… he turned side way, even with his eyes closed, he still sense something… so he opened his eyes.

Ardru: “Shit!” Sit up and jump back. Gna was right in front of his face. “What-what are you doing?’

Gna: “I can’t sleep.”

Ardru: “Why not? Huh?”

Gna: “I’m afraid of ghost.”

Ardru: “Ghost?” Chuckle. “Idiots, maybe the only ghost is YOU! Go back to your room and don’t ever sneak in like this again!” Lay back into his bed. She frowns. “Freak the hell out of me.”

She stand up and walk out… seconds later, he feel the weight of his bed moving… he opened his eyes and Gna lay down next beside him.

Ardru: “Gna.”

Gna: “Don’t worry; I won’t do anything to you.” Turned her back to him… he groaned and turned the other direction. “Ardru, can I share a little of your blanket?” Hold a piece of his blanket and pull it to cover her.

Ardru: “Shut up and go to sleep.”

Middle of the night…

Gna: “Ardru… Ardru…”

Ardru: Still in his sleep. “Hmm.”

Gna: “I forgot my teddy bear; do you have any teddy bear I could hug onto?”

Ardru: “Hm-uh.”

Gna: “I can’t go to sleep without it. Ardru…” Grab a little of his tank top and start pulling it. “Ardru…”

Ardru: “Hmm.”

Gna: “Can I hug you then? Ardru.”

Ardru: “Mmm.” Add a little nod.

Gna: “Really.”

Ardru: “Mmm.”

He adjusts his body as her hand wrapped around his slim waist and move closed to him…

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sarNie Egg
Chapter 4: Someone

credit: WillSoPosh

Morning… Ardru woke up and felt his chest so heavy… he opened his eyes, and caught Gna’s head lying on his chest, her body was lying side way, legs dangling down the bed… he groan, lift up her head, slide aside, and place a pillow underneath her head… he rubbed his eyes and dragged his sleepy leg out.

“DWD Inc.”
G-dragon entered into Ardru’s office, almost bump a lady secretary that was going out.

G-dragon: “Sorry.” She nod and as she head out, his eyes was checking her sexy body to her sexy leg. He made a little nod and walked in. “Hey, dude! What sup?” Dropped onto the black leather chair across from Ardru.

Ardru: “Ah, same old stuff.”

G-dragon: Chuckle. “Can’t be that bad. Come on cheer up.”

Ardru: “How can I cheer up when that girl is stalking me everywhere?”

G-dragon: Blink his eyes. “Who?” Ardru gave him a look and he grin. “I’m just playing… that sweet cutie pie Dara.” Blow Ardru a kiss.

Ardru: “Eweek dude!” Fanning the kiss G-dragon blow away. “How’s you and your darling?”

G-dragon: “Mmm…” Start on twirling his chair around. “I dump her.”

Ardru: Eye widens. “Woo dude, I think that a little too harsh.”

G-dragon: Stop twirling. “Harsh?” Lean on the desk. “You should have seen what she done to me. Going out with another son of a bitch in front of me! She tears my heart apart!” Doing gesture by his heart. “And what have I done to her? Nothing.”

Ardru: Made a soft smile. “Really? The world biggest playboy G-dragon haven’t done nothing?”

G-dragon: Blinking his eyes. “Well… I…”

Ardru: “See. Nothing changes.”

G-dragon: “Only once!” Trying to recover for himself. “This time only once.”

Ardru: “Just shut it.”

G-dragon: “You don't trust me.”

Ardru: “I don't want to hear it.”

G-dragon: “Ardru.”

Ardru: “Shhh.”

G-dragon: Open his mouth, but nothing came out… he sigh. “Alright, alright… you win. Only this time.” Ardru chuckle and shake his head. “Anyways… want to go out tonight.”

Club: Ardru and G-dragon walked coolly through all the dancing people and sit down beside Top.

Top: “Sup dude.” They shook hand.

Ardru: “Where Seungri and Daesung?”

Top: “On the dance floor.”

G-dragon: “Like always.” They laugh.

Top: Take a sip of his wine. “Hey, Ardru. Heard that you had a new babe in town. Who is she?”

G-dragon: “Yeah, you don't have to tell the truth, cause your honey dara already spread the sweetness words.” He and Top chuckles. “Huh, who is she? Have any pics of her?” His hand reached for Ardru’s cell. Ardru slap his hand away.

Ardru: “She’s just my sis “sister like” friend. Nothing important.”

Top: Making a slide smile. “Aw… keeping her all to yourself. You finally show your real true self out huh dude. Haha.”

Ardru: “Top…”

G-dragon: Mouth drop. “She’s all that. Man come on I really REALLY wanted to see her!”

