Kularb see dum



i saw the first 2 episodes so far that is what is out...here is my summary...btw.. this lakorn is directed or producers by tunya(isn't that off pongpat's wife?)..

starts out with mew performing on stage in america... she is supposedly well liked by the audience... than her voice comes on as the narrator... she explains that she does this(the show) for only enjoyment and not for the money... she walks to her car and her car is being stolen... if i'm not mistaken.. the guy who stole her car looks alot like tawan (from paul's movie x-tern)...lol... she yells to him ... and he quickly takes off with her car... than she just stands there for a minute.. and her voice comes back on as the narrator... she said it was okay.. if her car is stolen.. she can just tell her mom ... and her mom will send her the money to buy a new car... next.. she is in a bar... drinking...

next... we see her in a new red convertible... she said.. that her life was careless.. nothing much.. if she had free time.. she goes excercising... running on the beach and staying at the very expensive beach house that her mom brought for her... she gets a call when she gets home one night.. it is her uncle.. he told her to come back to thailand... she asked why? and told him to let the mom call her... if she wanted her to come home. so the mom calls her...

she is sitting in the dark...she narrates that 'mom wants me home... i will have to go home..when mom wanted me to come here i came... i have to follow her orders..' remembering when she was only 8 years old... she is at the airport and crying.. her mom is sending her to america to live with her uncle... she is saying she doesn't want to go.. but the mom tells her that she has to go... and her mom wants to build a good life for them.. it comes back to the present.. and she is thinking.. that 8 years old is such a young age...

next at the thailand airport.. she is greeted by her uncle.. she asked where her mom was... she seems to think her mom doesn't really care for her.. they arrive at the house.. and at the house there are two guys who gives the maid an envelope.. the maid goes to give lalita's mom the envelope... and she thinks back to the conversation she had with her business partner... whom also had a personal relationship with lalita's mom... he is forcing her to sign over the other half of the stock of the company.. the mom asked for sometime cuz her daughter was coming home from america... but he didn't give her time.. he said he needed this before the interview date... the mom sits in the home office and is thinking hard... lalita and her uncle come into the house... than hears a gun shot! lalita runs to her mom's office and sees the mom face down and a gun.. she was gonna run to her mom... but the uncle stopped her.. and took her to another room.. lalita is shocked. the uncle comes back and gives lalita the forms that were lying on the desk..stained with her mom's blood.. and the uncle said that the other guy was trying to force her mom to sign over the other half of the company.. the uncle leaves the room again to call the cops... lalita looks at the paper and thinks back to when she was little... she remembered her mom's boyfriend... songe-tom.. she runs to the car and tells the driver to drive her to songe-tom's house... at his house the interview is taking place... lalita runs into the house calling his name.. the guards take her to a waiting room and meets with songe-tom.. she is angry and starts to yell at him... songe-tom asked who she was... and she told him that her mom died because of him... he gets up and tries to harass her.. she fights and when they lean on the desk.. the draw opens and a gun is in there... they both reach for it... a gun shot goes off and everyone runs into the house... still songe-tom and lalita fights for the gun... they accidently shot one of the guards... and he dies(that was what they say later)... and she is taken off by the cops... and the reporters get a few shots of her face...

she is put in jail... songe-tom seems to have a lot of people that works for him.. songe-tom tells his son that he can take care of this... lalita is sitting in her jail cell when the cop came to get her for questioning... she asked to call a lawyer.. but they wouldn't let her... she starts to yell. but is put back in the jail cell... her uncle came to visit... and said the cops wouldn't let them bail her out.. since it was a popular case... so he told her that he will try to help her... she is put back in the cell... next the cop comes to get her again. and said a relative was here to visit. she goes to see the visitor and sees chakrit... he introduces himself as a volunteer lawyer. one that is appointed to her through the government.. at first she is hesistant to talk to him.. he asked her to think about it and he will come back...

jensuda is in the kitchen cooking ka-nome jeen nom-ya(my favorite!) and her brother kun comes into help her... chakrit pops into the room and asked what was cooking... it smelled good... kun and chakrit went through law school together and are best friends... you can tell that jensuda likes chakrit. chakrit obviously sees her as a sister. chakrit shows kun the information on lalita's case... kun said he was not interested in this kinda case..

