Looking for a full synopsis of a lakorn

Hi there asianfusers! I am looking for a detailed synopsis of an old lakorn aired back in 1993 named Chuichai (ฉุยฉาย). It starred Mam Jintara, Oh Warut as the main character, and from what my friend told me, Mam was a traditional dancer with a very sad life. I was really interested and wanted to find out the rest. I managed to find one at this: https://www.bloggang.com/viewdiary.php?id=verawaty&group=49 [Cr: Bloggang] but some parts of the synopsis were hardcoded into image, and I can't understand them because I have to copy and paste to Google Translate all the time to get the idea. Can anyone help me translate the synopsis or provide a copiable source of the synopsis? Thank you