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We can put all of Matt's interview on this topic so hopefully it's be easier to find. I'll start w/ the #Switch Interview 
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Sorry if my translating isn't the best. Translating can be difficult -_-
Ja: Our guest today is Mae Lamduan (Matt Peranee). Matt, you are the hottest n'ek right now in channel 3
Matt: It's probably a coincidence because Kha Bordin took about a year till it aired
J: There's also Kor Pen Jao Sao [Suk Krung Hai Cheun Jai]
M: That one is long too because we had to switch bodies so it took awhile
J: How was your first time filming a period lakorn?
M: At first I was happy then there was a lot of commenting so it made me stiff, uncomfortable, worried. That feeling of what if my acting isn't good, how the outcome will be. It made me think a lot.
J: I heard that you were "noi" upset when shooting KB
M: Yes
J: Have you ever been "noi" upset w/ any lakorns?
M: No, this is the first time. My first time filming it took 30 takes
J: HUH?!?!
M: They had to end the day because I couldn't do it
J: 30 takes?
M: Yes. That's what I thought, why 30 takes Peranee?
J: Why so many takes?
M: I was stiff, the plot was hard. With the first scene talking to Saimai she said one word I would answer back in 5 sentences something like that. The words were hard to memorize. I'm not used to it, so everything was ruined the first day (she's talking about how boran (ancient) words can be hard to say + memorize)
J: There's also "krasae" (news) about this and that but I believe you did very good
M: Thank you
J: When there's negative comments what do you do?
M: I have to let it go. Now that I'm older I would use "tham ma" (kind of like meditation / merit / praying). Like that saying "Everyone that is born in this world, not everyone will be loved nor hated" Therefore we have to live with it. 
J: How is working with "Nong James Ma"?
M: James is a type of person who "thung jai" (hard worker) so the outcome comes out better than expected. I believe that everyone who watches it will think so to. Even I do. At first like a year ago he was still young so I was doubting him. But really he is a "saot sai" (bright) kid. So it made me "soat sai" to. So I can call him "P'Haym" 
J: Let's talk about  your life a little. You have that western look, what are you part of?
M: Norway
J: Where were you born and raised?
M: Everything in Thailand
J: How did your parents raised you?
M: Strict
J: Who's strict?
M: "Pa" (dad) is "Jai dee" (nice) but if he says no then it's a no
J: What about mom?
M: Mae is very strict, she makes me follow rules, that's how I am now. I can be however but good presence comes first.
J talking to camera: "Even with her mom being strict she lies to her" I heard when you were younger you don't to take showers
M: "Haeuy" (expression) Where did you get this from?
J: Doesn't like to take a shower but is scared of her mom so she uses soap to rub her arms then tells her mom to smell it
M: (laughs) and says P'Ja is burning her
M: I think everyone used to (laughs)
J: (laughs) No, if I were to do that I would just take a whole shower
M: (laughs) I think everyone used to "You to P'Ja" 
J: No (laughs)
M: I don't know when I was younger I didn't think to much of it. I didn't want to stay in the bathroom, it wasn't fun. I would want to watch cartoon or play w/ friends. If there was something like a barbie to play w/ I would probably stay in there longer. I would bathe the barbie but probably won't wash myself. (laughs) Even now I'm lazy to take showers. 
J: "Peranee doesn't like to take showers" (laughs)
M: I don't know, I don't like to take showers (she probably does takes daily showers but hate it.. lol) There has to be a feeling when I take a shower.
J: Wait feeling? (w/ confused look)
M: Yes, like the feeling of "oh I want to take a shower"
J: stares at Matt..
J: [changes subject] "She is a Indi (Indigo) kid, a person who has a high self esteem in thinking. If she decides she doesn't understand her teacher she will say tell her teacher that she doesn't understand and that she doesn't want to be there and want to go do something else.
M: Yes, maybe because I'm "ra-un" (hard headed). The elders like to say that I'm "ra-un"
J: Like?
M: If I have a feeling that I don't like it then I wouldn't want to do it, but I don't regret it. For example if I skip school it's not good to do but I will skip to go play volleyball....
J: You're not going to anywhere bad 
M: Yes, I feel that I'm at least exercising from volleyball. I'm getting use out of it (talking about if she were to stay in school she wouldn't understand anyways so there's no use)
J: You're not good at learning?
M: Yes
J: Does your mom say anything?
M: No
J: Really?
M: When I was young.. Actually I never failed, but when I take a test and know I passed within 51 questions I will leave the room. I would leave the rest of the test blank. 
J: So you're saying when there's a test w/ 100 questions you would only answer 51 questions because you are that confident that you will pass?
M: Yes
J: What about the rest?
M: It's a waste of time, I already passed (both giggles). I don't feel like finishing
J: Like, having a better grade, you don't want?
M: Not really because, maybe it's because of home to. Mom & dad doesn't pressure me. But I feel that failing is "hoey, on wah" (weak) so that's why I at least have to pass so after mid term I can go "lun la" (have fun)
J: She doesn't care to answer more questions for a better grade
M: P'Ja for example my friends if there's 100 questions and they get only 89 right they will say their parents will yell at them. 
(Matt makes a confused face and P'Ja laughs)
M: I don't understand, I still don't understand (she's referring to why her friends parents will get mad at their child for at least passing)
J: Just 51 answers correct is good
M: It's enough because it's passing (P'Ja laughs hard core)
J: You had a dream of becoming an artist?