Ardru: “G-dragon stop! She’s not that pretty.”

Top: “Then why are you so scared of showing her? Don't worry, I know I’ll okay with you. But I don't guarantee him.”

G-dragon: “Hey!” Punch Top shoulder. “I can’t help it if I like girls. All guys like girls.”

Ardru: “Kay, sure.” Take out the small wallet picture of Gna.

G-dragon: “Shit, she a HOT looking chick! Can I have her phone number?”

Top: “Dude, you should take her out some more.”

Ardru: “Nah… she don't do these kind of stuff.”

Top: His eyes glance behind Ardru. “Hey, have Seungri know ‘bout her?”

Ardru: “Not that I know of.”

Top: “Cause looking at this pic… she look just like that chick dancing with Seungri.”

Ardru narrow his eyes and turned around… in that moment his eyes caught Gna, wearing a very short jean skirt, had on a white tank top that show part of her waist, and was dancing so closely with Seungri…

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I like your poster and teaser! Awesome! This is a great ff. I like Gna's and Ardu's character. So great.


sarNie Egg
Chapter 5: Continuing


His eyes were on her, as he march toward the dance floor… he grabbed her hand and turned her to him.

Gna: “Ah!” Bumped him. “Who the-” Her eyes widen, and was shock. “Ardru.” He glared and dragged her away.

Seungri: Blink his eyes. “Hey Ardru?”

Daesung: Saw the scene. “What’s wrong?”

G-dragon: He and Top come over. “Dude, why did you do that for? Don’t you know that’s Ardru’s girl.”

Seungri: “Yeah, yeah I know. She told me she's Ardru's friend. And since he's here, I bought her here.”

Daesung: “If she’s just a friend, how come Ardru’s acting like that?”

Top: Chuckles. “Jealous.”

**Ardru dragged her into the parking lot… he pulled her in front of him, letting go with a pushed.

Ardru: “What the hell are you doing? You shouldn’t be here.”

Gna: “Me? How about you, why are you here?”

Ardru: “I’m asking you, not for you to ask me!”

Gna: “I went to your work and you aren’t there. And you are here?”

Ardru: “You are supposed to be at home! Not to follow me to work, or come to these kinds of places!”

Gna: “Why? Why can’t I be here?” Glared at him.

Ardru: “Cause it’s not safe!”

Gna: “Not safe?”

Ardru: “You’re lucky that it’s Seungri, if it’s someone else-“

Gna: “Then don’t worry about me!” Interrupt.

Ardru: “Yeah.” A silent pause. “Who say I was worrying about you?” Her expression changed. “I don’t care a shit what happen to you! The only person I was worrying about is my dumb sister,
Yumi. If she found out you’re dead, the person to blame is not you, not your grave stone, but me.” Paused. “I can’t believe she’ll do anything for a stupid girl… like you.” Gave her a glared, then turned and walked away.

Her eyes filled with shiny tears and it falls, when his car zoom passed her.

*DWD inc*
Hedi opened her car and entered in. But before she started the engine, her eyes caught the grumpy Ardru, walking into the building.

Hedi: “Huh? This late already and what is Mr. Ardru doing here?” She sit there for a second, then couldn’t resist, she follow him.

** Slowly, walking behind… Hedi follow him up into his office. When he entered, he leaved the door opened and she hid behind the wall outside his office. Peeking at him every once and a while.

The first time she peeks… he seems to be concentrating on his designing… the third… he groaned and rests his head on his hand… the fifth… he crumbled up the paper and throw it… the seventh… his back and his head was resting against the chair… his eyes were closed…

Looking at his baby face… Hedi couldn’t stopped the pounding of her heart… it’s beating so fast and so loud, that she’s scared he could even hear it… her feet stepped into the room. *Ring* *Ring* She quickly hide back.

His eye opened, and answered his cell.

Ardru: “Yep.”

Daesung: “Ardru, Seungri is so worried about Gna. If she’s with you, he wants to talk to her.”

Ardru: “No, she’s not with me.”

Daesung: “Come on dude, don’t be like that.”

Ardru: “I’m not telling you lie. She’s not with me.”

Daesung: “What? We searched all over and she’s not here… if she’s not with you, then where is she?”

Ardru: “Home I guess.”

Daesung: “I called your house and she didn’t answer!”

Ardru: “She probably is mad.”

Daesung: “Ardru, wake up from your stupid dream! Gna is missing and now she’s wondering around, walking through these dangerous streets! Top and G-dragon are already out, trying to find her. We don’t know if she is in danger or hiding somewhere, but you need to help find her.”

Ardru dashed out of his chair, grabbing his leather jacket and walk out passing Hedi, who was just behind him.

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