Krrish *Hrithik Roshan*


1TYM hwaiting!
Haha, he looks so coool! Super Hero-typeish :D Anyways this is suppose to be part 2 of Koi Mil Gaya I think. I remember reading somewhere something like it. I can't wait to see it!


I know he does look like batman...... but I love it.... want to buy the moive...... it look really good....


sarNie Adult
Yes...He look's hot in these pictures. Looks like an American movie...can not wait to see it...I'll have to get it too.... :D


sarNie Egg
just saw this movie. The special effects are way cool and are very similar to the TVB (chinese) series. (probably cuz teh action director is a chinese martial arts guy). The cool thing is Hrithik did all the stunts himself. no CG!

the movie was okay. I bought the movie but wished I didn't. it would have been a good rental. Priyanka is annoying in the movie and she doesn't really have any real substance to her character--other than looking good and being the damsel.