Jjvit Neang Moo-Dang


sarNie Adult
Let's see I've watched it a long time ago and only remember bits and pieces.

Moo Dang mother is a 2nd wife to Phekaney (Pirote) friend who owes Phekaney alot of $$. Soo before Moo Dang stepdad died he had ask her mom to take good care of the house and all the debt with Phekaney. Moo Dang stepdad has 3 other siblings an only 1 get along with her. Moo Dang mother died as well cuz one of the stepdad son tried to rape Moo Dang and her mother got a heart attack. Soo Moo Dang took over what her stepdad left with her mom and work here and there to try pay off the debt. Time went by and Moo Dang grew older. Moo Dang and Phekaney got off to a good start cuz both doesn't know who the other is. But when they found out, steam started. Phekaney now has 1 lil daughter who doesn't seem to get along with any teachers and afraid her dad might have a new wife. In order for Moo Dang to pay off the debt she has to go live with Phekaney and work as a teacher to his lil daughter. She such a spoil brat...but ofcourse as time goes on the lil daughter learn to love and accept Moo Dang not only as a teacher but wanted her to become her 2nd mom. There's drama in between and I forgot the details. But at the end the lil girl got sick and Moo Dang had to go babysit her...she caught a cold from the lil girl and got sick herself. Then Phekaney went to visit her and there was when he ask if she would be his wife..or if she doesn't mind having an old man as her hubby.. she agreed they hug and smile THE END :) The themesong is good