Love All Over Again


Short-story for OnlyPrinChalida
Love all Over Again
Mark Prin as Saengkla
Kimberly Ann as Roong
Mint Chalida as Aim
Aim broke Saengkla’s heart to the point where he thought he would never be able to love anyone again, but when he met Roong, she brought new colors into his life. But when his life was about to get better with this new angel, Aim came back into his life, restarting the leftover burning fire in his heart. Now caught in a heartbreaking situation, he must choose between the two girls that he loved so dearly.


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Chapter 1:
                Saengkla looked up at the deep blue sky that looked like it was going to rain. Despite the dark sky, his spirits were lifted up as high as above the clouds. Today was his third anniversary since he had started dating his lovely Aim. It was a day of happiness and right at this moment, he was waiting for her to come meet him where they had always gone for their anniversary, the place they met and the place he had asked her to go out with him. Saengkla sat on the small garden beside the street that was just outside the ice cream shop where they had met each other. He looked at his watch; it was five minutes pass usual time. He kept his smile on though, and pulled out the little red casket from his pocket, opening it to look at the ring.
                                “Aim, today is the day that I will propose to you, on this very important day.” Saengkla said.
As he happily closed it and placed it back into his pocket, raising his head to look down the street where he knew Aim was going to come from, he spotted her. He smiled and got up, running toward her, only to find a man come out from behind her and grab her hand. Saengkla froze in place from shock, but calmed down. Maybe it was just her friend or brother. He decided to wait there for her to come over, but to his disbelief, Mint smiled up at the guy and tiptoed to kiss the man directly on the lips. Saengkla’s heart dropped automatically. It was no ordinary kiss, it was a full on the lip deep kiss that only couples would give each other.
                                “Aim!?” Saengkla exclaimed.
He headed over as Aim and the man turned to look, Aim shocked to find Saengkla there. Saengkla looked directly into Aim’s eyes as his heart cried out.
                                “How could you do this to me?” Saengkla asked.
Aim rolled her eyes and grabbed onto the guys arm.
                                “Saengkla, I don’t love you anymore.” Aim said.
Saengkla couldn’t believe what he had heard.
                                “Aim, what did all the times we spent together mean to you?” Saengkla questioned.
Aim laughed.
                                “You really thought that I was that into you?” Aim asked, “I was only playing with you, but such a dummy like you couldn’t have figured out sooner.”
Saengkla shook his head as heavy rain began to pour down as if his world was being brought down. Aim smirked and walked away with the guy, leaving Saengkla standing there in the rain. He reached into his pocket and gripped onto the casket as hard as he could, from anger. All that was left was the sound of heavy rain, hitting the hard ground as people walked by him, passing one person at a time. Finally he screamed and threw the casket across the street into the puny flower bushes in the tiny garden beside the road, just outside of the ice cream shop that he had first met the person he had thought he would spend the rest of his life with. He slowly turned and walked home, not caring that it was raining hard. Nothing mattered now that he had lost his world, Aim.


