Lie Marriage Turn to Real


sarNie Hatchling
Lie Marriage Turn to Real [ Episode 1 ]

Starring: Ken T., Pancake K., Ploy C., Peak P.

> Ken as Piwat [Wat]
> Pancake as Lin
> Ploy as Alinee [Nee]
> Peak as Kim

By:JSY Production

Episode 1

“ Mom, um, Piwat slept with me, mom you got to help me, okay.”, a lady said to Piwat mom and then Piwat mom tell that lady, “ If, my son really slept with you, then let me go ask him and if you want money I can give it to you later, okay.”, then the lady answer back, “ Okay.’, the lady said it in a sad face. Then Piwat mom came out from the store and she call Piwat, while she’s in the car. “ Wat [ Piwat nickname ], a lady name Kwan said she have you slept with her last night?”, Wat mom ask him on the phone. “ Mom, another lady come and lie to you again, huh.”, Wat said to his mom, “ Yes, but is that true, that you slept with her, though.” Wat mom ask him, “ No, mom yesterday and the other yesterday, I slept at home and not even go anywhere, so just come home and don’t care about those stupid problems, okay mom, I got to go, bye love you.”, Wat tell his mom. “ Wat, Wat,…okay bye.”, Wat mom said. Then she went back home.

“ Kim, you ask me to go be with your brother at the company, then you will tell the news reporter to come take are pictures, are you stupid!”, Lin said to Kim. Kim is Wat sister, and is the only sister. “ Yes!, you go be with my brother and I’ll take you two pictures and you will have news with my brother, Wat, then you two will marry , then there will be non other girls come and interrupt him anymore, please do this for me, please, please, please.”, Kim said to Lin. “ Okay, but just for once, okay?”, Lin said to Kim, “Okay.”, Kim answer back. [ Lin think back and she feel like she’s harming her life, but she tell herself that there will be no marriage at all.]

The nest day Lin dress up in a very sexy, pretty, and beautiful way to Wat company. “ I want to talk to Wat, and I’m his girlfriend.”, Lin said to the secretary, “ So what’s your name?”, the secretary ask back, “ My name is Lin Sukapat, and I really need to talk to him, because it’s an emergency.”, Lin said. ‘ Boss Piwat, a lady name Lin Sukapat, she said that she’s your girlfriend and she have an emergency talk to you.”, the secretary tell Wat on the phone. “ Let her in.” Wat said. “ Please go in.”, the secretary said.

“ Hello Wat!, don’t you miss me?”, Lin went straight to Wat. Wat turn around and saw Lin and he like her. “ Who are you and what is your emergency talk, huh, and you need to hurry up and tell me.”, Wat said. “ Well, um, I like you a lot, that I can’t go marry my mom [ Lin paused for a second because she don’t know what to say ]…um, oh yeah, her cousin sister son, because of you, I like you so much that I am so desperate about you that I can’t go marry him.”, Lin said [ Lin was pretending, and look confused about herself ] . “ Well, then I can’t help you because I’m not even your boyfriend?”, Wat said to Lin.
“ Okay then, so are you going to be my boyfriend?”, Lin said [ in a happy face ] , “ Well, for that you need to marry me, so you could be free, okay, so do you agree?”, Wat said to Lin [ when Wat said to Lin he was happy, but Lin was confused because she is just lying and he is willing to marry her and she don’t even like him], “ Um….[ Lin paused because she was texting to Kim and Kim tell her to say yes ] I agree , yes!!!” Lin said in a exciting voice, but for real she was sad because she have to do some thing that she really make a mistake in her life.

They went outside together and news reporter take their pictures and Wat was shocked.
“ So are you two going out?”, reporters ask, “ Yes, we are.” Wat said and Lin was looking at him in a confused way and she just stared at him. “ So Lin are you two really dating?”, one of the reporter ask Lin, “ Um, yes, we are dating and it was about,[ Lin was looking at Wat, then Wat do his finger, 3] um, 3 years.”, Lin tell the reporter, and Wat was shock that she said 3 years, and Wat was just expecting 3 months.

- to be continue and please let me know if i make a mistake, or is it good..


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Lie Marriage Turn to Real [ Episode 2 ]

Episode 2

Lin and Wat went to eat at a restaurant. “ Hey, how come you said to the reporters that we’ve been dating 3 years?”, Wat ask Lin, “ Hey, you just do 3 fingers and I was looking at you, but you say nothing, so I just said 3 years, and so what’s your problem and how come at that time, you don’t tell them and you just kept me being confused!” Lin yelled at Wat. “ Hey, can you keep it shush, your making me embarrass.” Wat said to Lin. “ Then why do you ask me then, and I’m not eating with you anymore!”, Lin said to Wat, and the people in the restaurant were starring at Wat and Lin. Then Lin went outside of the restaurant and were trying to find a taxi, then Wat finished paying then he went outside and Lin was about to go in the taxi, then he stop her and she just don’t care and she was about to go in, then Wat just come take her hand and pull her into his arm. Lin was confused. “ What are you doing?”, Lin whisper to Wat, “ News reporter are here, they are taking pictures of us, since you’re a actress, they’re trying to find news about us, so just keep hugging me, then we’ll go into my car and we will talk later.”, Wat whisper to Lin.

