Kimberley Ann Voltemas


Mrs James Ma
@Peace I love what you say about Kim always. You are not a crazy fan still you say sooo beautiful things to her :thumbsup: :kiss2: :kiss2:
I want her to work like this more. 


sarNie Tombstone
i love how even he wasn't her "husband" he reacted like he was it was manly from him, and his reaction when he saw bua stopping him he fell disappointed 
mad at her 
MK need a dramatic lakorn  
she lost her job and her best friend is now doubting her sad :teary:
her face oooohhh :weep: she doesn't want him o think of her bad like that 
now tin have the way free infront of him, feel sad for kob
awww :weep: 
i like this emotion and the directing of this scene so beautiful 
sad sad :teary:


sarNie Tombstone
she have a runway with others today , they are now in rehearsals  

it said we can watch it live on ch3