Igniting the Flame of Love


"Love u makes this heart of mine aches" urgh the PAIN!
Luv the quote 2...Aff n Aum, lol, I mean Soriya n Harith r...r... CUTE ^_^


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More info:

John knew Soriya’s parents never approved of them, but despite that they were still together. Then he met Malanee, he loved her and wanted to be with her, but he also had two other girls. Soriya and Sumalee. He knew he had to get rid of one. That one was Sumalee. At that time, Malanee was having his child. He didn’t want Sumalee to hurt Malanee. He knew if she was told the truth, she would do anything to hurt Malanee. Out of fear, he used Soriya’s name.

Chapter 4:

John waited outside of Soriya’s apartment. He had never expected Soriya to encounter Malanee. Since it has already happened, he decided to break all ties with her. Regardless of her parents, they were together. Some little part of him did love her, but not the way he loved Malanee. It broke his heart after finding out Malanee had a miscarriage. Soriya shut the engine off and head to her apartments. What surprised her the most was that John was there standing by the door.

“John what are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you not to come around again?” She took the keys and open the door.

“Soriya, I came to apologize.”

“No need to apologize.”

“I’m sorry Soriya. I never meant to hurt you. I was gonna tell you sooner that Malanee was pregnant, but she had a miscarriage. And also I”

No need John. Go and take care of her. I forgive you. Now leave!” Soriya was forcing herself not to show him her tears. She went in and closed the door.

“Soriya…” John stood outside. He used his fists and pound on the door. “Soriya open up!”

While soriya was inside, she cried her hearts out. She slid down the door with tears coming out of eyes. “Soriya, don’t cry. You’re stronger than this.” She hugged herself with her face snuggled in her arms and rocked herself. She heard poundings and covered her ears.

“Hey you, will you stop that!?” The neighbors were furious with all the noises.

“I’m sorry sir.” He knew it was a waste of time. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore. Before leaving, he wrote a note on her door.

“I’m sorry Soriya. Forgive me. We were not meant to be. I hope that when we see each other again, we’ll be able to say each other’s name with a smile not become enemies.Love always, John.” He slid it under her door and walked away with his head down. Soriya took the note and stood up. After reading it, tears came rolling down. She sat down on the couch with the notes in her hands. She cried herself to sleep that night.

Narin walked down the mall holding four bags of clothes. She’s been shopping all day to look good for a party later. While at a store, she saw the perfect shoes.

“Perfect shoes!” She quickly went to grab it, but someone snatched it away first. Unhappy, she looked up to see a handsome face. Not paying attention, Kawee took the shoes. He was going to buy it for Jane. She was holding her bday party tonight and he was staring at the perfect gift. He turned around and ask the lady to give him a size six and a half.

“You! Why did you take the shoes!?” When she saw that Kawee was not paying attention, she dropped her bags on the chairs and walked up right behind him. She poked his arm and he turned around with hands on his hips.

“Ohhh, what the…” He turned to see a pretty face.

“You! Why are you so rude? Did you hear not me?” Kawee was confused. Why was this pretty face so angry about?

“Uhh excuse me miss were you talking to me?”

“Of course. Who else would I be talking to?”

“well excuse me then. How can I help you?”

“You snatched that shoes away from me monkey face!”

Furious he yelled right back.

“Hey you, who’s the monkey face here?! This shoe was right here on this table, How can I snatch it away from you?”

“You! You! How dare you call me a monkey face!? I saw this shoes first! You can’t just snatch it away from me?”

“Hey you” He was starting to be angry. Before he can finish, the lady came back with the shoes.

“sir here is the size you wanted.”

“Thank you miss.” he opened the box and study the shoes. Forgetting him, she ask the lady for size 6.5.

“Miss, can I have the same shoes size 6.5”

“I’m sorry miss, that’s the last one.”

“You’re out of luck miss monkey face.” He held the shoes box and walked away. Ugh, that was the perfect shoes with her perfect outfit. She needs to get it. She went and got her bags and quickly ran after him.

“Sir, sir. Can I have the shoes? Why don’t you go and pick something else?” She had both hands on the box. She smiled sweetly at him and made those puppy eyes.

“Didn’t you just call me monkey face a while ago? You can’t just take what was mine.”

“Ohh I’m sorry about that. Now can I have it.” She was in a hurry too and quickly pulled the box out of his hand. She quickly turned around and made for the run, but he caught her wrist.

“Ohhh, what now?”

