Kamen Rider series


sarNie Juvenile
Well, just wondering if anyone here likes to watch japanese super tokusatsu series? As for me I use to like Kamen riders, havn't seen it for ages until 2 days ago when my bro orders some new tpye of kamen rider series from japan. And now thier beetles not grasshoppers no more :unsure: <_< But yeah beetles are okay but I think I like it the grasshopper style better, bring back lots of memories haha :blush: :rolleyes:



sarNie Hatchling
ME!!!!! ..well probably have all kamen rider from TV-Nihon lol

currently i finish upload Kamen Rider Kabuto in AO and start with Kamen Rider Den-O

I have
Kamen Rider Black
Kamen Rider 555 or FAIZ complete + movie
Kamen Rider Agito ..snif only 9 episodes i cannot find it !!
Kamen Rider Ryuki complete + special + movie
Kamen Rider Blade complete + movie
Kamen Rider Hibiki complete + movie
Kamen Rider Kabuto complete
Kamen Rider special
Kamen rider Kuuga 1-4
..well a lot more .... still love it!!!

Kamen Rider ZO ..
and Kamen Rider Renaider = in my youtube ..

love love Toku!!

about Sentai

humm Dekaranger, magiranger ...well abaranger ..a lot other ..i have it too because download from TV-Nihon torrent



sarNie Adult
holy crap!


I grew up watching them too.. my favorite one is.. umm I forgot the exact name.. but I have the song and the video clip which I dled (subbed in spanish LOL).

I wonder if the specific one I watch is being subbed.. cuz last time I look I didn't see that it was done.


sarNie Hatchling
euhh what serie ?
Kamen Rider ?
the new one it's Kamen Rider DEN-O http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq4Vj2kfi7w [opening]

the one i love the most it's probably Kamen Rider Blade ..just because the story was awesome!!

Kamen Rider Ryuuki [Dragon] was really good too ..The theme song was one the best !!
from seiyuu Pokémon who make Ash..[her voice was really great!!]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XR_43UrJB4 Kamen Rider Blade [but please have a spoiler!!] and next transformation + second opening for Blade [really like it!]

Kamen Rider Agito!! [please if someone have it -.- me search more 2 year now o.o ..only find 9 episodes ] ..it's seem all toku fans said Agito is the best ..i should complete it!

Kamen Rider Kuuga : i can said it's really like Kamen Rider DEN-O ..one person who henshin to many kamen rider ..

Kamen Rider Hibiki ..many person said the most strange kamen rider ever
because they use music to fight ..well make a song to fight ^^
still SHOUNEN YO!! ..you really be captivate with the lead perso ..funny one ^^

Kamen Rider FAIZZ or 555
the first Kamen i watch ..and really into it!
still it's violent ..well sad and so confuse !!

Kamen Rider Kabuto! Tendou Souji!! the only name you must know and respect
good ^^ still missing something ..
we have a perfect RIDER KICK! ..still ..the story missing something ..well maybe ..

Kamen rider Black : seem like everyone like it too by Centuary fansub
like it but didn't finish to watch ^^;
still we can see a good costume and good story

Kamen Rider DEN-O [KAWAI!!! well maybe because i like Princess Princess Jdrama..when i watch it and find he is SATOU TAKERU ..]
i watch it!! and the first kamen rider who use TRAIN for transport!!
not moto!! ^^ still by Honda lol

i miss other like Kamen rider ZO ..Movie...the first ..they are good still isn't a serie !


sarNie Juvenile
LOL. I used to watch kamen rider with my little brothers! I just bought the avent belt for two of my little brothers for christmas.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I like 'em all but the one i like the most is DECADE!
He's so :drool: :pervie:


sarNie Egg
i love them all but the most series i like is kamen rider black and rx.
i used to watch them in cambodia and it in khmer dub :lol: and it literally translate as this
ant black yeah ant black that what it mean in khmer.
but i love this series and this is not like power ranger the original kamen rider only need one person to save
the world not 5 or 6 or 7


sarNie Egg
My favorite is a bunch of them
i like kuuga most and then kamen rider black comes next.
i even drew my own kamen riders
i still like them to this day also


LOL, I have to say growing up with a bunch of boys, we mostly watch ultraman, power rangers, super sentai and kamen riders. I only watch for the cute guys. LOL. But i guess my favorite one would have to be Agito and Faiz. :)