Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [ Starplus ]

germangirl said:
Thanks for your reply. I haven't thought about getting the subtitles from the tamil dubbed episodes. :D
Unfortunately I can't see all the episodes.
I also tried the link with all the subs you've extracted. When I try that link it directs me to the website. But then I can't download the .rar file without being logged in. And I can't register to that website.
Can you send me the file through mediafire or can you send me a PM?
Thanks for your help

Sorry for the late reply, but here's the MF link:
Happy watching!


sarNie Oldmaid
Congratulations to Sanaya and Mohit on their beautiful wedding. :bravo:  
:teary:  I have not see the latest 8 episodes at all beside the first one. :no:  :weep:  I need subbed ... if anyone have download link please shares, thank you, thank you, thank you in advance :whahuh:  oh and I don't mind raw either.  :thumbsup:
Here is some of the original episodes.  I only shares these links because I already had it uploaded, and I will not upload anymore/the rest of the show so please don't ask b/c is too long to reupload the whole series.
Another thing PLEASE DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!! because I will delete all these links by this weekend! Thank you.  :whistle:
ep. 392
ep 352-355
ep 356-360
ep. 361-365
ep. 366-370
ep. 371-376
ep. 26,208,211,213,227,264,285,306 and 315
mix-song (large files) 
(these is the same as the one I shared before, so to those that has already download all this before, you don't need to download again :D  )


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:confused12: What the heck is going on? What is with all these "Light On Truth" regarding Sarun and Mohit? Can someone in the knows please tell me what's with all these conspiracy theory with "Fake Marriage/Wedding" and "gay" stuff? :confused:

:confused12: Wondering where Katelyn is and if she knows anything about this new theory about Sarun? :fighting12:

:angel10: Someone please enlightened me :aaaaa: :cheer: :pancarta:


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Hi Katelyn, wow miss you and thank you for replying... :cheer:

:confused12: Yes I totally agree it's too far-fetched, but gosh goodness graces my page feeds is fills with all these theory that really got me think and head spinning with all these info these peoples has been digging up. :facepalm: I am so confused right now, because what they are showing is so convincing or the coincidences is sooooooooooooooooooo strong. hahahaha :thumbup: But if it was not true then bravo to whose or whomever came up with all those theory because they are so spot on and they had probably went thru or watching all those videos and interviews to put two, three, four, or five together so perfectly :clap: HAHAHA :cheer:


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Maya, I miss you too. Good to see you and Ceci here. :aaaaa:

Ceci, thanks for sharing all the mvs!! Really miss them!! :sad6:


sarNie Oldmaid
Katelyn, really love your works. :thumbup: BRAVO!

I like the first video more, but I like the song in the second video :cheer:

I read that they're going to dubs ipkknd into French. :confused12: Hmm wondering how that will look/sounds like, I can't imagine how their body language and French dialogues going to goes together. :nut:

If is good, then I want to see it dubbed English too hahaha :risas3:

Star Plus is airing ipkknd again, I hope this time they will have better pictures quality with good subbed, because I need a new copies :aaaaa: my old videos is terrible. :(


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These mvs made me miss them more than ever ... thanks for sharing, Kately <3

Here's a few favorites

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