They went to the car, and Wat drive away. “ Hey, you just want to hug me, huh?”, Lin ask Wat, Wat reply back to Lin, “ Hell No!, why would I want to hug a woman like you, and because you are an actress, I don’t want you and me to be embarrass, so I just hug you, do you have a problem?” “ Yes! I do, you hug me without permission!”, Lin said to Wat and was starring at him in a angry eyes, then Wat answered back, “ What, I also have to ask my girlfriend permission to hug her when we’ve been dating for 3 years, and that’s what she said to the reporters.”, Wat was saying that and act like he’s horny. “ Hey stop it, so disgusting!”, Lin yelled at Wat. Then he drive Lin to her house. Lin come out of the car and said to Wat, “ Bye, bye and hope that we’ll see again nest year.”, Lin said to Wat in a happy face, Wat answer Lin, “ Really are you sure, because I need to come out too.”, Lin was confused and ran up to Wat, “ What how come?”, Lin ask Wat. Then Lin parent come out and welcome Wat. “ Lin we got some good news to you.” Lin parent say to her and were happy. Lin ask her parent, “ Mom, Dad, why are you guys smiling like I’m going to go marry, and what’s the good news?”, her parent tell her and Wat to come inside. When they come inside, Lin saw Wat parent. “ Uh, Hi uncle and auntie.”, Lin said to Wat parent. “ Hello, Lin and were so glad that your parent agree with us.”, Wat mom say to Lin. “ Mom and dad, what do you guys agree with?”, Lin ask her parent. Lin mom smile and said, “ Well your dad and me I agree with Wat mom and dad that Lin, you and Wat will marry the next month and me and your dad both happy for you to go and be the Prasareate [ Wat family last name ] family a daughter-in-law.” Lin was shock and said
“ What!”

> to be continue....


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Lie Marriage Turn to Real [Episode 3]

Episode 3

“ Well, darling we already pick the place for you two wedding, and it’s at Wat family hotel, so you and Wat just need to go and pick the stuff that decorate and the invitation cards and you two clothes.”, Lin mom tell Lin and Wat. “ Mom, but, but.”, Lin going tell something to her mom, but her dad interrupted her, “ Lin, every girls in this world will always have to go marry and if it’s not today, then it’ll be tomorrow, and dad know and trust that Wat will love you forever and until the end.”, Lin dad said to Lin, then he turn around and ask Wat, “ Son Wat, I really want you to take care of my daughter and love her until the end and be with her, but right now it’s true, so I give her to you and I want you to be by her side all the time and love her, because I don’t want my daughter to be hurt and I trust you so please take care of her very good, can you promise me?” Wat answered Lin dad, “ Yes, dad, I will love and take care of Lin very good and with my life also and I’ll protect her to the end, and I’ll love her with all my love. [ While Wat said that to Lin dad, Wat was staring at Lin and Lin was like WHAT, and looking confuse]”

Days later. “ Hey, my best friend Lin, are you happy that you’ll get marry?”, Kim ask Lin on the phone, while she’s driving, then Lin answer, “ Hey, you, you think that I’ll be happy, when I got trick by you and your brother, and you just want me to marry him, huh.”, Kim reply, “ Sorry my best friend, I wasn’t thinking that everything will went like this and for real it wasn’t Wat and me idea only, its also my parent, because when they heard the news that Wat and you have been dating for 3 years, my parent was surprise and happy so they call Wat, then they just come to your house to meet with your parent and ask you to marry Wat, because you and him were dating for 3 years.” “ Oh, then I’m sorry it was all my fault and [ Lin said it in a sad face] , but [she turn mad] it wasn’t all my fault, it’s also Wat’s fault too and is he’s at his hotel?”, Lin ask Kim, Kim answer, “ He should be, OUCH!”, Lin hear that and ask Lin on the phone, “ Kim, Kim what happen are you alright, Kim, Kim!”, but Kim didn’t answer, then Lin shut down the phone.
“ Hey, [Kim head was hurt, because a car hit her car at the back and it made her go bump her head on the driving wheel, then she come out to yell at the person in the car that hit her car.] do you even know how to drive, you make me hit my head on the driving wheel, and It hurt so bad, so come out and lets talk!”, Kim went to the car that hit her car and no one come out. Kim went nearer and see, “ Ah!, what happen to him, is he dead, or what!, he’s the one that come and hit my car and he should not be dead! [Kim said that and she was scared, then she call the ambulance.]”


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i wonder who the guy is at the because Lin said that they dated for 3 years, his parents wanted them to marry.


