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Jai Rao (Cracked Heart)

Cast: Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan as Koravic (Vic)
Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen as Chorlada (Aoey)
Vicky Sunisa Jett as Menie
Nott Vorarit Fuangarome as Lak
Aired: November 12, 2008 - December 30,2008 [Wed/Thurs 8:30 pm]

My analysis of the lakorn is the closest thing I have to the summary:

Abandoned & Forgotten or Sick & Tortured?

This is post Jai Rao...my most anticipated lakorn for this year has finally ended...and the ending didn't disappoint me...It was the kind of tragic love story I hoped I'd see, and they couldn't have created a sweeter ending for this roller coaster of emotions...Now, what I meant by the title of this entry...it refers to Vic & Aoey...If you had to choose between the two, which one would it be? But first, let me explain the depth of each character, then you can decide for yourself which one is better for you...Maybe neither, but in JR's case, these two didn't have a choice...Some things are actual events from the lakorn, while others are just my own speculations.

Vic: He was abandoned by the only woman he knew that was supposed to love him...his mother...she's the one that gave him life, she's the one that is supposed to love him forever, but she chose to leave him behind. He then grew up with Aoey, a young girl next door, going through the same issues, so they were there for each other. They were what they needed for one another, a future, hope that life could be better, as long as they had each other...she promised him that she would never leave his side, no matter what, and he took that promise to heart...Years later, as they build their future together, as he plans their lives together, his father falls ill. That's the only family he has left, his only blood, the man that stayed and raised him even though his wife left him alone with a son. On the day Vic was going to propose to Aoey, he finds out she left him, without a good-bye or explanation...he watched her walk away, walk out of his life forever. He goes to see his dad at the hospital, but his dad is so overwhelmed in his son's pain...the pain of leaving behind his son behind with no one to love him...that he dies, and leaves Vic as well. Eight years later, he turns into a completely cold, shell of a human being...walking around without a soul, because he had lost everything in his life. Other people, other men might have reverted to sleeping around, or others might have chosen to move on...but very few, the very rare, choose to fall in love with one woman, and that woman only. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his Nong Aoey, and he meant it. He was doing fine just isolating himself, not letting anyone know him, or get close to him...until Aoey walks back into his life. Of all the promises she decides to keep, it's the promise of congratulating him when he wins an award for Best Actor at an International Awards Show...being a man that is never affected by anything or anyone, that always keeps his cool, he obviously shows his weakness when it comes to Aoey. His first reaction is to be angry with her, to hurt her for all the years that she's left him lonely and hurt...to make her feel the smallest amount of pain that he could make her feel. But we all knew that was an act...because as soon as she fainted, he went back to the man that was in love with her, over a decade or more ago. He didn't want to show her that he cared, but he did. He was angry, and wanted answers, but she refused to give them to him...What made matters worse was knowing that she didn't come back alone. He's a man, what was he supposed to think? The woman you loved disappeared for years, and now is back with a man? How was he supposed to keep on believing in a woman that didn't hesitate to leave him, even though she promised to never leave his side? I believe that the day she left him was the day he lost all faith in her...I now understand why he chose to believe the bad things about her that led to him mistreating her and being cruel to her. Actions speak louder than words, and her leaving him without a good-bye, then coming back with a man was explanation enough. I get that his methods of revenge were cruel, not only to the innocent yet delusional Menie, but to the innocent and fragile Aoey...but especially to himself. He got no pleasure from hurting her, if there was something he really wanted to do, it was to hold her and never let her go, because he never stopped loving her. He may have misunderstood her, but it was understandable, because Aoey chose to let him misunderstand her instead of telling him the truth...but she of course, had her own reasons, I may not agree with them, but I understand them, and I would choose to do it her way too. But, after all that torture, we know that Vic had hope for his future with Aoey...or he wouldn't have built a house for her, and named it after her, dreaming of their future, their children...If he was hurt and angry enough, there was no way he could still have hope for them...but I believe it's because he loved her that much...to believe in the impossible. He never knew that she would ever come back to him, he just hoped that she would. Now that's true, deep love that no one, not Aoey, or even us as viewers could comprehend.