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Chapter 2:
                Saengkla lie in bed, trying to go to sleep after all that had happened to him that day, he felt like he was dead. Yet he was still as alive as ever and had a hard time going to sleep. His mind was on all those times he had had with Aim. This girl was the center of his world ever-since they had met. He sat up, rubbing his face from frustration, finally coming to the realization that he had thrown his 15 million baht ring into the bushes. The ring he had bought for this girl who was only playing with his heart.
                                “But that woman I had loved with all my heart.” Saengkla said to himself.
Suddenly his alarm clock sounded startling him. He reached over and turned it off, getting up in a hurry and ran down the stairs, still in his wet clothing from yesterday that he didn’t bother to change. He had to get that ring back, it was the only thing he had left that was connected to his relationship with her other than the memories he had used his time to carefully hold in his heart for the past three years. He ran as fast as he could to the ice cream shop, jumping into the garden, digging for the little red casket. As he saw it and reached for it, someone grabbed it from the other side of the bushes. Saengkla backed out of the tiny garden to take a look, seeing a woman with her back turned to him. She was gathered around by her group of friends as they ood and ahhed at the beautiful ring.
                                “Ooh, Roong, it’s so beautiful, you should try it on since you found it.” Her friend said.
Roong smiled and took it out of the casket, slowly sliding it on her finger.
“Hey you.” Saengkla said.
Roong turned to look at him. She was wearing a white button down shirt tucked into a pair of blue jean shorts and tennis shoes. Her hair into two pigtails with puffy bangs combed to the right of her face. Saengkla looked right at her face, and then noticed his ring on her finger. He was angry as he went over and grabbed her hand.
                                “Hey, let go, you’re hurting me.” Roong said.
Saengkla only tightened his grip, trying to take the ring off her finger as she tried to break free.
                                “This ring is mine.” Saengkla stated.
Roong glared at him as he got it off and put it in her face. He grabbed the casket out of her hand and put the ring back in.
                                “And no one other than Aim has the right to put it on.” Saengkla said before turning to go away.
                                “Hey you!” Roong’s friend called to Saengkla, “Prove that that ring is yours, if you can’t, then it belongs to Roong because she found it.”
Saengkla turned to them in annoyance, reaching into his pocket to take out the receipt to show them, only to find a smudged piece of paper. Roong’s friend laughed and went over to get the ring back, but Roong held her back.
                                “No, let him have it, he probably needs it more than I do.” Roong said, looking at Saengkla.
Roong’s friend backed away and Saengkla took one more look at Roong before walking away. Roong’s friend sighed and rolled her eyes at Roong.
                                “You are too nice Roong, just because he has a dirty face and wet clothing, you assume he needs it more than you.” Her friend said.
                                “No, it’s not because of that, I saw the hurt in his eyes when he said that no one other than Aim can wear the ring, I saw the hurt. I wonder why he would he be hurt?” Roong said, “If I could, I would love to learn more about him.”
Roong stared at Saengkla’s back as he walked away with sadness. She could really sense his pain through the way he talked and his posture as he left. She could feel her heart paining for him.


Chapter 3:
                Saengkla looked at the ring in the open casket, standing in his bathroom in front of the mirror, deciding what to do with it. He had no one to give it to or a use for it anymore. His hand gently caressed the casket running back and forth against the soft fabric. Finally he closed it and opened the sink drawer, placing it in, way in the back behind his face cloth and all, closing it to hide away from the hurt it brought to him when he sees it.
                                “Aim, I loved you so much, but you still had the courage to break my heart into a million pieces.” Saengkla whispered to himself, “I will not trust another woman from now on.”
Saengkla raised his head and jumped at his reflection. His face was all dirty from digging in the garden and his clothes were stained as well. He turned on the water and washed his face.
                Roong had gone home that night with the thought of who the guy she met today was. He seemed so interesting and also so sad. What had caused him to become like this? She couldn’t help but wonder, since she was a person who hated to see other people sad, and when she saw them, there was no way they would escape her. She made up her mind that tomorrow she will find him and make him feel better no matter what, because it was what she was born to do.
Grandpa had pulled Roong into a hug and raised her high up into the air, with a huge smile in his face. Roong laughed as grandpa spun her around and dropped her back down only to catch her again.
                                “Grandpa, do you love me?” Roong asked.
                                “Grandpa loves Roong with all his heart, Roong is like the rainbow, bringing a whole new color into grandpa’s life.” Grandpa answered.
Roong had the largest grin on her face from his words, but just the next day tragedy hit. Roong stood there crying as they pushed grandpa on the bed into the emergency room. Roong had tears in her eyes as the doctor came out.
                                “Grandpa would love to see Roong.” The doctor said.
Roong went in to see grandpa with tear rolling down her cheeks. Grandpa smiled up at her no matter how much pain he was in.
                                “Roong, grandpa wants to say to you to be a brave girl and know that you are grandpa’s rainbow.” Grandpa said.
Roong sobbed and hugged grandpa.
                                “Roong should always have a smile on her face and bring happiness to everyone, remember that even when grandpa is not there, you have to be the rainbow and bring new colors to all the people you come across in live, promise me.” Grandpa said.
Roong nodded.
                                “Good grandpa’s little Roong, now smile for grandpa.”
Roong gulped down her tears and forced a smile onto her face, and held it on till grandpa’s grip loosened and the breath left him.
---------End of Flashback----------
The memory brought a smile onto Roong’s face along with a tear that slid down her cheek onto her shirt.
                                “Grandpa, I will do as you told me, Roong will always smile.” Roong said.
She fixed her pillow and lay down, closing her eyes, slowly falling asleep.


