Latest Rating From StarAlbum


sarNie Egg
oil and kwan lakorn is the best one on air at the moment the rest pail in comparision and i dont even like oil.


One Of Kob Big Fan
Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang first week got 9 and second week got 12 so after that I don’t know yet.


sarNie Adult
So.. what's the highest rating a lakor can get???
Before, it used to be 20-30 were the highest, but lakorns nowaday can't even reach that high. I believe now 12-16 are consider high in ratings.


well mai said.. according to the latest staralbum issue the rating is the following

Sun Ya Kean Sand Ruk (Aom & Por) 9
Sao Noy Roy Rhan (Au & Pinky) 16
King Goo Rah Kah Goo Raeng ( Oil & Kwan) 14
Sai Ruk Salawin (Woot & Yui ) 17
Puern Ruk Peurn Rai (Tawin, Araya, Note, Amy) 9 (first week on air)

Ammaratalay (Paul, Yard Ploy) 9
Sadut Ruk (Andrew & Bua) 4
Ying Glied Tur Ying Jur Ruk (? & Noon) 5
Narok Tua Soot Tai (Pongpat, Rawit +) 7
Tee Ta Kul Song (Aum & Bua) 3 (first week on air)


sarNie Elites
It's the lastest Star's album issue 465. The results are the ratings for the second week of September ending September 11. So basically King Kor Rah..first episode .ratings started at 9, then second week got 12, then third week 16 the lastest ratings arent available as of yet.

rating 16, not 14


sarNie Adult
I have one question to ask you guy’s opinion.

What do you guys think how many lakorn of channel 7 got over 10 rating up for per year?

Every year I feel like each round of channel 7 lakorns are always got the high rating or over 10 but channel 3 lakorns have the lower rating. But I don’t understand why the end of the year channel 3 still has some lakorn in top 10. As I see for a year and every round of channel 3 lakorn only got 7-8 this is the higher rating for channel 3 lakorns and the lower rating is stay at 4 or 5. I still a little confuse this point. Why? I ask this because it seems like channel 7 now have more than 10 lakorns are the higher rating or the rating over 10.

Anyway, I still wait the end of the year to see the rating.


sarNie Elites
There are some lakorns from channel 3 that have high ratings too, some over 10. Last year was a strong year for Channel 3. The previous year, 2004, was strongly lead by Channel 7.


sarNie Egg
I AGREE to the ratings..although i haven't seen the one with AU & PINKY...KHING KOH RAH KHA KOH RANG IS the BESTEST!





One Of Kob Big Fan
Oh! Yeah I still remember last year “Ruk Kong Nai Dok Mai” and “Song Rao Nirundon” are got 7-8. And I was still remember that “Fah Gra Jang Dao” and "Look Mai Lak Si” are got over 10.

But when the finally rating of the year was out “Song Rao Nirundon” got #5 and “Ruk Kong Nai Dok Mai” got #6 but “Look Mai Lak Si” got 7 and “Fah Gra Jang Dao” got #9. Hehehe! I am little confusing the rating too.

“Look Mai Lak Si” and “Fah Gra Jang Dao” should be "Ruk Kong Nai Dok Mai” and “Song Rao Nirundon” place.

Oh! I just remember another one too.

I know that "Rachinee Morlum” got 15-16. As for "Angkor 2" the rating was 22. But the finally rating of the year “Angkor 2” was fourth place “Rachinee Morlum” was third place.