“Not so fast. I got those shoes first. Now give it to me.” He let go of her wrist of grabbed the shoes box again.

“Hey!” She grabbed the shoes again. He grabbed the shoes again. It kept going until she kicked him in the shin and quickly run.

“Owwwww, miss monkey face come back here.” He ran limping his right leg.She ran as fast as she can to the register and quickly paid. She took out her card and slides it down.

“Miss you ID please.” She showed her id and shoved it back down. While shoving she kept looking both side to make sure he wasn’t there.

“Thnak you miss. Here’s your item. Enjoy your day” she turned and saw him there coming towards her. She turns the other side and ran off fast.

“Hey you! Stop right there.” He continued running. After running for a while, she stopped and hid behind a rack of clothes. He ran right passed. She relaxed and sat down to catch her breath.

“That was close” she turned around and noticed someone standing right there. She looked up and noticed him there. She screamed.

“hey!” He used his hand and covered her mouth.

“Be quiet will you?” She nodded. He pulled his hand back. She screamed again. He covered her mouth again.

“I said be quiet! I’ll kiss you if I have to!” She noticed the serious tone and nodded.

“Where’s your car?” She pointed to her left. His car was also that way. He dragged her up.

“Hey what are you doing?” She quickly grabbed for her stuff. He dragged them all the way to her car. She took out the key and opened the back putting everything in. He watched her carefully as she put the stuff there. After putting everything in, she turned to him. “you can leave now monkey face.” He stared at her for while with his arm crossed.

“Hey you!” She poked him on the shoulder.

‘Hmm I will after…. I do this.”

“Huh?” He grabbed her waist and kissed her. She struggled in his arm but he tightened his grip. He finally let go of her. She used her hands and washed her mouth.

“And miss monkey face… that was for kicking me earlier.” Satisfied he walked away hands in his pocket and whistling.

“Hey you!!!!!!!” She was angry and irritated that he stole her kiss. She was gonna be late to her appointment with Soriya and got in the car. She stopped at the red light and thought about the kiss earlier.

“Mr. monkey face, I never want to see you again!” Green light and off she speed.

Harit was stressed. His parents are rushing him to marry Soriya. One thought about her and his mind is about to explode. His mind flashed back to that girl smiling. Soriya Suparath. His mind began to form images of him torturing her. He smiled and was ready to launch his plan. He picked up his phone and called his parents.

“Hello.” His mom picked up from the other line.

“Mom, is dad home?”

“Yes, do you need something harit?”

“Tell not to go anywhere. I’m coming home so we can go to the Suparath’s home and prepare for my wedding.” This shocked his mom.

“Yes son. I’ll inform your dad about your decision.”

“Thanks mom. See you at home.” He put the phone in his pocket, grabbed his jacket, and walked out the door.


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John is a scumbag that needs to be kicked in the nuts--I can't believe he put the blame on Soriya and make Sumalee misunderstand.

On a lighter note, Kawee and Narin are funny--the monkey face couple. :lol:


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Little preview of later in the story:)
Will update soon this week.

Soriya turned away. Before she can take a step, Harit hugged her from behind tightly.
“I love you soriya” harit held on to her tightly.

“is it true? Am I the only girl that will always hear this?” As she said this with a fainted smile, Tears dropped down her cheeks endlessly.

“Yes soriya, I really love you. Please don’t leave me. I’ll change for you.” He was beginning to cry but stopped himself.

“Harit, am I the first woman that you loved? Will you really change for me?” Soriya knew she wasn’t the only woman he ever loved. In his heart, he will always have Sumalee. It hurts her knowing he loved someone before her and he changed for her. Tears dropped down to his hands as she said this. He knew he had hurt her and regrets every moment of it. If he can turn back time and stop thinking about revenge and his love for Sumalee, maybe, just maybe his life wouldn’t be this complicated.

He knew he loved Sumalee before her. He slowly dropped his hands from her waist and step back.

“Just know that I love you.” When he finished saying that, tears dropped down her cheeks.

She wiped her tears and fainted smile.
“Harit, maybe just knowing that u love me may not be enough.” She walked away leaving him there.

“Soriyaaa…” He said softly as she walked into the house.


urgh, that had me in tears. T_T
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the little preview is awsome... its sad in aff's situation..love the preview part..can't wait...love all the couples..especially aum n aff.. :wub:


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It seems that I don't know the whole story because the earlier chapters are not there. Are you going to rewrite them? But from what I read, it's good ^^