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Discussion in 'Khmer' started by Linn, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    Samee Tee Tra = Swamei Boas Tra

    Thanakorn as Pisoot
    Ann as Guan or Karat
    Jeb as Seywa
    Tanya as Pern
    Angie as Goai

    Ann plays a women who seems to have bad luck with marriage and some even believe that she is jinxed. She has been married two times before and her third marriage is falling apart. She has a best friend named Pern (Tanya). Her third husband dies from a car crash and Ann finds out that he has cheated on her on non other than her close friend Tanya and Tanya is pregnant with his child. Thus marking the end of their friendship.

    Read the rest of the sum: Lakorn Admirer

    Ep. 1
    Ep. 2
    Ep. 3
    Ep. 4
    Ep. 5
    Ep. 6
    Ep. 7 by: Pecco
    Ep. 8 by: Pecco
    Ep. 9 by: Pecco
    Ep. 10
    Ep. 11
    Ep. 12
    Ep. 13
    Ep. 14
    Ep. 15
    Ep. 16
    Ep. 17
    Ep. 18 by: Pecco
    Ep. 19 by: SnowFlakes
    Ep. 20
    Ep. 21
    Ep. 22
    Ep. 23
    Ep. 24
    Ep. 24
    Ep. 25
    Ep. 26

    Credit to Annthongprasom (aka Valy) and me for reuploading..
  2. Hiatus

    Hiatus Super Momo

    coooll i like that lakorn Ann was some psycho chick at times lol. it was coolll the cat fights. aww Angie T_T"
  3. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    I know...I like it too...mostly I fast forward Tanya part...hehe...but...it's weird thu as Ann being the n'ek who suppose to stay quiet n all stood up n fight for herself...but I guess I kinda like her for that..
  4. gs

    gs Sexy Back

    ohh cool i havevn't watch this lak yet is it good
  5. Sawina

    Sawina sarNie Hatchling

    oo kool thanks
  6. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    Some parts I like...other parts I don't like I just fast forward it...hehe...I'd cont. to watch it anyway even I know what's going to happen...so..
  7. gs

    gs Sexy Back

    ur like me that how i watch my lak too and my sis hate it
  8. rav

    rav sarNie Egg

    Does anyone have episode 10 of samee tee tra in khmer? if so, can you please upload it? i tried to dl this episode but the file doesn't exist according to my5minutes. Thanks in advance!!!!
  9. Amy

    Amy Sarnie Royalty

    Linn will u continue lakorn? It not finish yet.
  10. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    I got this lakorn from anthongprasom @ spicy forum...so I just reupload it..so if u want to ep 10 or the rest of eps...u should go ask her directly...cuz I already asked her to reup ep 10...

    spicy --> ann section
  11. pheng

    pheng sarNie Egg

    can you give m the website
  12. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

  13. bopha

    bopha sarNie Elites

    Lin could u pleaz upload eps17 & 18 &19 coz the link had already expired ... thank u
  14. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    I'll get to work on it hopefully tom...plz be patient w/ me as I have school n work..
  15. bopha

    bopha sarNie Elites

    thank u Linn
  16. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    u're welcome bopha, ep. 20-22 are up
  17. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer

    23-24 & other missing eps
  18. whiterose81

    whiterose81 sarNie Elites

    I love this lakorn............
  19. bopha

    bopha sarNie Elites

    me too i luv this lakorn :p Au T. is cute in it and he makes a really cute couple with Ann :D
  20. Linn

    Linn SarNworld Wonderer


    like this lakorn too...need to watch n catch

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