jieb's lakorns...

i'm just wondering what lakorns have jieb been in, besides Benja Keeta Kwarm Ruk, Oun Aii Ruk, Lark Mai Lark See, and Thida Satan? particularly her older lakorns...


sarNie OldFart
Well here's a list of all her lakorns oldest and newest...

01 - [Lakorn] Tawan Tor Saeng (1997) with Pete Thongjur & Kob Suvanant
02 - [Lakorn] Thung Kai Lom Prom Mai Likit (1997) with Brook Danuporn & Kob Suvanant
03 - [Lakorn] Jao Sua Noi (1998) with Egkarat & Sai Jareunpoorah
04 - [Lakorn] Baan Rai Ruen Tawan (1998) with Aont Ratipong & Oil Sirima
05 - [Lakorn] Sao Noi Roy Maya (1999) with Wave Sarin & Noon Woranuch
06 - [Lakorn] Ruk Tern Roy (1999) with Kade Tarntup & Noon Woranuch
07 - [Lakorn] Kamnun Ying (2000) with Bee Sawich & Oh Pechtlada
08 - [Lakorn] Gong Roy 501 (2001) with John Dylan & Katrina Gloss
09 - [Lakorn] Ruk Karm Klong (2002) with Kade Tarntup & Yui Pimpun
10 - [Lakorn] Na Nah Thong (2003) with Bee Sawich & Prae Pornrumpa
11 - [Lakorn] Benja Keeta Kwarm Ruk (2003) with Nam Rapeepat & Others
12 - [Lakorn] Oun Ai Ruk (2004) with Tle Tawan & Cheer Tikumporn
13 - [Lakorn] Mon Ruk Loong Thung (remake 2005) with Por Nattawat & Kob Suvanant
14 - [Lakorn] Sao Tem Pikud (2005) with Au Nawapol & Prae Pornrumpa
15 - [Lakorn] Luk Mai Lark See (2006) with Cee Siwat & Amy Klipraton
16 - [Sitcom] Baan Grai Hua Jai Tid Gan (2006) with Nam Rapeepat & Nok Usanee
17 - [Lakorn] Thida Satan (2007) with Nam Rapeepat & Pinky Sawika
18 - [Sitcom] Pee Pien Hotel (2007) with Note Watcharaboon & Chompoo Araya
19 - [Lakorn] Kaen Kradong (2007) with Au Panu & Cheer Tikumporn
20 - [Lakorn] Sadtree Tee Look Luerm (2007) with Oil Thana & Noon Woranuch


sarNie Elites
It's not complete lakorn list for Jieb 'cause I found an old lakorn picture from my box where she co-starred with Jamie Bouher along with a girl and 3 guys (sorry I don't know their names). As for the title, I can't read Thai, but I'll let you know once I find out . =) By the way, I don't know how old is it, but it looks
like possibly 1999. And I think two of those 3 guys are the actual brothers and one of them is married to Beau Sunita but I might be wrong, though. ^^;


I asked my dad to roughly translate Thai and he said it's called "Si Sanae Ha" or "Sin Sanae Ha". He isn't good with pronounces so you can correct it for us. =)