Hua jai nee pueh tur


sarNie Adult
anyone remember this lakorn? it was 7 tapes long. p'ek was neung (he also sings album-hua jai sai kapook) and yui (the girl that played in bah daun jai with sam). something like p'ek dad was in love with n'ek's mom but didnt get together. well n'ek has a heart problem. at first p'ek didnt get along wtih her but one day she almost drown and he saved her. he knew her symptons so he was nicer to her. the ending was soo sad. she was in the hospital and he went to get her ice cream for her b/c she will have surgery. he got hit by a car. he always told his dad that if anything happens to him he want to give his heart to her. so she lived b/c of his heart.

anyone know who i'm talking about? any news on him?