Kaew Leum Kon


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Can someone post up the summary? i'd really like to knoe what this lakorn is about before i watch it. Thanks


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credits to NIKI at ETASIA


translated by sunflower

Keaw Lerm Kaun Twin sisters and the Will

Year 2480 Jao Woramun of Wiong Fah has to escape danger from politics to France. In the mean time his wife Khune Noy was pregnant and was close to giving birth. Jao Woramun had asked Diew a young man who was close to him to take care of his family during his absence. Jao Woramun did not know that Jao Naraintorn his own brother was planning to kill him so he could be the owner of Koom Wiong Fah.(basically everything that belonged to Jao Woramun)

Jao Naraintorn’s plan was not accomplished. Jao Woramun was able to escape to France. And Khune Noy gave birth to a twin daughter. Jao Naraintorn had his maid Wunta kidnap the twins and kill them. But Wunta was only able to kidnap one of the twins. Diew was able to rescue the other twin in time. Khune Noy was emotionally disturbed and turned crazy(kinda).. Diew sent the twin he saved to Jao Woramun in France and came back to take care of Koom Wiong Fah.

Wunta brought the twin she kidnapped to her sister’s house in Ayuttaya. 15 years passed and the girl grew up. Her profession was selling food at the market. One day Meungman and Suksit came to visit Ayuttaya and both met Keaw. Both fell in love with her. At the same time Jao Chidchanoke of Wiong Fah the daughter of Jao Woramun found out that her mother was not dead. Jao Chidchanoke came to Thailand to search for her mother with Diew’s help.

Jao Naraintorn sent people to kill Diew and have Kajaun his servant kidnap Chidchanoke. Chidchanoke escaped from Kajaun and ran into a temple celebration where Keaw was about to compete in a singing competition so she could get money to pay for Wunta’s debt. Kajaun mistook Keaw for Chidchanoke. And in the meantime Diew was able to help Chidchanoke escape. And Keaw was helped by Meungman.

Wunta was thinking about selling Keaw to the owner of the farm to pay for her debts. She tied Keaw up and went out to do some business. She let Saijit and Ming look after Keaw. Ming was going to rape Keaw, so she accidently killed him. She ran away to see Pae lim and Jay Oon who owned a boat shipping business. Both were about to leave for Bangkok, so Kaew asked to go with them.

Diew brought Chidchanoke back to Jao Woramun in Bangkok. Jao Woramun sent Diew to Chiang mai to help Khune Noy escape from Koom Wiong Fah. On the way there he was beaten by Kajaun and had a memory loss.

The boat that Keaw came in stopped in Bangkok at ChungHee. Keaw used a canoe to sell her food along the river and met Meungman and Suksit again. Kuntaung who was Suksit’s sister who was in love with Meungman was jealous of Keaw so she went to tell Grandma Kan Jun. So Grandma Kan Jun told Meungman to stop seeing Keaw but he didn’t listen.

Kajaun’s people saw Keaw, Pae lim feared for Keaw’s being so he was thinking of leaving the Chunghee harbor. Kajaun got to them first and there was a fight in the boat. Kajaun killed Pae Lim and Jay Oon and burned the boat. Keaw was saved by Meungman. Meungman took Keaw to Kuntaung’s house as a maid.

While at Kuntaung’s house, Keaw saw Chidchanoke. Both were surprised to see that they had very similar face features. One day Keaw got an invitation to go to Meungman’s birthday. But Kuntaung didn’t want her to go. Chidchanoke told them she would help Keaw get to the party. Keaw and Chidchanoke dressed alike and headed out for the party. At the same time Jao Naraintorn sent his people to come kidnap Chidchanoke and her father. Jao Woramun refused so he was killed. Keaw was kidnapped by Kajaun. Diew finally got his memory back so he was heading back to help. When he got back to the Woramun mansion he found out everything. Diew decided to go help Keaw and Khune Noy. Chidchanoke and Meungman was following him.

Keaw was locked up with Khune Noy at the Koom Wiong Fah. Keaw slowly help Khune Noy recover from her mental illness. Meungman asked for Keaw in return for Jao Woramun’s will. Jao Naraintorn planned to trick Meungman, at last there was a big fight. Chidchanoke was captured also.