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Lie Marriage Turn to Real [Episode 4]

Episode 4

After Kim call the ambulance she fainted so they also took her to the hospital too. While Lin was going to Wat’s hotel, a nurse call Lin and she answer it and the nurse tell Lin that a lady name Kim Prasareate got into a car accident and she fainted, so now she’s at the hospital, when Lin hear that she rush to the hospital and ask the nurse that which room is Kim in and she tell her that she’s in the emergency room. Lin was thinking to herself, that Kim is that pain that’s why she’s in the hospital and the nurse just call Lin that Kim fainted only and how come she’s that pain to be in the emergency room. Then Lin go into the emergency room and saw the bed that Kim sleep and Lin see Kin name on it and she saw a towel over the person that was sleeping on the bed and she thinks that it is Kim and she start crying and she call Wat and he answer, “ What, happen, and if it’s not important, then call me later.”, Lin was crying then she said, “ Um, Wat, um, um, Kim um, um, come see her at the hospital, um she um, she um.”, Then Wat was shocked and ask Lin what happen, but she was crying too much that she faint, so the nurse come help her and Wat hear people voice on the phone said that “ What happen to you, are you okay, wake up!”, Wat rush out from the meeting and went to his car and drive to the hospital.

“ Um, I want to see Kim Prasareate, is she here?”, Wat ask the nurse in the office and she reply, “ Yes, she’s here and she’s in the emergency room.” Then Wat went into the emergency room and saw Kim was sleeping on the bed and then Wat ask Kim is she alright and she said she’s okay now and she wanted to go home. Then Wat ask her,
“ Isn’t Lin come here already and where is she, because in the phone she was crying and then I call her name, but no one answered and I just heard people voices in the phone yelling that what happen and tell someone to wake up , so I don’t know if is it Lin.” Kim answer Wat, “ But I didn’t see Lin at all, they said they call the number that was the last one that I call, before I have the car accident, and she tell the nurse that she’ll come, but never see her.”, then Wat get worried and someone call Wat cell phone, Wat answer,
“ Hello, who’s this?”, then a women voice answer, “ Are you a relative of the lady girl name Lin Wattanamontree, she’s in the hospital right now and she fainted for some reason I don’t know, so can you please come see her, oh yeah and now she wake up and just cry, so can you please come see her to make her won’t cry?”, then Wat tell the women in the phone that he’ll come, then he tell Kim and they both went to see Lin and Lin bed was like 3 bed away form Kim’s bed. Wat went over to Lin and ask her what happen, then she tell him that Kim die then she turn to Wat and hug him, then she saw Kim and she ask Kim, “ Who are you?”, then Kim answered “ Lin, I’m Kim, I didn’t die yet and you worried so much that you cried and fainted, I’m so happy to have a best friend like you, ohhhhh.”, Kim went to hug Lin and her brother let Kim hug Lin. Then Kim tell Lin everything and Lin was saying to herself, “ I’m so stupid.”, then Wat answer,
“ You are stupid.”, then Lin gets mad and yell back, “ Hey, you I can only call myself stupid, not you calling me stupid, okay!?”, then Wat answer Lin, “ Okay, Okay, lets go home.”

“ Um, big brother, I need to go see the man that he hit my car.”, Kim said to Lin and Wat, then they all went to see that guy. The guy turn around and Lin see him and she was shocked and run to him and said, “ OMG!, Aom are you okay?”, then Wat and his sister look at each other in looking confuse. “ Who’s that guy, you know him?”, Wat ask Lin, Lin answer “ Yes, he’s uhhh, my auntie son and I think he just come from America today, but he told me that he wanted to surprised us , when he come back, but it turn out.”, Wat interrupt, “ Yes, very surprised a lot.”

> to be continue....


Fanfic story @ Sherlyi


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Lie Marriage Turn to Real [Episode 5]

Episode 5

Aom was hurt and Kim also like him too, but Lin mostly is the only one that take care of Aom, so Kim don’t want to interrupt them too.

It was the month that Lin and Wat marry, so their parent prepared everything, but Lin don’t even want to marry Wat. So that day, Wat take Lin to the wedding dress shop and go try on their wedding clothes, but Lin refused and that time reporters were there too, so Wat tell Lin, “Lin, my lover, you and me have to go in the shop and to try on are clothes, or do you want to be a bad idol for your fans?”, then Lin answer, “ Huh, okay, but no touchy, no kissing, no-”, Wat interrupted her and said, “ Okay, no doing everything, you clear and happy?”, Lin reply, “ Happy.” and smiled at Wat and Wat was mad and frustrated.

