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Hey guys...since this sub forum is dedicated to JOy...I would like to share this Maxim photoshoot of her.. It was last year's issue..BUt I just want everyone to see all her works....ENJOY..I have to add that she looks very pretty....

(credit to papa-th)


sarNie Juvenile
She's pretty. It's good that she didn't show too much. I like this shoot a lot. Can't believe her and Chakrit broke up already. :(


sarNie Juvenile
Hey, I just finished watching America's Next Top Model and the photographer that shot Joy's Maxim shoot was also the featured photographer in tonight's episode. Interesting.


sarNie Granny
sexy ! i wonder since she and num is free .. if they ever goin hook up again !


sarNie Adult
The one in like white shirt (or towel) reminds of me Aum-Patcharapa pix where her hair is all messy and with a white shirt as well eheheh...

Thanks for sharing :)


sarNie Oldmaid
thanks for sharing.. joy is really prettie. :)


sarNie Juvenile
so pretty, bet chakrit is kicking

i like how she didn't show too much leave things to the imagination..which is always sexier


sarNie Egg
OoOoo i havent seen her in lakorn since the one she did with Num in the remake of ban sai Tong and the one after that---I thought they made a cute couple in the lakorn----------

they also did one of Parn's music video--dunk and parn duet---they were cute in it and the song was GOOD..

p.s. she looks very natural yet SEXY in these pics...


sarNie OldFart
I love Joy with Num, Oil and Krit.. hehe she looks good with them all too bad she broke up with them all already :(


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Are you guys serious??? Joy dated ALL of them???? :eek: Dang! But i wish she and NUM would get together...that is, if he's not going with Noi(?). Cuz They are my all time favorite couple! love 'em since Bansaithong! They're so sweet together! >< Please lord, match these two up for real!

Neways, dang it! i can't see the pictures! :( Firefox or whatever is not showing..darn.. :angry:


sarNie Adult
i can't see the pictures...someone???? hahaha
oh wow, she dated num, oil, and chakrit????