Chidchanoke planned to escape with Keaw and Khune Noy from Koom Wiong Fah. Jao Naraintorn sent his men to capture them again. Khune Noy was shut and died. Jao Naraintorn tied up Keaw and Chidchanoke in a little house and burned the house down. But Diew and Meungman was able to come and help them in time. Jao Naraintorn was shot to death by Diew.

One month passed. Finally Jao Woramun’s will was found. Keaw and Chidchanoke inherited everything that belonged to Jao Woramun. Keaw and Meungman was able to talk out their problems. Chidchanoke and Diew decided to live together forever.


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credits to untinnu(me) @ sarnworld khmai forum

lol. . just bust out singing like that. . .haha. . anyways. . this is 11 tapes end. . i'm already on the 4th tape and the twins haven't seen each other yet. . they ALMOST but haven't yet. . lol. . it's pretty funny. . haha. . captain's funny. . lol. . when he goes home to his grandma or his friend's house, he put on glasses and try to act nerdy and like a good boy. . but when he goes out, he just act his usual spoiled brat. . he's such a pain. . he acts like he dont' know kaew just becuase she's poor. . man, he should get smack. . hmm. . i think that kaew and captain already likes each other but doesn't know it. . captain's stubborn. .


i'm on tape 6 of this lakorn already. . and the twins finally meet. . thx god!! it took forever. but this lakorn is good. . captain is starting to show that he likes aom already. . and as for aom, well she has too many things going on. . the first family that took care of her was killed, and when she went to live in another family, that family got killed too. . right now she's living with captain's friend. . captain's grandma wouldn't let aom live with them, so captain took her to his friend's house. . and both captain and his friend is like competing for aom. .


lol. . this is funny. . captain is really ghetto. . haha. . he wanted to take aom boat riding, and when the boat's motor went out on them, captain told aom to stay still and wait while he fix it. . lol. . then aom ask him, do u know how to fix it?. . and captain said, of course, i'm a man, i definitely know how to do these things. . lol. . so he tried to fix it. . and then when aom look next to her foot, she saw something, and picked it up and ask captain wat it was. . and captain didn't look at her and said, what is wrong with you?. . i'm trying to fix the boat, dont' ask question, so then aom took what she found and connect it to some wire, and when captain pulled the string for the motor boat, and it worked, lol. . he got all happy and excited and said, see i told u i could fix it. . lol. . and aom was like. . yes you can. . you're very smart. . lol . and captain got happier when she complimented him. . haha. . aom just smiled to herself. . so funny. .


lol. . this is funny. . when captain, aom(rich), and the diew(the other p'ek) was on their way to help kaew. . lol. . diew didn't want captain to go, so he tried to get rid of captain, and diew got a police officer to drive aom somewhere else, but aom(rich) caught up and took the car and head for chiangmai. .lol. . along the way, captain was trying to catch a ride but no1 stopped for him, so he figured out a plan, and put barbwires on the street for the next car, which was aom's car. . so she ran over it and stop the car. . lol. . then captain took his gun and point at her and told her not to turn around, he then told her to get out of the car, and they saw each other. .lol. . captain is so ghetto in here. . before he left to find kaew, he also took his glasses off in front of his grandma and told her that he's not the person she thinks he is. . so good.


lol. . one scene, aom and captain's friend was cleaning up the kitchen, and captain walked in and became jealous, then he wanted to help. . but his friend says that he's a rich kid and don't know how to do these stuff, lol. . then his friend challenge him for him to hold prahok. .lol. . captain looked all digusted and didn't want to do it, but he want to prove to aom lol. . then his friend smelled the prahok and says it smells good. .lol. .and captain smelled it too but made a digusting face but kept a smile on. . haha. funny. .



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credit to NIKI @ ETASIA

here are the long translation of the behind the scene on April 15, 2005

credit to natty
here is some of my translation ok.. it was kinda difficult.. my thaiglish isn't so great..

the productions welcome back two hearthrob couple: Captain Phuthaneth and Aom Phiyada

Boyd: Project of Keaw Leum Kon is a project that is very interesting because it is a big project, you can call it the biggest film of the year because no one really make lakorns like this where it is a period lakorn dated back to 2500 (1950's), also the story is about romance, love, intense drama, it's fun and definately a must see, the set up is extravagant

son of writer: Kaew Leum Kon is my father's story that were very famous back in his time. It was a radio lakorn. My father lived near the river and that is where he got his support and ideas from, from the river market people.

