Joy Siriluck News!!


sarNie Egg
Has anybody heard about the news with Joy that she is being replace from her lakorn...that the director stop the shooting because shes replacing Joy...


sarNie Elites
yeah, that lady requested that joy be replaced by pat napapa immediately in the new lakon king gaew ka fak. supposedly there are two problems, rumor is number one, joy wanted the script changed because she felt the twin characters she's playing aren't equally important and two, there's beef between mac, joy's bf and that lady which is work related. joy came out and said neither one is true and she's still not sure why she was replaced.


Lakorn Obsesser
Wow. Anyways, they have already replaced her with Pat and they deleted every scene that Joy was in.


sarNie Adult
That's good....I like Pat (not sure about the pr'eng). Joy must did something bad that upsets the director/producer.


wow,her bf is part of the reason too.she never have this problem til she date Mac.
I hope everything goes well for her.
Shes one of my favorite actress.


sarNie Hatchling
omg! that's jacked up!! if u have an issue with her boyfriend then go to him don't be taking it out on her. that is so immature.


sarNie OldFart
This is so unprofessional...the director should leave her personal life out of work...does anybody know if Pat accepted the role??? Joy is a great actress...I admire her a lot!


sarNie Adult
noo! lol i love joy.. i was looking forward to another work of hers.. she's such a great actress.


sarNie Oldmaid
yeah i read the news i don't know who is telling the truth but from Joy interview. i feel sorry for her. it's wrong to replace her so sudden. i think this news is going out of hand. so many people involved now. i think the best solution is they should just stop filming this la korn. because seem like there is too much problems and the crew is not ready to film.


Staff member
hahaha the producer or whoever switched her out should be more professional .. and not let personal matters interfere with work

and honestly I don't mean to offend any Pat fans' I love pat, but in my opinion "my opinion" hahah wanted to make that clear before someone beats me up.. I think Joy is a more skilled actress not saying Pat isn't, but Joy is older I guess? and her acting skills would definitely be better.. but then again I'm unsure of what kind of role it is lol either way Pat or Joy I love em both skill wise .. so I'd tune in ..