Kha Khong Khon [Exact & channel 7]

Discussion in '2011' started by looksy, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    I thought I'd go ahead and start a thread for this since there is already one at Spicy Forum.

    There is some talk at Pantip that there will be a remake of Suntisook and Nussaba's lakorn called Kha Khong Khon. According to an article in OHO Magazine, the pra' nangs are rumored to be Pong and Noon. :D
    credit: pantip

    Here's the old version of this lakorn with Sutisook and Nussaba!
    credit: naanping
  2. kuathestar

    kuathestar sarNie Adult

    Bee Namthip & Kelly Thanapat 5555
  3. jakjann

    jakjann Jakjann

    I thik this is confirmed by 80%
    Yes Exact make this for Channel 7^^
    That is what I know and the article said about it^^
  4. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Hmmm, Pong and Noon interesting. I love em both so i wouldn't mind seeing this pairing. Crossing fingers for it to be confirmed. ;)
  5. babie_sara

    babie_sara sarNie Adult

    OMG Pong and Noon! That'll be something new, exciting, and interesting!
  6. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    Thank you Jakjann for all the info.

    I just realized something. This lakorn, Kha Khong Khon is the lakorn that Pong and Aom were supposed to do together but got dropped b/c they changed to Poong Nee Gor Ruk Ter (which I'm glad for b/c I love PNGRT and I can't see any other two actors portray the roles of Bor and Kaew better than Pong and Aom). I can't wait to get confirmation on Kha Khong Khon. Pong and Noon would be great but I would be in lakorn heaven if it was Pong and Aom.
  7. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    ^^aww really? i wish aom-pong were in this lakorn instead of proong nee because the storyline is exact or ch7 producing this lakorn? its too bad it wasnt ch3 remaking it cuz im sure they will make it alot better
  8. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    Tinah for me, I actually love love love Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter's storyline. I can't say that enough. :D :D I have never fallen in love with a lakorn's storyline as much as PNGRT. The lakorn focused so much on the character's emotions and there was so much character development. I found the whole lakorn simply romantic, beautiful, and very touching. It was a treat for me to watch. But then again, I am a sucker for romantic melodramas and Pong and Aom solidified their place in my heart as Bor and Kaew.

    As for your question on who is producing Kha Khong Khon. It will be produced by Exact but will air on channel 7. It's another one of their joint projects together so they will use an Exact star and a channel 7 star. I do wish Pong and Aom could be in this lakorn, too.
  9. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    i mean the storyline to proong nee was good but the lakorn itself was blah. i wish i enjoyed it more especially since ive been skipping alot of aoms lakorn although im her fan..i used to like alot of exacts lakorn but somehow they are slowly losing my interest.

    thats great that exact is producing this lakorn instead of ch7. im sure they will bring us more entertainment especially with their love scenes
  10. Mandy912

    Mandy912 sarNie Egg

    So excited about this new pairing...
    Can someone say something about the storyline? I've heard of the p'ek in old version is a playboy.I think the good guy is better for
  11. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    Mandy, from what I read at the other forum, the pra ek is a player. He is upset that his brother falls for a dancer/the nang ek and he marries her to break them up. Love it so far. It's so typical of a lakorn plot. You know how it is in lakorns.....a marriage based on hate but over time, it changes to love. I'm assuming that this lakorn is like this, too. I actually don't mind if Pong plays a bad guy as long as his character changes. For me, it's all about character development. Plus, I love the idea of a man changing his selfish ways b/c of love. :p

    I totally agree with you Tinah. Exact has awesome love scenes and if Pong is in this lakorn, he is going to make those love scenes that much hotter.
  12. Mandy912

    Mandy912 sarNie Egg

    Thanks,Ariya.That's interesting.Another heartless man who is changed by love.It sounds like Prupadee lol.
  13. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    Mandy, when I first read someone's description of this lakorn, I thought of Pong's character Puvadee, too. I hope we get confirmation soon on this. This role would be perfect for Pong.
  14. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    ch. 7 with ch. 5 O_O can't wait forthe cast. it'll be cool if its like kwan n bie or, kwan with ruj anything will work :D especially kwan with son will be nice!
  15. Mann

    Mann Guest

    Hope its Pong & Noon! I've enjoyed EXACT+CH7.. I love it when they work together.. hehe.
  16. Worranat

    Worranat sarNie Juvenile

    I really can't wait for this one! OMG! so excited. New pairing finally.
    I read around noon's forum and everywhere. Will be visiting this thread often <3
  17. viviant

    viviant sarNie Hatchling

    Yes, my favorite Khun Puh and cheerful it's pretty Noon. Cant wait, hope the cast is ture.<3
  18. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    Viviant, this is something else we need to cross our fingers for. This role would be perfect for Pong. I'm so loving the storyline and I hope we get confirmation soon. :D
  19. songielove

    songielove sarNie Juvenile

    Pong and Noon would make such a :blush: couple! To be honest, i have a love-and-hate relationship with storylines like these.XD haha. First off, i totally enjoy the bickering and angst!.. But really, after seeing Pong in Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter, i am beginning to be selfish and greedy. I have such high expectations of him now! :lol: These kinds of roles, we all know he can pull them off well. He's done them so many times already. Haha. So in honesty, i'm not too excited about seeing him in this role; i'm more excited about seeing his chemistry with Noon (and seeing him shirtless again :rolleyes: ). Heehee.

    99% of me is still wishing it was Pong and Aom though.XD
  20. looksy

    looksy sarNie Adult

    Ummmmm.....Songie, don't you know why I really want to see Pong in this kind of role? If the pra' ek and nang ek are married, that means that there will be lots of scenes in the bedroom and as a result, "shirtless" Pong. :lol: :lol: In all seriousness, my most favorite kinds of lakorns are meaningful romantic melodramas like Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter, but unfortunately they are hard to come by. I believe that this kind of storyline of Kha Khong Khon, if put in the right hands, can be a wonderful drama. As long as the director pays close attention to character development and the character's emotions, he can make the story very meaningful. I totally understand how this kind of storyline can be frustrating to watch b/c the characters can be so untruthful to themselves and the storyline can be so predictable at times. And yes, like you, I now have high expectations for Pong b/c he did such an amazing job in PNGRT. Although it would be really exciting to see him pair up with Noon, I still am holding onto hope that it will somehow be Aom since Pong and Aom were supposed to originally star in this drama together. :D

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