Director: the story of kaew leum kon is a story of two girls who are sisters, twin but the day they were born they were seperated.. the brother of her father, younger one wanted to take over and he planned on killing the whole family.. he ordered one of the lady to drown it.. but the lady saved one baby.. the other baby was saved by sending her to her father in France.. and the other one went to live in Authiya to be a farmer so they were raised totally different and grew up different. they and no one in the story knows that they are twin.

Boyd: The other thing that comes out of this lakorn are the casts because when they play they are those people, totally those people. Like nang'ek, Aom Phiyada she plays two characters and those two characters are totally different. Jao Chitchanok who is a girl that is spoiled and have a hint of being stuck up, and sorta annoying (mahn sai) but not like she looks non appealing but she has some cuteness to it, she's both cute and annoying at the same time. But when she plays as Kaew, she become someone who we feel sorry for, when Aom cries, we can't help but to cry with her without realizing it. Our pra'ek, khun Captain, um yes that's definately him, in his character there's that (goun goun) stubborn annoyingness and also the jealous and enviness with the nang'ek.... khun Poowanoowut (the other pra'ek), his mission is to find the heir but instead he fell in love with her, his niece but not his real niece, it's like he seen her since she was born (not sure which she he meant.. chitchanok or kaew), Off Pongpichad is a great bad guy, Jarunee is the greatest just like her reputation, her eyes in each scene definately tell us what the character is currently feeling.

script writer (son): what is the interesting part of this lakorn? it's because it is a melodrama in the old time. a real melodrama of old time that people are interested in following which now include modern ways of telling it.

Boyd: it's difficult to make and expensive... it's a thai drama that has melodrama and fits in with thai people and can have fun while watching it.

Let's go to the cast: Aom, Captain, Poo, Off

Aom: I play Chitchanok and Kaew, the difference is that one live in the highest place and one live in the lowest place like one lives in another country with privilages however the other one has such a difficult life that the other cast said if it was them, they would killed themselves already... At first I was stressed about playing two person but after that when i start to play and play the other character it's just like playing a whole different character. the hard part is actually when i play with another character such as Captain, he say his line then i say mine, end of story.. but when i play with my other character, one of my character will say a line but the other character wont say it back, i would have to go into another scene in order to say the line. So i have to think, how am i going to do this. It's difficult.

host: so if there is two nang'ek there has to be two pra'ek.. let's talk to the younger generation pra'ek first (meaning younger as in age)

Captain: he's annoying, stubborn, playful. (just like his fah pieng din character)

Aom: playful not like p'tain right?

Captain: nope

Aom: ohh ok

Captain: when i'm in the house in front of family, i'm proper as if i was gayish but that is how the hi-so guys are back then. However when i go outside i'm annoying, stubborn, playful, the devil may care. It's not totally gayish (thoong thing) but more properlike. Reason why I have to be like that so my grandmother wont know how bad I am really.

lol. . he played that role really really well. . lol. .

next pra'ek

Poo: I am the god brother of the nang'eks mother and also the body guard of their father who is loyal and always protect jao chitchanok since she was very little.

the bad guy

Host: I heard that p'Off played this role so greatly,

Off: I have so little line, I think the producer don't like me. I dont have that many lines at all. I am a hitman of the uncle that wants to kill the nang'ek (Ah'Moo). I just shoot.

[ i skip alot of stuff ok.. way way too much to translate.. but the other characters talk about their own roles ect ect ]

Host: the scripts are so much that there were rumors that the nang'ek almost bailed... the other team cast said that you almost bailed.

Aom: well, kind of because of the bruises and stuff when my mom saw it she was kinda mad

Off: mad? she just bitched, yeah aom ran off and told mom (lol they're all joking) but when she told her father, he's ok

Aom: no lol when my father saw it, he's ok with it and actually proud that I give it my all and will do anything for my character to be real but my mother, she cant take it.