the uncle is threatened by songe-tom's people to not get into this situation or else... and a bullet is put on the car. the uncle seems scared.

chakrit goes to see lalita agian... he tells her that he has been going over her case and that her chances are good... and the court they are going to doesn't like songe-tom... so they have a good chance... he asked lalita to sign a form appointing him as her lawyer... she said she couldn't read thai so well.. he said if you believe me and trust me as a lawyer... he will read it to her... and asked her to sign it.. she thinks about it for sometime.. than sign the form....

he comes back again to see her... he talks very proper and nice to her.. and asked her to tell him the story of what happened... she does.. and he again assures her that they will do fine in court... and asked her to sign another form.. she does with little hesitation... she goes back to her cell and seems to be impressed by chakrit.

in court... chakrit enters and sees his friend kun sitting at the other side of the room as songe-tom's lawyer.. chakrit seems to be very cheerful and confident about the case... lalita is led in by a guard. she sits on chakrit's side.. he smiles to her... kun calls for lalita to take the stand.. she is sworn in... and kun starts to question her... he holds up a gun and asked if this was the gun that she brought in to songe-tom's house to kill him... lalita sees the gun... and is shocked! that was not the gun! she starts to deny that the gun in front of her was the same gun during the incident... the court asked her to control herself... and asked chakrit if that was the gun... chakrit gets up and said... that he doesn't protest... and that he saw no need for the trial to continue... because lalita had already signed the form saying that she was guilty! he takes the paper to lalita and asked if that was her signature... lalita puts everything together.... everything was a set up... she starts to yell and scream... the court orders her 20 years to prison... she starts to yell again.. and is dragged out... chakrit seems to be satisfied.. kun on the other hand seems sadden... he also figured it out that it was a set up!

at songe-tom's house... chakrit is with songe-tom... he asked chakrit what he wanted as a reward.. chakrit told him that he had recieved enough from songe-tom and he was very thankful... than cindy comes into the house... she hugs songe-tom who is her dad... and greets chakrit... they seem to be dating...

lalita is taking to prison.. she tries to escape and is beaten up... when she wakes up.. she is greeted by a few female officers.. she starts to run again.. and is beaten up again.. she is asked to strip her clothing.. than she is sent to her cell..

chakrit goes to see his friend. kun is not happy with what happened.. and asked if chakrit was still working for songe-tom.. chakrit gives kun his pay... and also a bag of food for jensuda...

in jail lalita meets a few more people who will later become her friends(oops.. i read the summary at ch.3... so i am getting ahead of myself!)... kuad is a lesbian who hit on girls... she sees lalita and hits on her... lalita is not impressed... she goes to sit by his 'girlfriend' named fah... who seems to have a problem with lalita because kuad flirted with her... so lalita and fah get into a fight and the guards run in... everyone goes to the floor... except lalita.. the guard throw a swing at lalita but luckily... there is a hand that pulled her down before she gets hit...

ahhhhhhhhh... so tired... will continue later :p


the guards yell at them and tells lalita to pick up her food and eat it all... the person who pulled her down is jarunee... and she introduces herself to lalita... lalita doesn't seem to get along with anyone at all... jarunee gets a visitor... it is kun... he was her lawyer when she was convicted of the crime... and he lost.. so he comes to visit her often and tries to get her to go to court again with her case.. but jarunee is saying she is old now.. and she doesn't want to bring it back up again..

lalita goes to the shower room and is getting ready to shower when kuad comes and feels her butt... she gets in a fight with kuad... the guards come to stop them.. kuad stays down on the floor but lalita keeps on hitting kuad.. so the guards beat her up and take her to another room...where they 'nung sa-ma-tee'... but again.. as soon as lalita sees kuad.. she runs towards her and starts to beat her up again.. this time the guards beat her up again.. and they take her to solitaire... where she is locked up alone in the dark for 7 days... chakrit comes to visit the place and talks to the guard lady... whom also seems to be working for songe-tom.. chakrit is suppose to get lalita to sign the stock over to songe-tom since her mom didn't do it before shooting herself... but he thinks it would be hard to do.. since she knew what was going on already.. jarunee's job is to do laundry and clean the guard's rooms.. she talks to the guard that is working for songe-tom and asked what the new girl(lalita) was in for... the guards tells her that she tried to kill songe-tom and told jarunee to look at the newspaper... when the jarunee walks pass the place where lalita was locked up she talked to herself... saying for lalita to hold on and don't die yet...(the story is that jarunee and songe-tom also had problems... and jarunee is also in jail because of songe-tom)

kun comes back to visit jarunee.. he again tells her to think about bringing up her case again.. but she said to put her story aside.. cause she has someone who needed his help more than her...

