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  1. kaivanne

    kaivanne sarNie Hatchling

    hey can someone give the summary for leh ratree and tell me what happen at the end of the movie cause i didnt get to finish it!! please!! :)
  2. yajvaj

    yajvaj sarNie Adult

    well i 'll just tell u the ending since u saw it already...well at the end ann was pregnant by pepper and she went back to her family then pepper's ex-wife tricked him by having him bring her some money then she'll sign the divorce paper but she lied...ann was on her way to help pepper and her younger sister but then pepper's ex-wife brother caught them so pepper beated up almost all of the bad guy except this one other guy and his ex-wife and her brother then the old bad guy wanted to kill pepper becuase ann chooses him instead of te bad guy handed the gun to pepper's ex-wife to kill pepper but she didn't and the bad guy took the gun again and shot once and ann pushed pepper to the ground and it missed him but then it shoted ann in the arm she went to the hospital and all that she got mad at pepper and ran away to that one place where she was a teacher and pepper camed to her house waiting and waitng in the rain finally he found out by ann's parents that she not there anymore and they follwed ann there before they got married ann made pepper cross the street blind folded she did this to see if pepepr trusted ann and then they got married...the end...well hopefully this help you...this lakorn is really good! i love it!
  3. kaivanne

    kaivanne sarNie Hatchling

    omg thanks i thought he went into an coma or something when ann got her baby thanks well im relieved lol yeah its a really good movie and pepper is so gorgous man he is just beautiful and ann too they would make a really cute couple in real life! lol thanks one again! :D
  4. yajvaj

    yajvaj sarNie Adult

    ok well yeas i did hear that he went into a coma too when ann had her bay but im not sure if thats a different version or it's just rumors but this ending is the ending i saw... no problem anythime! :)
  5. dreams_x

    dreams_x sarNie Oldmaid

    ann had her baby? and pepper went into coma? where did u guys get this from?
  6. Grudgeprincess

    Grudgeprincess JLR FEVER

    haha a long while ago i heard that ann had a baby boy or something but the lakorn ends after they get married! haha but yea well idk hah
  7. dorky_vang

    dorky_vang sarNie Adult

  8. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Lol Leh Ratree ends when they get married; they didn't know what the baby was yet cause she was only 2 months pregnant when the lakorn ended! Pepper doesn't go into coma; where is all this coming from? haha
  9. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    its one of the sweetest lakorn ever...especially of exact...
  10. thasaranaki

    thasaranaki sarNie Egg

    Lol, where all the coma came from?
    This movies was one of the best ever!
    love Ann and Pepper so much,
    hope they can do another movies together.
  11. alicetaylor

    alicetaylor sarNie Egg

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