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Discussion in 'Khmer' started by jennisa, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. jennisa

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    Hi, guys I just wondering does anybody know the name of the Khmer actress who plays in the Korean drama “How to meet a Perfect Neighbor�. I remember I read Khmer news earlier mention that the she was Freshie girl 2006 but can’t remember her name. I think she is naturally pretty. This is the first time that Korean drama took place in Cambodia. Her character last only two episodes and they let her die. But it was good that she get to film in Korea with famous korea stars. I wish I can go there someday. I hope in the future they will do more film in Cambodia. The drama is now air in korea.
  2. adam0885

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    Are u serious? That s a great news....
  3. jennisa

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  4. sunisa

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    she is very pretty cuz i saw her pics in the khmer mag and she looks naturally beautiful!!i'm glad that khmer star in there too!!
  5. cooldude2k6

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    Her name is Pov Thevy. She is the winner of the Girl and Boy Beauty contest :)
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    LOL !! I meet her in Cambodia last year on my vacation there ! One of my relative , i call him Uncle! He one of the crew behind the Girl and Boy Beauty contest dat was goin on in Cambodia . my mom wanted to take some picture at a studio so he took us down to dis picture studio he know and he say all the stars & famous ppl get their picture taken there and dat when i saw her w/ other ppl . Since my uncle know her and he introduce us and he told me dat the winner of pretty girl contest and den she start laughing . Very nice girl but she soo skinnny and small in real life and she very talkive cuz she was talking to my uncle and she very funnie too but her voice sound werid .. i don't know i guess cuz i cant' speak khmer clearly and when i hear other khmer ppl talk they sound werid.
  7. jennisa

    jennisa sarNie Hatchling

    Sarn, I do agree with you that people in Cambodia their voice sound weird. If you watch the movie "Jrous Pdach Prolirng"( I think they speak their own voice), you can tell that these people are talkative. Another thing that i found was that their voice are sound similar. Maybe this is the way they speak, especially people that live in Phnom Penh.
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    true , i think everyone in Phnom Penh sound like dat . I dont' want to sound mean but it annoying at time and when u talk to them if u a girl they call u "Bong" even if u are younger LOL and if u a guy they call u "Boo" . Khmer ppl is very shy ppl even the guy are like dat but once they comfortable w/ you most of the time they will become very talkive and very entertaining . I know dis cuz in my 2 month in Cambodia i acutally walk the street market and talk to most of the seller there at first they just smile but after a while i became a regular customer at their booth they talk to me like a friend would . Dat the fun part cuz they are hilarious after they know u ! once u goes to Cambodia it weird to see EVERYONE speaking khmer even the white ppl dat was there speak khmer haha . Also, out in the country the ppl actually sound nice and very humble . My cousin say you can tell if a star is from the country side or the city side by the way they speak and how i see it ppl in the country side sound better and cute in a way while the city ppl is kind of annoying .
  9. russe

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    Yeah, Sarn... the ppl in the country speak alot better than ppl in the City. I never been their, but thats what my mom told me. the way ppl in the City speak ga-bot(short). my mom is from the country and she speak almost like Mauyra ppl speak.
  10. owwee_its_leelee

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    i noticed that too ppl in the city shorten their words... and i do think ppl from the country talk way better than ppl in the city..... the link for the youtube is like dead or something....anyone have a clip with pov thevy in the drama?
  11. ling787

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    hi guys, what is the title of that drama again? i can't find it. i really want to see part of the drama since it took place in cambodia, our lovely country.
  12. jennisa

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    you guys can download this movie at or download it at just type the title "How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor". So far only first episode eng sub came out. Pov theavy character make cry a little bit especially when her character die at end of the episode two.
  13. kaola

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    I thought the actress was very adorable. She looked very cute in the Korean outfit that she was wearing. Her korean was rough though. Well, at least she tried. Some of my Korean friends thought she was adorable to.
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