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Chapter 4:
                All alone in a world full of people, the sky was dark for Saengkla, but everyone else seemed to pass by without noticing it. It was as if there was an illusion covering their eyes. With each step he took, his shoulders slumped with more weight remembering his Aim. He looked up at the sky as thunder boomed; the clouds racing against each other, making it seem as if they were only doing it purposely on him. Saengkla shook his head pathetically as he turned to go into a store to get a bottle of water, and to ignore the sky that seemed like it was going to rain. He went up to the counter.
                                “Excuse me, a bottle of water please.” Saengkla said, reaching into his pocket to pull out his wallet.
                Roong nodded as she opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. As she turned to hand it to Saengkla, she noticed it was the guy from yesterday. Her face lightened up. It was as if fate had brought them to meet each other and just at the moment she had been thinking about him as well. Saengkla handed her the money, waiting for her to take it, but after a while of waiting, he raised his face to see what was taking so long. He noticed Roong smiling and wondered what was wrong. He turned to look behind him to see if there was anyone there, but no one was there.
                                “Excuse me?” Saengkla said, “Are you alright?”
Roong nodded and handed him the water, taking the money from him. Saengkla turned to leave.
                                “Wait.” Roong called to him.
Saengkla looked at her.
                                “Hey, you, come and take over for me will you?!” Roong called to one of the workers as she took off the work shirt and came out from behind the counter heading over to Saengkla.
Saengkla wondered what this was all about. Roong smiled and grabbed his arm, pushing him out of the store following behind.
                                “Hey, what are you doing?” Saengkla asked in confusion.
                                “I’m going to be your friend for the day.” Roong replied.
                                “What? Why?” Saengkla questioned, “I don’t even know you.”
Roong thought for a while. It was true that they didn’t know each other. Now thinking about it Roong was embarrassed. She quickly thought of an answer.
                                “You see, it’s a thing for our store, every day we choose the fifth person that enters it and whoever is behind the counter when that person comes in has to spend the whole day with him or her.” Roong lied, “And today you just happen to be that person.”
Roong smiled at how fast she could think. Saengkla laughed sarcastically in disbelief.
                                “That is the most bizarre idea ever, are you trying to hit on me?” Saengkla asked.
Roong rolled her eyes.
                                “Oh sure, whatever.” Roong replied.
Saengkla pulled her arm off of him and turned to face her.
                                “Look crazy lady, I don’t want to play around with you so go find your own fifth person and leave me alone.” Saengkla said and walked away.
Roong sighed and ran after him, startling him. Saengkla shook his head at Roong and tried to get away by running, but she wasn’t a slow person. Roong wasn’t about to let him get away that easily since she had the chance to see him again.
                Saengkla was running out of breath from trying to escape. He finally decided to confront her. Roong wasn’t watching when Saengkla suddenly stopped and turned to face her. She ran smack into him, sending them both down to the ground. Roong yelped as her knee hit the ground, scraping it. They both sat up and Roong brought her knee up to blow on, seeing the blood. Saengkla turned to see it as well. He automatically grabbed her leg and helped blow on it without realizing it, because this was what he always did when Aim got hurt. Roong was shocked at his actions, but calmed down when he only blew on it. She smiled. This person was so weird and different from all the other people she had seen. Right then and there her heart melted.
                                “Are you okay?” Saengkla said with the sweetest voice ever, “Does it hurt much?”
He raised his head to look her in the eyes and as their eyes met, for some reason his heart began to pound. Her eyes were a deep beautiful shade of brown and it glowed like how Aim’s always had. Saengkla blinked when the thought of Aim came into his mind. He let go of her leg and stood up, turning away as his heart cried out. Roong could sense that there was something wrong. She stood up, but her knee hurt so much, she let out a whimper as she got up. Saengkla turned and helped her up, heading over to sit on a chair.
                Once she was sitting, Saengkla looked around, realizing where they were. No wonder the place felt so familiar. The ice cream shop, the small garden, he looked down at Roong, the seat she was sitting in, the seat across where she sat. Saengkla shook his head in disbelief. Roong looked around once she saw his expression. What was wrong with this place, why does it make him so emotional? She looked up to find tears slowly rolling down his cheeks. Roong wanted to wipe it away so bad; she wanted to bring a smile to his face, new colors to his world, despite what the reason behind his sadness was.  Seeing him like this made her hurt inside secretly for him.
                                “Hey, you.” Roong said.
Saengkla slowly sat down on the chair he had always sat in across from her as he cried. His cry was the saddest she had seen. What broke him was really powerful. Roong reached over and touched his hand gently. Saengkla noticed her touch and looked up at her.
                                “Smile.” Roong said.
Saengkla couldn’t help but let out a muffled laugh as he saw her face. She made a cross-eyed face and puckered her lips, flaring her nose to look like a pig. Roong giggled at his muffled laugh. Saengkla shook his head and felt better. He stopped the tears from coming as he stared at Roong. Whoever this woman was, she had what it takes to make him finally be able to smile. At that moment, Saengkla felt a warming in his heart and felt the weight lifting off his shoulders. He looked up at the sky as it lightened up and the clouds cleared, the bright sun showing through. He looked at their hands that were still touching. Roong noticed it too, and quickly removed it. She felt glad that she had brought a smile back onto his face.
                                “What’s your name?” Saengkla asked unexpectedly.
                                “My name is Roong.” Roong replied.
                                “I’m Saengkla.” Saengkla said.
Roong smiled.
                                “You know, I never thought I would be able to smile like this again.” Saengkla stated.
                                “May I know the reason?” Roong asked.
                                “I…I” Saengkla hesitated.
                                “It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me.” Roong assured him.
                                “You know, this may be the first time I talked to you, but I feel like I can trust you with all my secrets.” Saengkla said.
Roong grinned glad to hear this.
                                “I’m glad I could make you feel that way.” Roong replied.
                                “You know, if I could, I would love to meet you again.” Saengkla said.
                                “Who says you can’t?” Roong said, “You can always come to the shop if you want to talk to me.”
Saengkla nodded.
                                “But do I have to be the fifth person to meet you?” Saengkla asked.
Roong laughed.
                                “No, that was a lie.” Roong replied.
Saengkla laughed at how easily he got tricked by her. But he was glad that she had lied to him about the fifth person. They smiled to each other, as it began to rain, the drops gently falling down. This time it was different from the last time, this time it was a warm welcoming rainfall that calmed the hearts of all who came in contact with it.


