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Nameless, its okay- it just that shinhwa_dbsk posted the thread for Akanishi Jin which it mentioned in the 2nd line of the topic. =/ That's why I wasn't sure if I should post it here or make a new thread but it merged anyways. ^^

chibichaos, yeah I love their songs but I dislike 'Real Face' because its too much of rock and rapping so it definitely isn't my type of music. LOL

OMG I know what you mean about performances! They surely love to shake their booty... Especially 'Real Face' perf! Because there's something going on between Jin&Ueda... You know they do their own thing... T_T However its not just because they like to shake it, it sorta is one of those choreographies they have to dance beside it matches the songs, though. ^^;; Don't forget they used to be dance team before becoming a boyband. =]


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Do u think Jin is hawt???..meeh i think he's hella hawt.... :wub:

name: Akanishi Jin (actor and singer)
nick name: JIn or Jin Jin
b-daii: july 4, 1984
birth place: tokyo
height: 5'8
shoe size: 26.5 kg
weight: 57 kg
date enter KATTUN: November 1998
here a picha pf him-

2 members and him


group picha

Credit: xxsungiexx
JIn is so sososososososo hot...he looks like a playboy...i saw a concet where he was " dancing" with this shadow...and i was like "OMG, can they do that in Jhonny JR"....it was hot adn shocking realyyy...but hott...so who care....


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he's going solo now T_T..

so i guess it's just gonna be KTTUN? or unless they break up too.. aigoo.. >_<...

I WISH THEM ALL THE BEST T_T... love them all...


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out of the 6 people in KAT-TUN, my fav is akanishi jin!!!!!! my friend told me that he left Kat-tun and they're planning to (or have they?) use Kamenashi's 'A' to replace Akanishi's 'A'? so the name KAT-TUN still remains, and won't change to KTTUN.. lol..
but i'm not sure if that's what happen.. oh well.....so sad that jin had to leave... >.<


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It's sad to know that they're no longer KAT-TUN and is KAT-TUN instead now.. :( 
(LMAO, wait that's the same hehe.. j/k)
and yes @C123, Akinishi Jin who was originally the "A" in KAT-TUN, is now taken up by Kamenashi, who was originally the "K" alone in KAT-TUN.  Now he's the KAT-TUN.
and if y'all didn't know, Akanishi Jin recently got married to singer/actress Kuroki Meisa.  He's a father now too.


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Latest news... Koki's contract with JE has been terminated :(  He's no longer a part of KAT-TUN as well.  This was huge news............ >_<
First Jin.. now Koki... :(  Koki was one of my faves, second to Kame.. :lmao:
KAT-TUN will still continue on as a group as a quartet.  :(


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Taguchi Junnosuke will be leaving KAT-TUN in the Spring.
I must say that it's quite sad seeing KT go from 6 to 5, then 5 to 4, and now 4 to 3 members.  I wish them the best. :(


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^ That's a possibility since I believe he's been dating someone for a long time already.  He's leaving the entertainment world completely.