kwan usamanee


sarNie Juvenile
i must say PRRA because she looks best with Win and she wasn't too strong nor was she weak. The story like was also better though I do love her in KKKR


sarNie Egg
wow very hard. Kwan is one of my favorite actress and both these lakorn are two of my favorite. Kwan did great in both lakorn. though i like the story line of KGRKGR better, i like the pairing of Kwan and Win.


sarNie Egg
:thumbsup: kwan is so good personality i am P'Kwan fc in Thai. she is very love family. if you listened bout news media that a bad story of Kwan ,i can confirm for you that she not like that.I ever seen the real her,she is arrogant and very friendly.i luv her so much.i luv P'Kwan.


Mrs James Ma