jenie and aum


sarNie Adult

well janie is born to a chinese family...of course the father only wants janie and her other girl relatives are look down upon... janie had a dream of one day proving to her father that she is as good as her brother..

one day janie had an argument with her father and he threw her out of the house in the rain... she was helped by someone (sorry, i read it last don't really remember all the details..short term memory...REALLY short term!) and she moved to london... before that she fell in love with aum, but his mother was broken hearted by a guy of a different society class from her so she wanted her son to get with someone at the same social class. so she found aum a girl (aom N) who was her friend's daughter. in londo janie studied hard and also worked in a restaurant... her dream was to have a restaurant so that her father could approve of her, that she is as successful as her brother..

aum's mom fell in love with chai who was aom n's friend.. she was determined to get his love so she went to london to see him.. over there aum met janie again... so he got a scholarship to study at one of the best swimming schools there..(he is a swimmer) and janie and aum was happy until the mother found out about there relationship and ordered aum to stop seeing janie.. chai married aum's mom just to get the inheritance from his father. after he was going to divorce her and go to janie who he loved. but when he found out about aum and janie's relationship he ordered aum to stop seeing janie or else he would hurt aum's mother. aum didn't listen, so chai sent his people to hurt aum's mother. aum was sadden by the event and couldn't let his mother get hurt so he told janie he was going to america to continue his studies.. of course janie thought he was leaving her so she called it off with aum.

aum and his mother went back to thailand.. the mother was blind from the beating. so aum had to take care of his mother. chai tried to win over janie's love but was dissapointed. so he went and slept with aom n. to piss aum's mom off. janie finished her studies and opened up a restaurant.. it was very successful. aum was taking care of the mall that his mother owned and with little time he called his father to come and look after his mother.. when the mother finally was able to see again she saw that it was her x husband that was taking care of her so she decided to start a new relationship with him. janie's friend sold her a restaurant in thailand so janie went back to thailand to look after her restaurant. her family found out that she owned a restaurant and was a really successful person now.. still her father was stubborn.. aum's mother came to see janie and explained to her why aum had to leave her and stuff so she forgave aum.. she thought back to her situtation with her father and went to apologize and see him. but he didn't let her see him. so she made a dumpling(salapao) and sent it to him when he ate it he saw the letter dad in chinese character and he too thought back to that day when he threw his own daughter out of the house. they finally understood each other.

hope this is not all that confusing... i read it from the channle 3 website.. if anyone found anything wrong with it please let me know... i am typing in a hurry cuz i got work to do... yeah.. i'm at work.