“ Here is the bride clothes, and here is the groom’s clothes that your parent have prepare for you two,”, the lady employee in the store said while handing out Wat and Lin’s wedding clothes, “ please go try one, and see if you like it.” After Wat finish dressing in his wedding clothes, he came out from the dressing room, and waited there for a while, then Lin came out from the dressing room in her wedding dress, Wat see her and was surprise, “ [Wat smile] You, you, um Lin, you look very, very pretty and so beautiful, that I can’t say anything than pretty, or beautiful.” Wat said. Then reporters rush into the store, and take pictures of Wat and Lin a lot, and ask questions about their weddings. One reporter ask, “ Lin, is the manager in your industry know that you’ll be marry?” Lin answer, “ Yes, I already tell them before [Lin look at Wat and smile at him and he smile back] Wat propose to me.” The other reporter ask, “ So, Wat have you met Lin’s parent yet?”, Wat answer, “ I have and they do agree with are marriage, and they did meet my parent too.”, Lin look at Wat. “ So are you two planning to go anywhere after your wedding?”, a reporter ask, Lin answer, “ Not sure about that, because I still have 3 lakorns for me to finish first, but for now I’ll say sure, me and Wat are going to go on a honeymoon after I finish my lakorns.” Lin smile.

Hours later.

“ Huh, your going to marry for real, and your just only 21! And what will we do?”, the manager of the industry ask Lin. “ Well, I already give out new, so you want me to said to the reporters that, oh I’m not going to marry, because the industry manager won’t let me marry.”, Lin reply, “ And come on , were friends, and please agree with my marriage, because you know, even though I marry, I still could do lakorns and I’ll let you be in the VIP [very important] tables of my wedding.” “Okay, and I don’t want your wedding to be ruin too, and one thing I need to tell you, your husband is very, very handsome and good looking, so wish you good luck on your wedding and marry life.” the industry manager said and smile at Lin. A day later, news reporter went to the industry manager and ask questions about Lin’s wedding.

The day of the wedding.
“ Hello, welcome, please come sit here.”, Lin and Wat welcome the guest and parents of their wedding. Then Aom come into their wedding and Lin was smiling at him, and Wat gets mad at Aom. While all the guest and family relatives come, they start the wedding. After the hand the ring to each other, they cut them cake. Lin was handing out a piece of cake to Aom, and Aom accidentally drop it, and Lin and Aom both go down to pick it up, then they hut each others head, “Ouch.” said both of them. Aom said, “ You crown kind of hit my head, but it’s okay.” he smile at Lin, “ I’m sorry.” Lin reply, then Aom ask her, “ Can I fix your crown, because its kind of cricket.”, then Lin let him fix her crown. Wat smile to a guest in their wedding, and he saw Aom was fixing Lin’s crown.

> to be continue.....




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Lie Marriage Turn to Real [Episode 6]

Episode 6

Wat walk over to where Lin and Aom is at. “ Aom, I think that it’s not proper for you to fix my wife crown and it should be me then one that fix.” Wat said to Aom, and walk to Lin side. “ You need to stop doing this, because I’m also famous on business too, and there’s a lot reporters here too, you understand.” Wat whisper to Lin’s ear and put his hand to her waist. “ Can you stop holding me, and I understand you.” Lin whisper to Wat, then a reporter come over to Wat and Lin, “ Can I take a picture of you and Lin?”, the reporter ask Wat. “ Yes, sure.” Wat answer. Then Aom turn his back and walk to go get a piece of cake. Wat and Lin were hugging each other while the reporter are taking their pictures.

The night of their wedding. “ Wat, I want you to love my daughter forever and take good care of her for the rest of your life.” Lin mom said to Wat, and “ Lin you will have to take good care of your husband and take good care of him, for the rest of your life too, and love him.” After their parent finish talking to them, their parent went out and leave Wat and Lin in Wat’s bedroom. “ Huh, finally we got to be together alone.” Wat said and smile at Lin. Lin reply, “ Why do you said that, and smile at me?” Then Wat answer,
“ Because [taking off his shirt] I’m tire, so I could wake up early tomorrow to go to work.”, “ What are you trying to do to me too, huh, and taking off your shirt like that in front of me!” Lin yell at Wat. Wat comes closer to Lin, “ Because I want you and me to have babies really fast.” Wat tell Lin and smile at her. “ Do not come close to me!”, Lin reply, Wat ask, “ Why?” in a conceited voice. “ Because, because, [Lin start to be nice] I’m so tire and, and you are tire too.” Lin said in a scary-cat voice and smile at Wat.
“ You’re that scare, I was just kidding, and I’m tire, but do you really want me to do it?” Wat ask Lin and blow a kiss to her. “Ewh!, no way, go and take a bath, before I go right now!” Lin yell at Wat and stick out her tongue at him.

Next day morning. Lin turn around, “ Huh, I’m so tire.” Lin said and yawning, but still sleeping, then she saw something smile at her. Lin open her eye and yell, “ Ahhhhhh! Who are you and why are you sleeping on my bed?!” Wat answer, “ Shush, [he put his hand cover Lin’s mouth] this isn’t even your bed at all, and it’s me don’t you remember your husband, Wat.” Lin pull Wat’s hand from her mouth and stand up to sit on the bed then she said, “ You meant my fake husband, and at first I thought it isn’t suppose to happen like this, but I’m still confuse, why are you willing to marry me, though.” Wat look at her and smile away, then turn back at her and go near Lin’s face and said,
“ Because, you ask for my help, remember, my lady wife.” he smile at her again. Lin was staring at Wat, then he push her head away, “ What happen to you, you like me, huh.” Wat said. Then he jump off the bed and went out to the eating room down stair.

