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sarNie Hatchling
It's nice you posted the magazine scans since i haven't seen most of them. Rome and Rita's such a perfect couple, very, very cute together. Thanks a lot for sharing the HD scans, YoUa!


omg heart-attack..... he's so handsome in that alone pic's....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm going mad for him now.....hahahahha thanks Youa for sharing the pic's with us...... :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Youa, thank for sharing the magazine, one day I might have heart attact or faint during class. hehe


sarNie Juvenile
OMG :drool: :eek: ROME is just so freakin hot!!! he's hot in every photo and Rita is just breath taking. thank you so much for sharing Youa :lol:


sarNie Adult
they make the cutest couple ever...I love dah pics of Rome/Rita together especially when he's grabbing Rita on her waist...very cute


sarNie Egg
OH EM GEE!! rome is so friggin' hot, i love him!!!
Rome + Rita = one hot couple :wub:

kaab nis

sarNie Hatchling
i have a question. is the pictures with Rome, Rita, and Joy a movie too? or are they just taking pictures together? cuz it looks like a movie where rita is the ne'k and Joy is the ne'rai.

oh yea i think that rita is hella beautiful. she doesn't even need make up n she still looks pretty. now rome is hella hot and i think joy is very pretty too.

kaab nis

sarNie Hatchling
ok dumb as me jus saw the cover after i posted up there. lol ok now can somebody give me a summary of the movie with Rome, Rita, and Joy and why they are dress like that? thanks.