Though they had only met, their relationship had developed fast and just like that they clicked together.
Chapter 5:
                A year went by. Roong brought smiles to Saengkla and Saengkla to Roong. But the thing that still bothered them both was the fact that there was still a secret they kept from each other. They were only friends for Saengkla, but Roong felt something more than that, yet she was still unsure what that feeling was. Though Roong has been trying to help him forget about Aim, secretly in his heart, he still loved her. And until he could stop loving her, his heart would never really be full.
                Saengkla dialed Roong’s number, waiting for her to pick up. Finally on the fourth ring she picked up. He smiled just hearing her voice.
                                “What are you doing today?” he asked.
                                “Just cleaning the store.” Roong replied.
                                “Want to hang out today?” Saengkla questioned.
                                “Uh, sure.” Roong answered without hesitation.
                                “Great, I’ll be there about right now.” Saengkla said and hung up.
Roong was confused as she hung up her phone and looked up to find Saengkla already at the door waving to her. Roong smiled and called to the worker to look after the store. She hurriedly rushed out and Saengkla grabbed her hand, beginning to run. Roong had to quickly get to pace. She was tired though as she ran out of breath. They came to a stop in front of a cliff, overseeing to the village below. Roong smiled at Saengkla as he closed his eyes and spread his arms out to the sides. Saengkla opened his eyes to find Roong’s unbeatable smile once again.
                                “Hey Roong, do you mind if I ask you why I never see you without that unique smile of yours?” Saengkla questioned.
                                “Do you really want to know?” Roong asked.
Saengkla nodded as he leaned against the railing staring at her. Roong nodded and joined him, leaning onto the railing beside him.
                                “A long time ago when I was only nine, my grandpa told me that I should always smile and bring a smile to everyone I see. That was the day when he left me to a better place.” Roong explained, “But I would always smile because he had told me to.”
Saengkla looked down at Roong. This was the first time that he had actually seen her close to sad, but she still held that smile on her face like it was the world to her. Now he understood why she had wanted for him to smile. As he stared down at her, he spotted a tear rolling down her cheek. Saengkla brought his hand up to catch it before it fell off her chin. Roong looked up at him. Unexpectedly, he leaned in and let his lips gently touch hers. Roong slowly closed her eyes as their lips touched and he pulled her into his arms. But she quickly pulled away realizing what was happening. They were kissing, her heartbeat raced as she turned away, noticing that feeling in her chest once again. The one she would always have when he was close to her. Saengkla watched her turn away, with his own shock. What had he done?
                                “Sorry.” Saengkla apologized.
Roong slightly turned back to him and nodded.
                                “Um… do you want to know something?” Saengkla asked.
Roong didn’t reply, but she listened carefully.
                                “Last year when we first met, that ring that you found,” Saengkla said, pausing for a while, “That ring was for my girlfriend of three years, I was going to propose to her on that day, our third anniversary, but before I could, I saw her with another man.”
Saengkla’s story brought tears to Roong as she listened.
                                “I was so sad, that I gave up on love, but then I met you and you gave me a whole new reason to trust in it.” Saengkla said.
Roong smiled.
                                “I just wanted to say…” Saengkla paused.
                                “Saengkla!” before he could continue a familiar voice called to him.
Saengkla and Roong turned to where it came from. Saengkla couldn’t believe his eyes that once again, the person he had thought he would live with forever stood in front of him.
                                “Aim.” Saengkla said.
Roong looked at Saengkla’s back as Saengkla forgot all about her, heading over to Aim. Aim smiled and jumped into Saengkla’s arms.
                                “Aim, I thought you would never come back.” Saengkla cried, hugging Aim tight in his arms.
Aim looked directly to Roong as Saengkla held her.
                                “Saengkla, I missed you so much.” Aim said.
Roong felt her heart being pulled out as she stared at them. Saengkla pulled away.
                                “Why did you leave me?” Saengkla asked, “Did you know how hard life was without you?”
                                “I’m sorry Saengkla; I realized how much it hurt after I left you.” Aim cried.
Saengkla shook his head.
                                “I realized that I could not live without you, that is why I came back to you, do you still love me?” Aim asked.
Saengkla nodded.
                                “I will always love you no matter what.” Saengkla said.
Roong couldn’t handle this anymore as tears bursted out of her eyes. No matter what he’ll always love her. There was the answer to the question she had wanted to ask him. She had always wanted to ask him if he felt anything toward her like how she did toward him, but obviously he didn’t. Roong walked away sadly. Aim pulled away from Saengkla.
                                “Wait.” Aim called to Roong.
Saengkla turned to see Roong, finally remembering that she was still there. Roong froze in place as Aim walked up behind her.
                                “I’m Aim, Saengkla’s girlfriend.” Aim said.
Roong nodded, wiping her tears. She put a smile on her face and turned to face Aim as Saengkla headed over as well. Roong reached her hand out.
                                “I’m Roong, a friend of Saengkla’s.” Roong said with her calmest voice ever, trying to fight back the tears.
Saengkla felt hurt at the words Roong had said. Saengkla’s friend? He looked up at Roong as she smiled at them.
                                “Glad to meet you Aim, Saengkla was just telling me about you.” Roong said.
                                “Glad to meet you too Roong.” Aim smiled.