Lin was brushing her teeth in the bathroom. Lin think to herself, “ Huh, I need his help, or did he need my help, I think he’s the one who need my help?” then she remember and yell at herself in the mirror, “ OMG! Lin!, you wake up late, right now you suppose to go film your lakorn already!”

Lin came down stair and eat for a second and said, “ Um, mom and dad, I need to go film a lakorn right now, so please excuse me.” Wat mom answer, “ Sure, but just be careful when you drive, okay.” Lin reply, “Okay.” Then Wat turn to his parent and said, “ I need to go now too, because today Mr. Gopher is coming to are company for some business, so please excuse me.” Wat dad, answer, “ Sure, and go hurry.” then Wat run to outside. Then Wat mom ask Kim, “ Are you also in a hurry too?” Kim answer, “Mom, no, but at 9:00 a.m. I need to got to an appointment.” Kim dad answer Kim, “ It is 9:00 a.m right now, darling.” Kim was surprise and said, “ I need to go right now too, please excuse me mom and dad.” then she went to kiss her parent and rush to her car. “ Huh, these child.” Kim mom said.

> to be continue.........




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lol, i always wanted to write a ken and pancake story but never got any good storyline for it...keep it up shelly


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Lie Marriage Turn to Real [Episode 7]

Episode 7

“Lin, you’re late today, and I know why, because you and your husband were having the thing, thing, huh.” the director said to Lin. Lin answer, “ Hey, are you a director, or a wanna be fortune teller, me and my husband have nothing.” “ Oh, okay, then let’s start filming your part.” the director say. Lin ask the director, “ So what scene that I have to act now?”, then the director answer, “ A love scene, and you are great with love scene that’s why, I choose this pra’ek for you?” Lin ask the director, “ So who’s the pra’ek, because the two days that is before my wedding, I went to take pictures with 3 pra’ek, so I don’t know which one is the one in this one.” Then the director reply, “ Oh, really, okay, then I’ll give you a guess since me and you are also close friend too, oih!” Lin was shock,
“ What happen, his name is Oih, but there’s no actor that is call Oih, or is he a new actor?” Lin ask. “ I say oih, because I need you to come closer, and your pra’ek is Art Pasut Banyam, and you once told me that you want an opportunity to work with him, so I chose him for you and there is also a new nang’ rai name Alinee, and she also pretty too, you know, so you and her will work together, with Art.” the director Moo [ the director that Lin is a close friend of her] . “ Ooh, then thank you.” Lin said.

“ Scene 3, action!” director Moo said.

Acting scene of Lin and Art.

Character lakorn name:
Art name - Tula
Lin name - Lanaree
Alinee name - Ming

At the beach. In the hotel.

“ Lanaree!, You also like to come to this place too?” Tula ask. “ Yes, I do, how about you?” Lanaree ask him back and smile, “ Yes, I do, I like it so much-” Tula said, then Ming come interrupt, “ Tula, why do you come speak with a low class person like this?” Ming said. Then she push Lanaree a step away, then she pull Tula to go to the elevator.

“ Cut!” director Moo said, “ Good acting too!”

Lin walk ahead from Art and Alinee, then Art run to Lin and ask her, “ Can I get your number?” Lin answer, “ Sure, it’s, can you give me your cell phone, then I’ll give you my number.” Art give his phone to Lin and Lin save her number to Art’s phone. “ Here. “ Lin said. Art smile to Lin then said, “ Thanks.” Lin smile to him and said, “ It’s okay.”

“ Hello, oh, Wat, have you miss me?” Alinee said on the phone, then Lin hear it, and said to herself, “ Is that Wat, or there’s another Wat too, but who cares, if it’s Wat, he’s not even my real husband.” Then Wat answer on the phone, “ Alinee, I do miss you, but I already have a , I meant that today I’ll come pick you up after you finish acting, so where are you acting at?” Alinee answer, “ At Sea Fall Beach [I just make it up], and it’s very pretty, so remember come pick me up at 2 okay.” Wat reply, “ Okay, bye, I love you.” Alinee answer back, “ I love you too, bye.” then she kiss her phone. Lin ask Alinee,
“ Um, Alinee is that your boyfriend?” Alinee smile and answer back, “ Yes, I went abroad to study, so I just came back, and me and him never met after I came back, because I was busy so I never call him at all.” Lin reply, “ Oh.” Alinee ask Lin, “ I heard from the dresser that you’re marry yesterday?” Then Lin answer, “ Yes, I just marry.” Alinee reply, “ Oh, wow, you’re just 21 and you already marry, I think that your husband is a really good person and he love you very much that’s why you marry him.” Lin reply,
“ Well, I think so.” Alinee was confuse and ask Lin, “ Why?” Then director Moo tell Alinee and Lin to go act right now.

