Jaja Primrada:Brighten your day with Jaja


sarNie Coma
credit to member @tv3

in case some might not know, she starred in "kaew ta pee" w/tik & cherry and "Sao Pern Jao Sanae"



sarNie Egg
Yeah I felt sorry for in Kaew Tae Pee when the uncle tried to rape her, even though she played a semi-bad role. She's just so innocent looking!


sarNie Juvenile
She's so pretty and I just love her eyes.


sarNie Hatchling
OMG, she's very, very pretty (Japanese style) and smart. Sometimes I feel it's a mixture of Janie and Buachompoo. Umm...more on Janie's side. Good body shape also. And it's as if her eyes were smiling!