job interview


sarNie Juvenile
I just appiled a JCPenny's and wondering If I were to get a job there
and they were to interview me how do I dress to look perfesional??
anyone with advice please?


you have slacks? black pants that you need to iron type of pants...

wear a dress shirt, the ones with buttons. for shoes, maybe some heels but not too high. you definitely need to dress nice to get those type of retailer jobs because they expect you to be representing their store front.

see the black pants in the pix -

you don't have to wear a blazer but it'd be nice...

if you can shop at forever 21 or H&M these things can be pretty affordable.

for a shirt -

or if u don't like slacks you can do skirts, but not too short -


Dress like what Ning says. I have a few friends that work for JCP and they definitely have to wear slacks all the time, so if you come dressed in slacks, it's better. Black heels are also preferred.

Good luck on your interview :)