Captain: her father is ok because she did so much to him (as in tantrum) so it's payback time

Aom: no p'boyd said that my father probably did something so horrible to Sida (off's mother who was a nang'ek of her days) and she came to get revenge which led me to looking like this (she showed a picture of her bruises, dang it was soo horrible!)

Off: (aom gave him the picture lol i'm assuming he did it to her) yup the producer is very happy. look he's smiling.

Aom: that scene was the boat scene

Off: I think i played it safe but you kept fidgeting

Aom: lol no no I also played it real we played it too real.

Off: in this lakorn it's not only her, everyone got it too. like i got slapped by ah'moo, i was in a blur! and that was the scene that i get to talk alot but when i got slap, it was all gone. he didn't slightly slap but he full force slapped!

Host: what about you Captain? Did you get alot?

Captain: only a little bit, a slight hard tap to the head with a metal rod

Host: what about you p'Poo?

Poo: (points to Off) got a kick from him. kick right to the chest.

aww. . they all got hurt. . . haha a lil scar to member the lakorn.

Host: I heard it was so hard and diffult that they changed the name from kaew leum kon to kaew lum non(sleep).. where did this name come from?

Captain: i don't know how started that name.

Aom: I think it's me, because we really didnt get to sleep sometime we film until morning! over 50% film until morning. there was time when we would call our boss and bother him. i mean we didnt get to sleep so our boss shouldn't be sleeping peacefully either. we would call him at whatever time we finish filming

Boyd: 6 am they would call me. i look at my cell phone and it was aom.. i was scared cus i thought something bad happened but she was all laughing and stuff lol. so i udnerstand that they work so hard that they went crazy lol.

the director of this lakorn directed before: fah pieng din, leurd kattiya, and seur (no freaken wonder it will be so good!! gaurantee 5 star ratings!!)

then they go to the director to talk about the difficult of the action scenes....

Aom really love the costume, lol as for Captain, the costume totally changed him into his character, Captain and p'Poo started to whisper about the director about how he probably after revenge for giving them this hot costume to wear. Off has the simpliest clothes because he couldnt wear other stuff cus he would sweat so much.

costume designer designed for seur, leurd kattiya and mong korn diew die

next they talk about aom's father... lol they talked about the time when he was pra'ek and how he did so much to other nang'ek that now it's payback time even though it's not on purpose so now they call the director pisad since his name is San(lol aom's father is pisan so they think that the director is his long lost brother lol) then they talk about how the director is so weird that he would use night time to be a daytime scene and vice versa. next they talk about the song that aom plays for the director regarding her kaew scenes (its the song to plai kow.. if anyone don't know that song. it's freaken sad! lol)... then they talk about food.. captain loves som tum pala ( the REAL som tum lol)

host: even though the storyline is very sad but the cast always laugh which makes it easier for everyone..

then they talk about how everyone feels about the team cast...

next they talk about the scenaries...

the director then talk about how sometime he thought he was too much but all the cast said not to worry.. even aom herself told him to just do it and if she cant or have enough she will tell him herself.. he was very impress and thankful to her for that.. there was one scene when aom had to drown and captain had to save her.. at first he was afraid to play it so real but captain was willing to give it the real thing and he was very much impressed...

then aom started to talk about p'Off lol about how he's very carefree and not really mean.


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captain inviting kaew to his birthday party


kaew and chitchanok getting ready for captain's birthday party, kaew is the one in the mirror, and chitchanok is the one holding the mirror


kaew's entrance to the birthday party


n'rai challenging kaew to the dance floor (by this time, kaew and chitchanok already switched place, so it's chitchanok that's dancing)


muengman (captain) and chitchanok dancing, captain doesn't know that that's chitchanok


chitchanok and n'rai both competing to dance with captain, they taking turns (one of the best dancing scenes in lakorns)


chitchanok finally beating n'rai on the dance floor


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yes thanx for sharing!..i love aom..she did a superb job at acting as twins..love this lakorn..and because aom and captain renuited..i was alittle dissapointed because this lakorn seem kinda a rush..it ended so soon..seem like they just rush it..