Joy Rinalee & Benz Pornchira:Brilliant Attraction


sarNie Coma
both look very pretty!..i like joys new hairstyle and the color. it suits her!..glad to see her back


One Of Kob Big Fan
Tvpool should change the background because I feel that every magazines look all the same.


sarNie Hatchling
joy and benz both look so pretty..thanks for sharing


sarNie Adult
Joy's always nice. Benz, she looks chubby here and pretty. Benz isn't always look like this. I think Benz looks pretty like this.


sarNie Egg
Joy looks a lot healthier and meatier. She looks good like that, she used to be sooooo skinny, especially during her lakorn with Num Sornram, the lakorn was called "Hak liem pra kaan" she was so skinny she looked sick! Benz looks good too, she has a unique look from all the other nang'eks.


sarNie Juvenile
benz look prettier!!! and does she sorta look like Kat English?... or its just me? i dunooo
but both are very pwetty~~


sarNie Hatchling
I love benz. she's always looks different & very pretty. & so is joy but it some pics she looks weird but still pretty though.