Okay, I added Mario in here as Shone, Aim's boyfriend.

Chapter 6:


Aim’s part:

threw her purse onto her bed as she got home and plopped down onto her chair,
laughing. She looked into the mirror and smiled as her boyfriend came out from
the bathroom. She turned to him and he pulled her into a kiss. Aim pushed him

I told you that we are over.” Aim said in frustration.

Shone glared at her.

you telling me that you really went back to that loser?” Shone questioned.

loser you’re talking about could love me more than you ever could.” Aim said,
“He’s not like you, always going around sleeping with women.”

because you refuse to sleep with me.” Shone argued.

because I don’t give you enough satisfaction you run off with others?” Aim
questioned, “come on Shone, I have a life to live, I don’t want to waste it
like that, if sex is all you want, then we’re through.”

Aim pushed Shone away and grabbed her purse running back out
the door. Shone stared after her and swore, kicking air.

Saengkla’s Part

slowly walked up the stairs to his apartment in confusion. He didn’t know what
he really wanted now. He didn’t know who he really loved now. Why was Love so
hard? He wasn’t sure if he loves Roong or not, why he kissed her, why it hurt
him when she had said that they were just friends. Saengkla punched his pillow
in frustration as he thought about the kiss. He thought about his first kiss
with Aim as well, if he even remembered that far back.

do I really want?” Saengkla asked himself.