Scene 5.

“ Uh, Tula, I think you need to go back, because Ming might get mad.” Lanaree said.
“ Lanaree, why do you always say that Ming will get mad, and when I’m with you, can you stop talking about her?” Tula ask Lanaree. “ Because, Ming family is also a close relative of mine too, and I don’t want to upset her, so please go back.” Lanaree reply back to Tula, then Tula answer, “ No, I won’t.” then Tula hug Lanaree. Boom, Ming see them, then she walk to them and pull Tula, and she look straight to Lanaree and said, “ Why, do you do this to me, you said that you’ll never betray me and now you mke Tula come hug you!” Ming slap Lanaree. “ Ming, why do you do this to Lanaree?!” Tula shout at Ming.
Ming answer, “ Because she make you go hug her, and you and me is going to marry soon!” Lanaree reply back to them, “ Yes, Tula, you and Ming are going to marry soon and I don’t want to be the third person of your love, so don’t talk and see me again!” Lanaree walk away.

“ Cut!, good job!” director Moo said.

“And it’s 2, so you all can go have lunch, or break and at 3 we’ll meet each other again, because I need to go talk with the manager of the company that we’ll use that as Art’s company.” director Moo said to all of them.

Alinee hurry and go dress in her clothes that, when she come and she dress in. Lin hurry and go dress back into her clothes too. Art also too.

Alinee walk to where they park the actors car. Lin follow Alinee, because Lin car was over there too, but Alinee don’t know that Lin is going to the same place as her. Alinee walk to a car that Lin think that it look like Wat’s car. Lin think to herself, “ Isn’t that Wat’s car?” then the guy in the car came out and it was Wat. Lin said to herself, “ Wat, is Alinee boyfriend?” with shock.




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Lie Marriage Turn to Real [Episode 8]

Lie Marriage Turn to Real Main Poster


Ken T. as Wat
Pancake K. as Lin
Ploy C. as Alinee
Aom A. as Aom
Art P. as Art
Peak P. as Kim

Episode 8

“ Huh, that mean, Wat cheated behind my back before we were marry.” Lin was shock and she didn’t understand why do Wat is going to do that to her. Then Wat hold Alinee hand and she went to sit in Wat’s car, then they drove off. A hand touch Lin’s should, then she was shock again. Lin turn around and it was Art, then she feel a little relief.
“ Uh, Lin, I want to ask you, that, do you want to go eat out with me right now?” Art ask Lin, then Lin answer, “ Um, I don’t think so, because I’m already marry and if I go out to eat with you, it’ll be not good at all.” Then Art reply, “ But I really want you to go eat with me, and that restaurant is my best friend restaurant, so I’ll tell him, to let us have the table that is kind of private at the back, so that people won’t see us, so can you go with me?” Lin don’t know what to say and do, so she just say, “ Uh, sure, yes.” Lin smile to Wat. Lin went into Art’s car.

Twenty minutes later, Art and Lin reach to Art’s best friend restaurant. Lin and Art enter the back door of the restaurant, and by the side Lin saw Wat and Alinee eat together. Line said to herself in her mind, “ Even though Wat cheated behind my back, it’s okay, because we’re not really a real marriage couple, and he don’t like, I don’t love him.”
“ Uh, Lin, please sit right here.” Art said, and welcoming Lin by pulling the chair back and let her sit. “ So what kind of food would you like to order, Lin?” Art ask Lin, then Lin answer, “ Humh, I would like to order the sea vegetable love roll and just a strawberry juice.” Art said to the employee, “ I would like a sea fried rice with meat and a orange juice, and also a strawberry juice, and a seas something like what Lin said.” Then the employee went back with the food order.

“ Lin, so you like to eat the sea vegetable love roll?” Art ask Lin. Lin answer, “ Well, yes, and it seems delicious too, but the name is really weird and cute.” Lin smile to Art. Then Art reply back to her, “ Oh, it’s call like that because, that’s the first name that my best friend wife come out with and she’s the one that cook it at first, but now a lot of workers here know how to cook it, so she don’t really come here to cook it.” “ Oh.” Lin said.
Lin and Arts table was near the restroom, but there’s a wall between them and the restroom.

“ Alinee, I need to go use the restroom, so you wait here for me, okay.” Wat said.
“ Okay, Wat.” Alinee reply back. Wat walk to the restroom, and Wat see Lin and he was shock, so he went straight to Lin and Art. Art look up, and Lin was smiling at Art. “ Who, are you, and what do you want?” Art ask Wat. Then Lin turn her head up and it was Wat, then she smile to Wat. “ Lin, you and me need to talk.” Wat tell Lin, then Lin answer,
“ Well, I’m here with someone, you see, so let’s talk later.” Lin reply back. “ Okay, I’ll let you free for now, and later we’ll go talk at home.” Wat said to Lin, then went back to Alinee. “ Alinee let’s go back, since right now is 2: 35, so let’s go before you were late for your work.” Wat said to Alinee, then he put the money on the table, then he put his hand over Alinee’s back, then walk straight to his car.

