Kror Guy Yasit


hmmmmm i think the ending of this one was kinda was kinda sad when that tep died! they didn't rush it as much as some of the other movies~


sarNie Adult
how can god die? if god die who take over? satan? people these days really don;t know how to write storyline anymore. they add so much problem to the movie then they don;t know what to do with it and just end it like that. and leave the viewers scratching thier heads. Thier good at adding alot of charactor but suck at solving it and ending it. They just throw away some charactor like people wont notice. :loool:


sarNie Egg
oh my god... the clothes are so weird...


Gomin and this lakorn have clothes that just makes you not want to watch it... i really don't see much decent boran lakorns anymore... very sad...

i agree dat d cloths back then was better but it doesn't make da boran lakorn bad beside this lakorn ya talkin bout was pretty interestin ^^ i watched some of it n it was good >__<!


sarNie Egg
yeah clothing is getting annoying as hack. But as long as the storyline is great, don't drag on for ever. I think that should make up for the clothes. But if storyline sucks, people can't act, well i'm gonna have to say goodbye to this one. And I guess i'll have to wait for another boran. :sweat:

u should give it a chance -_____-;; its pretty good 0.0 its not as bad as ya most assume jus cuz d cloths change ya not going to watch ... no offense or anything but i wouldn't let these things stop me fr. watchin an AWESOME lakorn ^^ plus d characters are AWeSOME as well >____________________<;;


I didn't like it that much; Gro Pid Jid See was better! I loved the guy that played the Thep though; he's super hot and has a nice, buff body UNLIKE boran pra'eks nowadays.


sarNie Hatchling
Do you all know where I can watch this lakorn online? Like anyone upload it on YouTube yet? I can't seem to find it. Thanks for the help!