He had seen all of the hurt in Roong’s eyes, though she
tried to hide it. Did she even feel like he felt toward her? Should he even
give Aim a second chance after she had shattered his heart into a million
pieces? As Saengkla lie in bed, a million questions ran through his mind.

Roong’s Part:

could only sob as the words Saengkla had said today ran through her mind once
again, the image of him hugging Aim. Roong couldn’t understand why she was
crying for him, was this love? But if it was, why did everyone say love was so
sweet? For once in her life Roong didn’t want to have a smile on her face, she
wanted to wipe all those fake smiles that she would always put on for show and
cry her heart out without having to think about anything. It had been a long
time since she had the chance to do this. Meeting Saengkla really changed her life
as she grew up to know it. She had always thought the world was a lovely place
aside from people dying, but now she figured that there were dark little
secrets hidden all over.

will always love you no matter what.” Saengkla’s voice repeated.

Roong shook her head.

if only those words were said to me.” Roong cried.


“I was so sad, that I gave up on
love, but then I met you and you gave me a whole new reason to trust in it.”
Saengkla said.

Roong smiled.

just wanted to say…”

------End of Flashback-------

Roong wondered what he was going to say before he was
interrupted. Now it was too late to find out. She had really thought he was
going to confess to her.

Saengkla and Aim’s

drove to the bar to have a drink after leaving Shone all alone in her
apartment. She was tired of his playboy attitude. Why did she even leave
Saengkla for Shone in the first place when Saengkla loved only her? Aim felt so
guilty that she had hurt him so much. Only when she saw him kissing another
woman did she realize how much he meant to her. She saw him kissing that woman,

I will not lose Saengkla to you.” Aim said as she drank the whole cup of wine
and stood up to go.

Aim headed back to her car, but she spotted Saengkla sitting
all alone at a booth. She smiled and headed over to him. Saengkla was drunk to
the point where he didn’t even notice Aim standing in front of him. Aim grabbed
Saengkla’s arm and sat down beside him.

what are you doing here all drunk?” Aim asked.

Saengkla, drunk, smiled at her.

dude, I have a question.” Saengkla said.

is it?” Aim asked.

you feel hurt when someone says that you are just friends, does it mean you
love them?” Saengkla questioned.

Aim couldn’t believe her ears. Is he talking about Roong?
Aim swallowed and stood up angrily.

it doesn’t.” Aim replied, “Saengkla, you are too drunk, go home now.”

Aim pulled Saengkla up taking him out to the car. He fell
asleep in the passenger’s seat as Aim drove him home.

I’m sorry.” Saengkla apologized.

Aim looked over at him when she heard the words of another
woman come out of his mouth.

has gone too far, I won’t allow it.” Aim said, smacking her steering wheel,
“You were mine first and you will always be mine.”

Roong’s Part:

tossed and turned in bed as sweat ran from her forehead onto her pillow. She
was in a weird place; she had never seen this place before. There was fog
everywhere, and the forest dark and scary. She didn’t know where to go as she
looked around. Finally a bright white light shined into her eyes. She quickly
rushed in that direction, coming out to a clearing. There she saw a man
standing with his back toward her, looking out into the open. This man seemed
so familiar she swore she had seen him before. Roong ran up to him.

Roong asked.

The man turned around. Roong smiled and hugged him.

I thought I’d never get to see you again.” Roong cried happily.

grandpa’s little rainbow.” Grandpa said, “Do not be sad, you promised me that
you’d always smile for me.”

Roong smiled and nodded.

grandpa, I will.” Roong said.

my rainbow, now I may be happy to go.” Grandpa said.

Where are you going?” Roong asked.

will have to go rest, but do not worry, I will always be by your side.” Grandpa

Roong watched as a bright light shined on grandpa and he
faded away slowly. Suddenly she was pulled back into the dark forest.

opened her eyes and sat up. Why did she dream about grandpa? Once again he told
her to smile. Roong’s tears came again.

wants Roong to be happy right?” Roong asked, “Okay, I will smile for you

Roong smiled looking up at the light on the ceiling and
wiped her tears.



I'm not sure if some of you can handle Mint C being rai, so just a little warning. :) Hope you like it.