M: Yes, I really want to. It turns out that I couldn't pass because this is why *laughs* (talking about herself not being a good learner)
J: because you would only answer up to 51 (saying this sarcastically)
M: Really it's not the subject that's hard, that I pass but because I was chill with everything else I didn't know. Like I think I'm good at drawing but besides drawing I didn't realize that there's other subjects I had to learn. I really did not know that's why when I have a kid I will teach them. (both starts to laugh) Our world has much more, not just about learning but experiences. 
J: What is it about universities that makes you want to go?
M: I don't know to, just hearing the name (university) gives me goosebumps. I want to be a part of it, any subject really. Just to be there and look around, something like that
J: So you ended up in drama, how is it?
M: Yes at Thammasat university. It's fun, very fun and very tiring. I did everything from setting up scenes, writing plots, direct, act, costume, everything. 
J: I'm sure there are lots of kids that is feeling discouraged from admission, not learning what they want to learn or just could not get in. What advice do you have?
M: I believe getting into a university is one's dream. You don't have to get into a certain university because of it's name, there's others. Having a dream is good but if you can't reach it I don't want you to think that life is over, that future is over. This should not be the case, it's just a small obstacle. It might be the first step that you have to take then you will learn from it. If you put your "jai" (heart) into it, it will turn out good regardless. 
J: Very good
J: When did you get into this industry?
M: I got into it since I was young, I went walking with my teacher & friends and a "meow maung" (person who searches for people to work in industry) ask to take my picture and asked for my mom number. 
J: After that you went straight to working w/ CH3 or commercials?
M: Commercials first then when I was 15/16 I went to eat w/ P'Jaew & P'Nok 
J: How'd you go eat w/ those two?
M: Probably because the twins P'A & P'B that works with commercials gave them my picture or something like that. P'Nok & P'Jaew had my picture and ask me to go speak w/ them. After awhile CH3 contacted me to go learn as a Power Tree student, the 2nd generation. 
J: How was lunch w/ P'Nok & P'Jaew?
M: I don't remember, at the time I was numb & confused 
J: Memory lost at that time?
M: Yes, at that time I was doing commercials. I had to wake up very early (makes a thizz face). I was about 12 back then it took a long time 2-3 hours of make-up, it was torturing. That's why I don't have much memory about the beginning.
J: Everything was blurry?
M: Yes
J: Sleep all the time?
M: Yes
J: Did you like it?
M: When it came to work yes, but waking up early was difficult I didn't get that waking up early was part of the job
J: You ended up as the 2nd generation for Power Tree, your first lakorn was for P'Nok (producer) which is "Ruen Naree See Chompoo" (เรือนนารีสีชมพู) P'Jaew (director). P'Nok told me that the first lakorn you don't listen to anybody. You were the type that listens to only a few. 
M: Yeah probably what they said. It's like listening in one ear and out the other. I know that the Thai community you have to listen to elder-lies, give them respect so i listen. There are a few enlightenment words that i still remember. P'Duke told me "actors are like a white fabric everyday you wash it, it'll turn white and when on set the director will paint it"
J: Then when you go home you wash it again
M: Yes. I still remember that saying
J: You choose to only remember whatever that will be good use to you?
M: Yes
J: How is working w/ Pah Jaew in that lakorn?
M: Pah Jaew "hoat mak" (very mean) He said "I Matt na daarn ma-ung mun na daarn" (Matt, you are naughty, very naughty) both laughs. I would read the script wrong but still continue (both laughs again). So I'm tough until now
J: You are a person that "la-ork suan tua sa-ung" (like to keep to herself). Do you like this industry?
M: It's love w/o realizing it, up until now when I know my free schedule I will go "lun la" (have fun) do what I like, dress freely w/no make-up, just chill. Then about the second day I would want to read scripts. 
J: Like you miss work
M: It just comes naturally, I came to realize I can call it love
J: It's "cut" (misleading) because it's doesn't seem like you
M: Yes, It doesn't seem like me. I have to adjust myself it's been 10 years 
J: Sometimes there's news that you "weing" (have bad attitude)
M: Yes
J: Really you're not, you just have "baak quam" (lips that makes you have a frowny face)
M: Yes, that too. It's my physical appearance (both laughs). If I'm minding my own business people will come ask "Matt are you ok?" I'll get confused, yes I'm fine. Now I understand it's the way I look, I try to smile more even if it's tiring. I smile more now so people would not misunderstand me. 
J: What type of person are you?
M: Easy going person, "sabai sabai" 
J: How do you see your future?
M: This is hard to answer, I have a lot of dreams. I love working in this industry, it's my career. I want to have a family and travel the world. Traveling make you learn w/ new experiences. 
J: What makes you upset?
M: Hmm.. "kwarm took" (the feeling of suffering) I let it go easily. I don't know why but I always tell people, there was this one time that I was very angry. There was this one sign that read "groot kue ngo, mo-ho kue bah, mai groot de kwa, mai bah mai ngo" (getting mad is stupid, getting angry is crazy, don't get mad, not crazy not stupid) when I read this while being angry all of a sudden the feelings went away. 
J: (laughs) "she gets things easy"
M: When I argue w/ my friends I never cannot eat or sleep. I'm sound asleep every night, I'm always hungry daily. So, I don't know why. I want my mom to be the same (I think her mom gets angry easily?). Letting things go is good, it makes you feel at ease a lot of weight lifted off your shoulders. 
J: What's your happiness?
M: My happiness is being happy w/ the people I love. 
J: Don't have to take showers?
M: Don't have to take showers, yes (both laughs). For example at home my mom will ask "Still haven't taken a shower?" I'll reply back "No, I don't want to" mom will say like ok ok. Then we just split up watching TV, this can be my happiness.
J: (laughs) don't have to be pressured into taking a shower
M: ka
J: "Indu, khob khun mak ka" (cute, thank you very much)