So let's fast forward my novel the way I did with the lakorn...to a year of misunderstandings and torture...of him being physically and emotionally cruel to her...of tears shed between both lovers, and words they should never have said to each other...Vic hopelessly agrees to marry a woman he doesn't even love, only because he feels that Aoey no longer loves him, and has really moved on. Only on his wedding day does he find out what Aoey's been hiding from him...the fact that she left after she found out she had leukemia...and only returned because she knew she had just a year left of her life, and wanting to use that year to pay back Vic for all the pain she caused him. Whatever he was feeling in the past 9 years just came out at that moment...He knew, in his heart and soul that she wasn't the woman he would always accuse her of being, but he had nothing else to believe...he chose to believe what he saw, instead of what was really in his heart. By this time, it was already too late for apologies, even though she was pregnant with the child that he's dreamed of having with her...she was too sick to completely be with him. But as a man that has never stopped loving Aoey, he chose to stay by her side, no matter what, and to just hope for the best. He watched her health go up and down, watched her faint, seen blood come out of her mouth and nose, watched her cry and beg to keep her only child...he's been through every bad thing he could possibly go through with her, and no matter what, he never fails her. He knew how bad it would be for her to keep her baby, but he also knew how much the woman he loved wanted that baby...For the first time in a long time, he thought of what Aoey wanted, he wanted to make her happy, at all costs. He was able to see his beautiful baby girl healthy and happy, even if she was 3 months too early...but he had to watch his wife stay in an unconscious state, never knowing if she'd ever wake up...He took on the role of mother and father, and great husband...slowly but surely, Aoey would recover. At first, just opening her eyes, but not being able to do anything but that. So he'd do it all for her, and more...The simple things that we all take for granted, Aoey was slowly learning to do all on her own...It took months, even years, for her to go from being hopelessly brain dead, to almost being 100%...meaning, she slowly was able to grasp things, to walk, to even talk...but the only problem was that she completely forgot everyone and everything in her life....even the two people she loved the most, which was her husband and daughter. Vic had to pretend to be okay when his heart was breaking the whole time...to hear Aoey ask him where the mother of his child was, because she was lucky to have such a great family...not knowing that she was asking about herself.

We all thought that Aoey was going through the most pain, but Vic is the one living with all of it. He lived through 8 years of pain, a year of anger and frustration, then the following years in joy but followed with guilt...the times he should've spent with the woman he loved, he chose to use to hurt her...to put her through more pain...now that he knows, now that he's sorry, she's forgotten it all. But he chooses to have hope, to be grateful to have her in his life, just the way she is...because he would rather have her around to love, than not have her in his life at all...I know if he had a choice, he'd let her forget...forget all the pain that he caused, and just start over...

Aoey: it starts off the same way...Vic was all she had, they never spoke of her father, we just knew her mom left her as well, that's what bonded the two. She knew Vic enough and loved him enough to leave him because of her illness. She's the one that was there when his mom left him, she's the one that was there when his dad was sick. She's seen him go through the worst moments of his life, struggling as a stunt double before he could become a successful actor...so she knew exactly what he would be like if he had to watch her slowly fade from him. She didn't want him to go through more pain in his life, and she figured she'd literally be gone by the time he could move on. She figured he'd just be a little hurt, but he'd be able to get over...she had no idea that he would never get over it. She spent 8 years getting treatment, just hoping and wishing he was there, missing him, wanting him to hold her hand every time...but he couldn't...she'd rather suffer alone than have him suffer with her. She couldn't keep her promise to stay by his side forever, but it wasn't her promise to keep...she felt that her fate was decided for her already...the only promise she could keep was to congratulate him on his award, and give him the last year of her life, to do with her whatever he wanted...But she never knew how he really felt towards her, she just thought that he hated her, and that he'd be better off without her. She was slowly dying physically...but the way he treated her, like she was nobody special...the way he spoke to her, or threw his fake relationship with Menie in her face...he was killing her worse than her leukemia ever could. He tortured her in ways only he could do, not because he was that cruel, but because she loved him so much that it hurt that much more...the pain was that much deeper.

It was only until later did she find out that he never stopped loving her, because of the house he built for their future...and it gave her hope...until Menie complicated things. Instead of thinking of her own happiness before her final days, she thinks about Vic's. She'd rather have him hate or misunderstand her, than to tell him the truth about her condition. If she didn't believe Menie could take care of him the way she would if she could, then she wouldn't have let him go. She'd rather let him believe the absolute worst about her, as long as she was leaving him in good hands, that's all she cared about. She made her peace, and she was ready to leave the world, and the only man she loved...but he came back to her, and refused to leave her. He cried with her, laughed with her, and was everything she knew he'd be...She at least had 6 happy months with him during her pregnancy...because she didn't expect what would happen next...

I love to talk, so I can't imagine not being able to say or do anything...Was it being trapped in your own mind? Or was your mind just a complete blank? I think, at times, her instincts, her heart would lead her to do things that her mind knew nothing of...but still...to wake up in a strange place with strange people...How are you supposed to feel? All she saw was a man, that would always take care of her, while he was taking care of his daughter...not knowing why she was there, but just accept where she was because it felt right...

Again, we always thought Aoey was the tortured soul in this love story...but it turned out being Vic...because Aoey may have been unlucky in her life, she may have gone through a lot of pain, but she can't remember it at all...Unlike Vic, who has to live with it every single day of his life...To stare at the woman you love, with all the love in the world, only to have her give you a confused look...To see how much your daughter looks like her mother, only to have Aoey not know that.

So what would you choose? Would you be patient and hopeful enough to spend years with the person you love, to take care of them to that extent, not knowing if they will ever fully recover? Or would you rather have a clean slate and start all over?..Would you want to remember your past or take that as a sign that maybe your past is meant to be forgotten and just build a better future?

For personal reasons...I'd choose to forget everything...it's not that it's easier...but there are just things in life that you wanna forget, but the harder you try to forget it, the better you remember it...I'm not strong enough to love someone that much...to not cry every day because they don't even know who I am...


English Subbed by wishboniko|HQ from ATEAMforum


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I think it's this word เหลว which means fail... not the country lao


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