Ken Phuphoom Gets Ordained into Monkhood


sarNie OldFart
Thookatha said:
wat was he ordained for?
Usually, people become ordained to pay respects to their parents. When you become ordained for your parents, you're repaying their gratitude and making merit for them. Ken did this for his parents. 


sarNie Elites
oh ok, this was just randomly for his parents...i mean, not 'just'...but u know. lol thought maybe it was for another specific occasion. haha


sarNie Oldmaid
Thookatha said:
And deaths...
To ordained during funeral is difference type of setting, and you don't go thru all the process of "haire nak" aka carrying the ceremonial stuffs around the temple.  The procedure for funeral is much simpler, just shaved your head and present the yellow-oranges robes.