“ Lin, is that your husband?” Art ask. Lin answer, “ Yes, he’s my husband, but we don’t really talk to each other that much.” “ But when I see you and your husband pictures on the news, it seems like you two love each other very much.” Art reply back. Lin reply back to Art, “ Yeh, yeh, can we go back now?” Art answer, “ Sure.”

Alinee and Wat and the other people, and plus the director was at the beach already and was waiting for the other actors to come. “Humh, where’s that Lin and Art?” director Moo ask the hair styler. For a minute then the hair styler said, “ Oh, Moo, there comes our pra’ek and nang’ek.” “ Sorry Moo, for letting you wait for so long.” Lin said to Moo, then Art said, “ Moo, we’re not trying to be late, but it’s good that we are here right?” Moo answer them, “ Yes, and it’s only 2: 59, so you two are not late at all.” then Moo laugh and tell them to go dress. There was three dressing room and Lin went to the first one, Alinee went to the second one, and Art went to the third one. Alinee phone ringing.
“ Hello.” Alinee answer her phone, Wat said, “ Alinee which dressing room are you in, because there was 3 dressing room, because the producer ask me to bring your dress to you.” Alinee think that she’s in the first one, so she tell Wat that she’s in the first one.

“ Here, is your dress.” Wat hand over the dress to Lin, but she didn’t know that it was Wat. “ Uh, I have a dress to wear on this scene too?” Lin ask the person that hand her dress to her, then Wat answer, “ Yes, that’s what the director say.” Then a lady come in, and give Lin dress to Lin, but she saw Wat was there near the first one, so she thought that Lin must be in the second one, so she give Lin’s clothes to Alinee. “ Here’s your clothes.” the lady said to the second dressing room, then Alinee answer, “ Oh, okay.”




sarNie Hatchling
Lie Marriage Turn to Real [Episode 9]

Episode 9

They all came out from the dressing room and Lin look at Alinee dress and Alinee look at Lin dress, then Art said to them, “ Oh, ho, my nang’ek and my nang ‘rai wear so pretty!”
Then Alinee walk outside to go practice the scene and Wat look at her, then he notice something is wrong. Wat said to himself, “ Didn’t I give Alinee the sexy purple one, and how come she wear the one that the other lady give to Lin, [then he just realize that he give the dress to Lin] OMG! That mean I switch their dress?!” “ Alinee, how come you wear that one?” director Moo ask Alinee, then she answer, “ Didn’t you told Wat too give me this one to wear, but I think he give it to a lady to give it to me.” Then Lin walk to director Moo and ask, “ Moo, so I really going to wear this dress, because I think in this scene I suppose to wear one like Alinee.” Moo reply back, “ Oh, ho, our nang’ek finally show off her sexiness and our nang’ rai too, and still if they switch the dress I don’t care, you two still look good in it, and Alinee dress is also short for her too, so yeah, who cares, go act right now.”

“ Action!” director Moo said.

“ Tula, why do come talk to this kind of woman?” Ming as Tula, then he answer,
“ Ming, she’s not nasty, or what, she’s also a good girl like you too.” “ Yes, I’m also a good girl too.” Lanaree said. “ Oh, ho then who are you, and do you know that you’re talking to a high class daughter?!” Ming reply back. Then Lanaree went next to Tula, and said “ Tula, uh, uh, uh-” Lin started to laugh, and said “ I forgot my line, sorry.”

Director Moo went o Lin and ask her, “ What happen to you, and every time when you act you never forgot your line?” Then Lin answer, “ Well, because it’s kind of windy and my dress is very short, so I’m cold and started to shake, so I forgot my line, sorry Moo, I’m sorry.” “ Okay, okay, then try again.” Moo said, then she went back to sit.

“Action!” Moo shouted.

Then Lanaree went next to Tula, and said “ Tula, you’re very handsome and cute, can we go out to eat tonight?” Tula answer, “ Um, sure.” he smile to Lanaree, then Ming started to get jealous, “ Hey, you, don’t ask my boyfriend to go eat out with you!” Ming said and push Lanaree back, then Lanaree pretend to fall, “ Ahhh!” Lanaree yell. “ Tula, don’t help her, I just push her a little, and she just pretend to fall down, don’t help her, or we’re over!” Ming reply to Tula. “ Ouch, my ankle, it hurt so much, ouch.” Lanaree said and look sadly at Tula. Then he went down to help her, “ Tula!, we’re over!” Ming said, then she walk away in a mad face. “ Are you okay?” Tula ask Lanaree, then she answer, “ Can you help carry me?” Tula answer, “ Sure.” Then Ming turn back and see Tula carry Lanaree, then she yell, “ Ahhh!” and she stomp her foot.

