Joy,Vicky,Khem on "Poying.." talkshow


sarNie Coma
todays epi. thanks to ~ ปูเป้* ~

what days does each of them host?..cuz theres Joy,Khem,Vicky,Benz,Tanya etc



sarNie Juvenile
i LOVE Joy and Vicki! i'm so happy to see those to girls back onscreen. To me, they're so much better than some of the newbies nowadays. i dont understand why theyre not doing more lakorn.


sarNie Elites
^ theres usuallly 3 of them together ..
i think its on Saturday and SUnday .. each groups of 3 on each day

i think the groups are..
1. Joy, Tanya, Vicky
2. Benz, Khem, Woonsen ?

but yeahh .. if one person from any group/day is busy, you'll see one of the other group taking that persons spot ^^

whilst i am was thailand earlier this year, i got to watch ittt :D
when it was chinese new yeaR celebrationnnnn.. arGGHH.. they loooked soo prettyyy
dressed up in chinese tradition clothing.. and not to mention; joy hair was tied up in two cute bunnnsss :)