Chapter 7:


woke up with feeling dizzy as he rushed to the bathroom to throw-up into the
sink. He turned on the water throwing some onto his face and took out his towel
to wipe it. He spotted the little red casket in the way back and took it out.
Last year he had planned to propose to Aim, but before that she broke up with
him, and it had been on Roong’s finger before Aim’s. Saengkla remembered having
to take it off of Roong’s finger and he smiled. He missed her so much. Without
thinking, Saengkla called Roong.

was stirring her eggs when her phone rang. She quickly turned off the oven and
went over to pick it up. Seeing Saengkla’s number, she hesitated. Finally it
rang another time and she answered.

Roong said.

Hearing Roong’s voice, Saengkla froze, not knowing what to

Saengkla said, “Do you want to go watch a movie with me and Aim?”

Saengkla smacked his face as he asked that. Roong smiled.

sure.” Roong replied.

great.” Saengkla said, “So see you then.”

Saengkla hung up and called Aim.

do you want to go see a movie with me and Roong?” Saengkla asked as Aim

Aim made a fist, hearing Roong’s name again.

course I would love to.” Aim said.

then I’ll pick you up then.” Saengkla said, “Bye.”

Saengkla hung up and plopped down onto his bed, running his
fingers through his hair.

am I doing?” Saengkla wondered.

Aim and Saengkla stared at each other awkwardly as they all were too late for
the movie and decided to go have dinner together instead. They went to a buffet
downtown. Roong offered to go get them some drinks and headed off. Little did
she know Aim already had some tricks up her sleeves. As Roong came back, Aim
stuck her foot out and tripped Roong, sending her flying forward, spilling
water onto Aim. Aim yelped, pretending to be shocked. Roong got up,

it’s alright.” Aim said.

Saengkla grabbed some napkins and began to wipe Aim as Roong
picked up the cups.

I think I have to go wipe myself in the bathroom.” Aim said.

Saengkla nodded. Aim stood up, purposely stepping on Roong’s
hand with the point of her high heels. Roong squealed in pain as Aim quickly
stepped off.

I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking.” Aim lied.

Saengkla rushed over and grabbed Roong’s hand and began to
blow on it, just like how he had blown on her knee a year ago. Roong looked up
at Aim and pulled her hand away from Saengkla’s, not wanting them to
misunderstand each other.

okay, its fine Aim, I know you didn’t mean it.” Roong said and picked up the

Aim was so angry that Saengkla had blown Roong’s hand for
Roong, it was only what he did to her. Aim rushed off to the bathroom in anger.

think I’ll let it go that easy.” Aim said.

She grabbed a bunch of paper towel and wiped herself off. As
Aim came out of the bathroom, she bumped into Shone. She looked up to find him
staring down at her and she quickly headed back to the table, but he pulled her

don’t run away from me.” Shone said.

already told you that we are over.” Aim replied, jerking her arm away.

She rushed back to the table with Shone following behind,
giving her an idea. Aim ran right into Saengkla’s arms and pleaded for help as
Shone got there. Saengkla pulled Aim behind him and stepped up to Shone.

do you want?” Saengkla asked.

girl-friend.” Shone answered.

already told you that we are over.” Aim said to Shone.

heard her, Aim is my girlfriend not yours.” Saengkla said.

Aim smiled and took a glance at Roong. Shone glared at
Saengkla, but couldn’t help but notice Roong standing behind Saengkla and Aim,
heartbroken. Shone then smiled and headed over to Roong.

Aim is your girlfriend, you wouldn’t mind me dating her?” Shone asked, grabbing
Roong’s arm and pulling her into his arms.

Roong looked up at Shone and tried to push him away as he
hugged her. Saengkla, suddenly protective, pulled Shone away from Roong and
punched him. As Shone fell to the floor, Saengkla grabbed Aim’s arm in one
hand, and Roong’s in another, heading out.

Roong looked up at Saengkla’s angry
face and then at his hand that was holding her. She took hold of Saengkla’s
hand and pried it off of her arm. Saengkla stopped and looked back as Roong
stood there close to tears, but with a smile on her face.

Saengkla said.

take Aim home, I will be okay.” Roong said.

Saengkla felt awful as he nodded and led Aim out to his car.
As he drove her home, Aim kept staring at Saengkla. Why was he so mad when
Shone had hugged Roong when he should’ve been mad that Shone wouldn’t let her

threw her purse onto her bed as she plopped down onto her chair in anger. She
wanted to scream as she thought about what happened today. Why did all her
plans backfire on her? Why did they make her feel worse? Aim shook her head.

can’t do this anymore; I have to get straight to the point.” Aim said, “It will
start tomorrow, Roong.” 


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
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