Kim & Mark in SEOUL! Need information!


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Kim and Mark fans!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! How long are they going to be in Seoul for??? Does anyone know? Give me their schedule in Seoul please if anyone does.  :heart:


I wish I can really help, but I don't know their schedule in Seoul.  Are you going there?! Haha. Are you hoping to get a catch with them? lols I'm just curious. :)
I know Kim went with her sister and her assistant manager and a friend.  According to Kim's sister Jenni's post on IG, she's already leaving her Korean flight back to Thailand.  I don't know if Kim is coming with her sister, or if she is staying around.  Mark and his managers are extremely low-service, lol, they did not provide any info on IG of whether or not they are still in Korea or if they already are planning to come back to Thailand.?
If you are going to Korea, then good luck and have fun!