Kwan and Pancake are getting along now

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sarNie Coma
I'm so confused, its either all an act or their messing with our heads. Well 2 years have passed, i guess they might have matured and moved on. But i'm still really really really confused. Or maybe it was all just a misunderstanding the media portrayed to trick us. You never know, there might have never been in a feud and everything was just us assuming things.


sarNie Egg
oh yeh, pancake and kwan was been friends but due to reporters making up that they feud then they trying to keep the distance from each other and make the rumors die down, and yes they accomplish it, and when kwan dad pass away, pancake go comfort kwan and the funeral...and they're still good friends..


sarNie Egg
Oh... Its interesting that pan try's to be friend with P'Kwan... Oh well if the media or there self say that they have no problems together but I think Pan still jealous of P'Kwan... hehe cuz she talks less during the interview..

And plus pan had lost Weir so there is nothing to be scary or lose that's why she try's to be friend with P'Kwan... Pan wants to be friend cuz there is no Weir Awww.. that is sad....

P'Kwan rocks keep up with the good work... I'm still looking forward to see your new movies.. I just wanted to say congratulation :graduate: for getting your BA or BS... pan needs to catch up.

sorry to pan fans its just me that I'm not supporting her{pan} even she try's to be friend with my P'Kwan. I know P'Kwan doesn't have issue with anyone and has her own beauty.

pan is good on her own way but to me P'Kwan is the main media girl.... go P'Kwan.... :bravo:

Also Happy late Birthday! :bdaycake:


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I think it's nice to see them together. Dont know if they were feuding or not before, but it's nice to see that they are out at events and working together. They both are really pretty. I know that people like to state out their opinions and I do too, but I think it's time we get over the 'Kwan is better than Pancake or Pancake is better than Kwan' issue.


sarNie Oldmaid
pancake is an opportunistic people: now she's out with weir and she lost his fans, she needs to find more fans so she makes "good friend" with kwan. there's this video or an article, i don't remember well when reporters ask them about their feuding and kwan replied if she made anything bad, she apologizes pancake and you know what pancake did? she turned her back! yes she turned her back when kwan said sorry to her.

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Heres the vid but Kwan wasn't saying sorry. Kwan was just putting her hands together to say bye to Pancake and Pan ignored it.


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Last time I heard, they couldn't stand each other. Entering events at separate time even thought they arrive at the same time to avoid each other. Didn't want to stand next to each other for pictures. I remember even their mothers got involved calling the other a liar. I guess Kwan and Pan's egos are too big to be in the same room...maybe even under the same channel. They are after all two very big nang'eks for Ch. 7. This CAN be for publicity or not. Maybe Ch. 7 wants their nang'eks to act bettter. Ch.7 Nang eks are soo dramatic Kwan, Pancake and Aump P. are always making bad news. Don't even mention Pinky... *shake heads*

The i dunno what they were talking about, but isn't she suppose to say bye to the press AND her co-workers...isn't that how "the thai industry" is or SUPPOSE to be, none the less if she did get along w/ them she would have said bye...LoL Win's face was like Ekk! She's leaving, disrespectful, but I'll keep a striaght face and my smile LoL


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if im still a bit suspicious because the feuding has been on for a long time and then boom they're friends? if they were cool with eachother, kwan would've been able to work with weir these past years.. but iono.. i'll be happy if they're cool with each other..