chakrit is talking to songe-tom. songe-tom asked him to get lalita to sign the forms so that he could have the other half of the stock... chakrit said he will try... and songe-tom asked what chakrit wanted in return for the help.. chakrit said nothing... but songe-tom said than i will choose for you.. he suggest that chakrit and cindy marry each other... chakrit said.. he wouldn't get his hopes up since cindy is songe-tom's daughter....

songe-tom's son runs over an older man... and calls the dad to take care of it... songe-tom calls chakrit and he goes to the police station to go take care of it... basically chakrit talks to the widowed old lady... and tells her that the driver is willing to pay 50,000 baht. the lady said no. so chakrit tells her that since your husband was physically disabled... he might of had ran in front of the car himself... and committed suicide.. but the lady was like.. my husband was born with that dissability... chakrit reasons with the lady and basically tells the lady that this wouldn't get anywhere... and she would definitely lose if they go to court.. and if they do go and she loses.. than she will have to pay for all the expenses... for both sides... the lady accept the check in tears....... i hated chakrit in this scene! :(

basically in jail... lalita is still locked up... and cindy thinks that chakrit has another girl.. so the brother said he will send his men to look after chakrit and they will find out...


Siwon & Donghae =
man intense drama.. why does charkrit have to be a backstabber!!! pooor lalita :angry: :angry:


continue reading if you want to know the spoils that ch.3 wrote---->

translated by sunflower :p lalita will get out of jail and go on a revenge rampage with chakrit's help or something like that, supposedly chakrit takes her in after she is released from jail.. cindy thinks that chakrit is seeing jensuda.. kun's sister as in a boyfriend/girlfriend way so she will tell her brother to take care of jensuda... the asshole ends up raping jensuda.. and she gets pregnant... chakrit feels bad for her and will take responsibility as the dad... but chakrit will also be forced to marry cindy.. on the wedding day.. jensuda will take a 'pruong reed' (those flowers they have at funerals) to the wedding... so cindy will get mad and shoots jensuda.. i believe jensuda dies. and chakrit kinda dumps cindy.. cindy isn't in trouble because of the dad's help... cindy becomes heart broken and starts to see other men.. and ends up sleeping with another guy.. his wife gets mad and takes those acid water thing and destroys cindy's face.. she gets depressed and kills herself... than songe-tom's son falls in love with lalita... she pretends to be those dances at the club... and make him fall for her.. and than dumps him making him heart broken... and also cuts off his thing... making him go crazy and kills himself... than the most surprising thing happens... lalita's mom appears! she isn't dead? :blink:


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oh man, sunflower, even just reading this is getting me hooked! thank you so much! man, i want to know what happens next! eeee!


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sowwie.. i don't know if i am suppose to post here.. but anyway i have a question. do you know the website to channel 3 so that i could read the summary?



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the summary is to a current airing thai series. it's called kulab see dum ("black rose"). there are already a couple of episodes uploaded in the buddie media section. :D


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WOW!! Thank you all for the detailed summary. YES this is a very intense. The director/producer, the entire crew did a great job. Sure grabbed my attention from the opening. WOW! I've watched alot of American movies at the theater with all these sound effects and visual. This one made me felt that I was watching an American movie lolzz.. Especially the opening scene when it was shot in Hollywood. Dang..

But this reminds me of the movie that uhmm Hally B and Penelope Cruz in Gotchika?? How it was taken place in Jail.. can't wait to see what happens. And like the others, it's soo intense, I'm like bitting my nails and pulling my hair lolzzz


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Can someone give me a brief, brief synposis of "Kulab See Dum"? I really appreciate the person going through all the rrouble summarizingthe episode in the early posts. But it's too freaking long to read!!!!!!!!!! i just want the basic "boy meets girl, girl fall in love...." not a novel. Please no spoilers... otherwise i'll have trouble finishing it.