“ Cut! Good acting!” Moo said to them.

“ Oh, ho my nang’ek look so sexy in this scene.” Art comment Lin, then Lin look at Art and said, “ Hey, don’t say that, it’s kind of weird, because I’m marry.” Then Art reply back, “ Well, it’s just a comment, right, and I’m telling you the truth that you are very pretty.” “ Thanks.” Lin said and smile at Lin. Alinee rush to Wat and ask him, “ So, Wat, how do you think I act, good, or bad?” Wat answer, “ Bad.” “ Ohhh, why bad, I’m a
nang ‘rai in this lakorn, and my acting is not good at all.” “ I meant, you act bad on the scene, but very good acting too.” Wat smile at Alinee, then kiss her cheek. “ Hmmh, I really want reporters to catch this time, Lin, because your husband is being a player, but he’s so good looking, though, and aren’t you jealous?” Moo said to Lin, while the hair styler was fixing Lin’s hair. “ Moo, it’s okay, I’m fine with it, and I’m sure that Alinee don’t even know about this.” Lin reply back, then Moo reply, “ Oh, ho, so nice, let girls be all over your husband, and that mean that before you and Wat marry he already cheat behind your back! No, it can’t be like this, you have to stand up, Lin, I cheer for you.”
“ Moo, if you want me to be upset, then keep talking, if you want me too be happy, then start a new subject.” Lin said to Moo. “ Okay, okay, how about, lets get your fame back from that Malee.” Moo said to Lin, “ Moo, a different subject.” Lin reply back, then reporters start to come over to her, and ask her, “ Lin, how come your husband is over there, with Alinee?” “ Uh, well, my husband and Alinee they are best friend and they just treat each other like sister and brothers.” Lin reply back with a smile. A reporter ask Lin,
“ But how come they’re so far away from you, do they have something behind your back?” Lin answer, “ I’m sure not, because Alinee seems like a very nice and cool person, so I’m sure there’s nothing, and please don’t ask me anymore question about my husband, if you want news, then I think you should ask me, about my acting, and if you’re interest in my husband, then just please go ask him question.” Lin smile to the news reporters.
Then the reporters went to interview Art.

“ I’m sure there’s nothing.” Moo repeat Lin’s words, “ Lin, how come your so nice, and just say that there’s nothing between your husband and that Alinee, if I know that she’s your husband girlfriend, then I’ll never choose her to be in the lakorn.” Then Lin answer,
“ Moo, I don’t want to ruin my name and Alinee seems like a very nice and cool person too, so don’t judge her bad, because of my husband.” “ Okay, I’ll not, but be careful, I just worry about your life, since your so young too.” Moo said. Lin look back to Moo with a smile, then say, “ Thanks Moo.” “ It’s okay, we’re best friends and I’ll never let my best friend like you to have a bad life.”

That night.

At the door step. Lin come into the house, and Wat follow her. “ Lin, Lin, I want to talk to you.” Wat say following Lin up to the stairs into their bedroom. Boom! Lin shut the door in Wat’s face. Then Wat open the door, then lock the door, then he say, “ Lin, you should have respect for me too, I’m your husband.” Lin turn to Wat and say, “ You need respect from me!, I’m the one need you to have some respect, you go kissing another girl, and she’s also a actress too, and you kiss her in front of me and many people, and that time also have reporters too, and if they got those pictures what will I answer them tomorrow!” “ Lin I’m sorry about that, but.” Wat said and Lin interrupt him. “ So you just going to say sorry to me?!, we just marry for only one or two days and you already cheat behind my back!?, so tomorrow I’m saying to the news reporters that oh, um it’s just the my husband love Alinee like his sister so he just kiss her one the cheek, [she turn back to Wat] and you think that the news reporters is going to believe that, what, they’ll know that I’m lying, and why would I marry you the first place though!, huh.” Lin yell at Wat.
“ Lin, calm down!” Wat yell at Lin, then she look at him and say, “ You want me to calm down, when tomorrow reporters might ask me a lot of questions about my husband is cheating behind my back?!” “ Lin calm down!” Wat yell at Lin, then Wat parent and his sister heard and come up stair to listen their arguments by the door. Lin cry, “ I try to calm down myself, this afternoon when I saw you at the beach with Alinee, but right now I can’t because I already calm down for like half of a day already, and I don’t want to ruin my name as an actress, and I don’t know how to answer the news reporters tomorrow, it just so hard, Wat, you don’t understand because you’re never a star and I am, Wat.” Wat was sitting next to Lin, so he hug Lin and said, “ Lin, I’ll go with you tomorrow at work and I’ll deal everything, and will not ruin your name.”

The next day. At the beach, “ Lin, Lin, we want to know why Alinee and your husband have kissing pictures, when you say that they’re just best friends?” reporters ask Lin and follow her.